Time Travel the Beginning

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"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long.
We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because
we’re curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."~ Walt Disney
3-25-2015 Forum--Briefing Room--Insider Revelations- Time Travel post #29, Montalk poses a question which after review might be better explained in this Blog section.

@Atmjjcc, how did you originally come to acquire this info about being a time traveler, what the alien situation is, and your role regarding it? Like did you remember it from birth, did you have an awakening at some point, were you contacted by beings? If contacted, were your contacts via physical meetings, during dream states, purely telepathic, or something else? Just wondering how you got started.
The blogs I am going to be writing are taken out of juxtaposition meaning much will be out of time sequence or happening sequence in answering Montalk’s query.


I was born on the planet earth but in this multi-verse of universes I am from a different one but similar one from a different parallel than this planet. I am still alive there on that earth and because of my attachment to the Giant (ET) I am now here on this earth cognizant in this body and coded with the same DNA and genetic markings as from my life there.

My ‘Central Point of Origin’ or ‘CPO’ henceforth.

Now enters my story. I am in my early twenties travelling with my wife and small child down a major highway and suddenly what appeared to be a small plane, what I later learned was a small spaceship, crashed into a house not far from my location. This was in broad daylight in a major city. It was very close and we were the first on the scene of the crash. I noticed what appeared to be a very large man that appeared to have some serious burns and his tan coveralls were smoldering. I rushed to him to see if I could be of assistance and he grabbed my arm sort of in desperation. The fire department arrived and took over. I was interviewed by the fire department on my knowledge of what happened. I gave my information and left. A few days later there were a couple of gentleman in black suits come to my house to discuss my observations. Couldn’t help but notice that their suits they were wearing looked somewhat incongruent wearing large black suit coat with high water black pants. They showed me ID and stated they were government employees. After some questioning they asked me and my wife and child to come with them. They took me to a private airport and boarded me and my family on a plane with blacked out windows and thanked me and told me I would be briefed on my arrival and it was about national security.

Upon the planes landing and we departed the plane I noticed we were in some very large hanger and were met by uniformed military. They were cordial and took us to some changing room and we were asked to put on these fatigue type military clothes. Because of their friendly attitude we did not feel threatened and everyone went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. I asked why the uniforms and was told to be in the area that we were in it was a must with no exceptions. They seemed to know our sizes because the uniforms fit us as if custom made and that included a uniform for my three year old. There was an insignia on the uniforms it was a black triangle with a white arrow. We were than taken by jeep that was headed towards a guard standing next to a wall the wall opened as we approached (camouflage doors) and we headed down a corridor for what I estimate about a mile and then through other doors into what appeared as a large hanger type room. There were armed military guards inside. Now I was starting to get nervous.

In walks a uniformed officer and he shakes my hand and explains he is in charge of this area and he would like me and my family to meet someone. He signals and all the military guards and personnel leave the area. Out of the shadows a very tall (my guess 7+ feet) humanoid looking man comes toward me. My wife carrying my daughter move back more in wonderment then fear as he approaches. He awkwardly extends his arm as in a handshake gesture and was wearing black mittens? I nervously shook his hand and got a very close look at him. He was wearing coveralls, boots and his black mittens but his face was not like any I had seen before! He had a large round face. His color was a very brown. He had no hair. He had a mouth but no lips. His eyes were sunken in and small he had a large protruding forehead and slit for ears on both sides of his he head and his nose was sort of like a chimp with nostrils visibly showing upward but not all over the face like a chimps. The most visually stunning was the texture of his skin. It was exactly like the skin on a basketball with the little grip bumps and all and the site of that sort of mesmerized me. Upon shaking his hand I felt a thumb through the mittens and I became light headed. I was now looking through his eyes at my wife and child and objects got really bright and I lost consciousness.

Upon gaining consciousness I was taken into another room with my wife and child. I was still somewhat dazed by the event. It was then explained to me by the alien using some sort of telepathic communication and we were all hearing the same thing. I was attached at the original crash site because he thought he was dying, he merged his entity into mine and that affected my DNA when he grabbed my arm. He then goes on to explain about the war with the Greys as we know them. His small ship was disabled by them when he crashed into the house. About this time my wife and small child were asked to leave the area and I would be able to meet up with them within an hour or two. That was the last I have seen them in that parallel for maybe over 2000 to 6000 years ago I have lost count.

I was then taken into another room were this large metallic egg shaped object was sitting emitting a humming sound. I was told I wasn’t chosen for the path set before us that I just stumbled in by accident sort of my destiny he informed me. I took that as an attempt at humor? He then goes on to inform me that we will be moving sideways into time. My time or Central Point of Origin (CPO) I am 22 years old. He tells me we will be gone for a very long time but at the CPO point time will not go by normally and when we return maybe minutes or hours will pass but nothing longer than hours. During this time we transverse parallel universes. That is where my DNA comes into play. Parallel universes are in the trillions and chaotic in order to attach in a similar universe my DNA seeks out a perfect match into my body into that time line--sort of a homing device. We can do this over and over again into different parallel universes into this time into a body that is mine and live what appears to me as normal progression. I get old and die, etc., and around and around. My guess I have now been doing this for over 2000 to 6000 years. Once in this universe my memory does not come as I enter birth but flashes slowly over time, bits and pieces, than one day I merge completely in tacked. The memories pose problems though the universes are parallel not everything is the same. There are differences everything gets shuffled every time I am transported.

Well as the story continues and I accept my mission I enter into the egg with my alien attachment my navigator a white very bright light emanates as we are lying in a navigator type chair bound together travelling sideways on our mission. It’s been a long strange journey travelling sideways.

I now realize the place of my CPO…Montauk!

to be continued...