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panic - anxiety attack

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I'm in one of my panic - anxiety attack traveling modes. Bouncing from state to state, feeling lost. Not sure where to settle. So, if I miss something at TOP - sorry...

I get like this every few years....

Hoping to find a peaceful quiet place soon. Charlie (11 years old) is handling it well. Driving an old 1995 Chev truck. Not a king cab, that makes it rough on him.

I am hoping to find a motel or furnished cottage weekly - monthly rental that is affordable. Something 600 a month or less.

At this point there is nowhere I want to be, other than on the road. Saving for a motor home.

What do I really want? Off the planet!



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  1. earthman's Avatar
    Well darn. Back to the Midwest you go. In the spring I have to go back to Colorado for our mine opening. Maybe you can come out for some mining fun. It was June this year before the snow melted enough to get workin up there. Hope things go well..
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