Novelist, Casper Parks - Feeling the Pulse of Society.

Alone They Cry

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Along They Cry was written near the time of riots in Los Angeles, 1992. I was living and working dead center of the battle zone. Spent all my free time writing screenplays. I was drafting Taken at the time.


Behold I stood at the door and knocked.
And when I opened my eyes, alone I cried,
"It Matters Not"

Yea, yea, I turned and they cried out.
I stretched forth my hand and they took a bite.

In pain I cried,
Who, who, tell me who are you?

Again, they cried out and took another bite.

In pain, nay, nay...
Tis in agony that I cried,
Why, why, tell me why?

Alone, they cried...
Not once, not twice, but thrice I stretched forth my hand.
They took yet another bite.

In agony, nay, nay...
Tis from a tormented soul that I cry...
What, what - tell me what are you?