The oddly running wristwatch.

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Last night after coming home from a festival, I put on Montalks recent youtube talk, and fell quite abruptly asleep after that. And oh my - just noticed that my wristwatch is 4h 37mins late! Wow. That has never happened before.

If it really was what suspected, kinda sloppy, if not intended. Wearing a watch is recent thing and I remember gotten nudged towards it. Engineered to give credibility with enough plausible deniability? Anyway I could've just rolled over somehow funnily last night and rotated the knob - amh, not really, it needs to be pulled out and one just can't adjust the time on that clock without using the other hand. Though I didn't have it on me when I woke up so I must have taken it off at some point last night, maybe before I fell asleep. hmh, fuzzyness of memory is not unexpected here as I wasn't exactly modest with cider, still, peculiar. In abducation cases, how do these usually go? Isn't it kinda common that clocks in the house have troubles running on time? So far this watch has been running quite exact, so I hope it doesn't turn out too unreliable

Still, sloppy. Maybe there is in rush on checking up on new people on follow-up lists, or a scheduled checkup as this was first night in few months when I've been alone in the house. No markings anywhere. Allergic skin around the eyes felt drier than usual and I remember feeling fuzzy in the head in the morning and it got better after shower, as usual when bit hangover, though there really wasn't any which was bit surprising regardless of precautions I took. If there wasn't that new clock missing time, I wouldn't really suspect abduction, just some hungover night with some random psi-activity and fuzzy head in the morning. That has not too unusual since I've been actively interested in otherworldy, but this is first time actually having "a proof" something funky going on. Kinda good reminder that there can be more than just some remote messaging going on.

Maybe it was the good guys - it's has been a good productive day with lots of cleaning and organising and passing positive presence.


  1. lycaeus's Avatar
    Interesting. Let us know in the future if the watch ever acts funny again, that way we know that it's just not a crappy watch. Any fear or strange emotional changes?
  2. Arkki's Avatar
    There has been unexpected musclepain in lower back similar to that you get from lifting weights with bad posture, otherwise rather opposite, been active, organized and upbeat the whole day, cleaned up messes long procrastinated over and kinda felt relieved of some weighting worries on shoulders. Though excellent weekend at cottage and music festival does adds up to that. I'll let you know if the watch acts up again.

    Btw, Can one edit blog posts? I can't seem to find the button for that.
  3. lycaeus's Avatar
    I found another story like this. This guy was witnessed by a couple people to get up in the middle of the night and return a few hours later. He woke up in shoes and clothes but didn't remember getting dressed. His watch was now 1 hour ahead and they couldn't figure it out: