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Lines Drawn

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In The Book of Enoch......"One of the most important things mentioned was that "They" the Watchers.....Being numerous in appearance ("assuming many forms"). Did they have the ability to be seen as they wanted humans to see them?

I have long believe "They" the Sons of Heaven (Watchers) were seen by humans as beautiful,handsome men. I would even go as far as saying they were more handsome than any man walking on this earth. In my opinion "They" could take a wife easier than Brad Pitt could ever dream of. I certainly don't see any need for abducting or forcing themselves on women. "They" could have the pick of the litter.

These women were as The Book of Enoch mentions....."the sons of men had multiplied in those days, that daughters were born to them, elegant and beautiful."

We aren't talking about just any average looking women here are we? These women were flat out beautiful and these beautiful women as the text reads........" the sons of heaven, beheld them, they became enamoured ( captivated,charmed of them,entranced by,infatuated with)." Just to go a little further,I believe "They" certainly understood what it was like as we men know to desire a beautiful woman.

The whole problem was "They" knew there were lines drawn that were not to be crossed. No different than the lines drawn that were not to be crossed for Eve and Adam in The Garden. Once those steps were taken and the lines were crossed,none of them could just take a step back.

Did the fathers of these women who gave away their daughters know there were lines drawn?

Did these women know there were lines drawn that were not to be crossed with these Watchers?

Did all humans know there were lines drawn?

I'm one who believes God did not leave them ignorate of the lines drawn.


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    the book of enoch

    a lot more is said here than meets the eye or intellect