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What is the Sixth Sense?

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What are the basic human senses? What really is the Sixth Sense?

Let’s talk about humans’ basic senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch.

The sight of blood opposed to seeing a field to colorful tulips.

Sound of a classic acoustic guitar played to perfection, as compared to sound of fingernails across a chalkboard.

The flavoring of a fresh from the oven pie as compared too hot peppers.

The aroma of a celery field, fresh cut grass or ocean air near the beach, opposed too the stench of a crop fertilized with manure that turns a face sour.

The touching silk opposed too burning flames or freezing ice.

Spanning spectrums, each sensation is vastly different.

A common misconception regarding the Sixth Sense is seeing dead people, telepathy, foretelling the future and whatever along that line. That perception is incorrect…
Emotions are your Sixth Sense and much like sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch your emotional sense is vast.

Humans experience love, hate, empathy, greed, generosity, and the list continues on-and-on.

For example, people can become addicted to overeating.

Emotions can have an addictive nature as well. Greed and lust for power and money. Often addictions combine, hooked on physical pleasure of sex and feeling a need for companionship can result in moving from relationship to relationship, or from one night stand too one night-stand.

Like a balanced diet of nutrition, your emotional sense needs balance as well.

Overfeeding on anyone one emotion is unhealthy.

From time to time, you may come across people where his or her life is in constant turmoil. Nonstop, they move from one extreme crisis to another. If there is no crisis, they will create one.

They are addicted to a variety of emotions. It could be self-pity, lacking self-worth, loneliness and or any number of emotions. As stated earlier, like other basic senses the human emotional sense is vast. For example, someone is addicted to Misery.

Misery loves company. Beware and do not to allow them to drag you into their gloomily pit.

Do not start psychoanalyzing family, friends and others. Are they hooked on this or that emotion or emotions? Psychoanalyzing people can open a bees’ nest. It is best leaving psychoanalyzing to experts in the field.

Again, the Sixth Sense is not talking with or seeing dead people, telepathy, telling the future or whatever goes along that line.

The Sixth Sense is emotions. You feel with emotions, much like Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch are vast and different from one another, an emotional sense is vast and different as well.

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    My radio voice is back!

    I debated posting my views on what the human sixth sense really is. When explaining it to people, most agree it does make sense.

    I believe humans need to comprehend emotions. An emotional balance is important.

    In societies greed, lust, desire to control others have led to many issues. Many problems facing humanity is a result of unbalanced emotions.

    Example: The widening gap between the "haves" and "have nots" is partly due to greed and lust for money.
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