Learning in Time

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I write this story as fiction and yet there is a bit of truth in it. This story is old and it has been told many times with many versions all saying basically the same thing. My version…

In the story you have just died going to work, you had a massive heart attack. As you were wiggling around lying in the street in great agony crying out “help me! help me!” There were lots of people standing and watching with their cell phones pointing at you and some up really close trying to get that good angle for posting on youtube. Then the pain went away and you see this narrow bit of light down this long tunnel and there was this man standing at the end and you ask him what happened in which he replied in a matter of fact way that you died in which you started to freak out.

“I’m not dead!” you scream in which the man replies…

“Calm down, everybody dies; if you don’t believe me I can show you the video on youtube if you want.” He says in a matter-of- fact way…

“Are you god?” you ask

“Well, I made this universe for you.” He replied…”it is just the two of us here…you and me.”

“What of my family?” You say in a desperate and concerned voice…

The man smiles and says to you “Ah, they will be okay; we all go through this… it’s a learning process. You will understand as time moves on.”

“But where do you come from?” you ask

“You would not understand, at least not yet.” Says the man

“So what now?” you ask

“You will be reincarnated” he replied

“Wow, the Hindus’ were right all along…if reincarnated in time can I meet myself somewhere along the line?” you ask

“I would be more than surprised if that didn’t happen.” Says the man now chuckling as if knowing something you didn’t understand.

“How many times have I been reincarnated before this time? So what’s the point?” You ask

“Your soul is more glorious and wonderful more than you can ever envision and with time and with these little walks we have, you will begin to understand the meaning of why you live and die.” With his tone now serious as if lecturing…”You have lived and died many, many, times before and each time bringing something back in your soul as you grow. You will be a Roman Soldier in the time of Christ next time around.” He paused, looked you in the eyes to see if you were paying attention and continued…”You wish to know the meaning of existence it is that I have made this whole universe for you to grow up and mature.”

“You mean for mankind to grow up and mature?” you ask

“No, in this Universe it is just you and me…You don’t get it yet do you? All those people out there…they are you! And you are interacting with yourself. You are learning and growing in a time of your own perceptions and when you grow and learn and understand the emotions of eons of life you will than hatch or ascend to greater dimensional perspective. You will have grown up my child.”

With these realizations you begin to ponder and the next question comes to you and with this enlightenment, you ask…

“Can I see that youtube video now?”


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