Alien Contact-- Background: The Indian Nagual

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“Fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil.”
~Aristotle ~4th century BC

I will start these blogs off about the aliens I had contact with in episodes. I am being censored by the Cabal who are part of the Intelligence Communities of origins unknown and who do not profess to be part of the American IC’s but on the periphery. They must censor and redact what I write first before I am allowed to post.

These writings are in conjunction with ‘epo333, -Time Travel- thread’ in ‘Insider Revelations’.

So with that said…

Let’s roll back the clock around 48 years ago. I was involved in a desert survival training maneuver qualifying for a spot in intelligence in which I would be stationed overseas. I was dropped out of a plane by parachute with only a knife, my clothes and a radio, which I was instructed to only use in an emergency. I was supposed to go from point A to point B through the desert and not to reach point B before 7 days but no later than 10. This was more likely psychological testing than an athletic survival objective.

Once I descended and landed in the very hot desert a warm air blast set my parachute off like a sail and I was trying to get a hold of the parachute since it started to drag me; they were the big bulky type not the streamlined ones of today. I then heard a male voice laughing, asking me if I needed any help. I must have looked a little startled which I was but I was now being dragged. Before I could answer, he took a machete from a pouch on his donkey he had with him and with a couple of swooshes of the machete he cut the cords freeing me. There I was in the middle of the desert staring at a man, his donkey and an older female who stood behind the donkey. I had mistaken him for a Mexican because I was by the Mexican border and he was wearing a white Mexican peasant outfit with a straw hat and the woman who was on the bulky side and wore a long colorful dress.

Later, as we made small talk, he identified himself as a Native American Indian and the woman with him was helping him pick some peyote buttons. I had no idea what peyote was at that time. I later found out this man was Don Juan Matus, not his real name but the name Carlos Castaneda had chosen for him when writing his books. Don Juan was a Nagual, pronounced nawal. This word depending on the situational context could mean many different things, but to my understanding and situation meant Skinwalker, shape shifter, shaman.

Now, Don Juan Matus appears nowhere near how Carlos Castaneda describes him in his writings. Don Juan stood over 6 feet tall, very dark complexion with a thin but well defined build with very black long hair and he had the most intriguing very brown eyes and overly large pupils, because of his complexion his eyes seemed somewhat incongruent. He had this stare that could look through you which to me looked beautiful and friendly to downright scary at the same time. I doubt very much he was a Yaqui Indian though that was never discussed with me.

Don Juan invited me to stay with him and meet some of his Indian students whom he was teaching them in a form of ancient Indian paths and he tries to instruct them in the ways of the ancient people, he then laughed and informed me they might be some apprehension towards me because I was an Anglo. Don Juan also told me not to worry about them and he would get me to point B at the required time and he would be happy if I would stay for a ceremony he had planned for the others that would be coming soon. I asked him in conversation why would you want me to attend your religious ceremony and he corrected me saying it was not a religion as you know religion, but a way of life for some leading to certain paths of illumination of the other worlds and the connections of energy. He then stated again that he was honored saying he was a Nagual and the sky beings pointed me out to him, because of my strange descent from the sky and dumping me almost into his lap.

As hours past, I was mesmerized just talking to Juan talking mostly of plant life of the area and we went out in the desert and he showed me how to pick peyote plants (small cactus which is sometimes referred to as buttons) in which they use for sacred spiritual purposes by ingesting its properties. Later that night I found out exactly what peyote was. LOL, trial by fire, I was turned; my energy being was turned in the right direction I was told.

It was getting towards dusk and the Indian woman walked over to me with a bag of freshly skinned rabbits and in mostly hand gestures and finger pointing at me and then to her mouth and mine with her finger in which Juan interjected telling me she wants to know if I was to eat with them and showing me the rabbits were free of spotted fever. She then smiled and rubbed her tummy.

It was about then the others showed up on horseback with five male riders and of the five four appeared to be their late teens early 20’s and one appeared to be somewhat older. I was introduced to all of them and one name may ring a bell to most of you as Carlos Castaneda. One of the men looked at Don Juan with a quizzical look on his face and asking what is an Anglo doing here with you? Juan replied “The sky beings brought him here to us. He just slowly fell out of the sky. He appeared to be in a somewhat predicament once touching earth and I needed to cut his umbilical cord. He is now one with us to journey.” Everyone just stopped and stared for a moment and then they all smiled giving me this quizzical look but welcomed me.

I had become friends with Don Juan Matus over the years and one of the things about Juan was he had this uncanny ability to be able to make me belly laugh. He was never much of a talker but talked in a controlled sort of way and was never loud or shrill voiced and he was a lot of fun to be with. The last time I had met up with Juan was in 1976/7 and other Indians were honoring him for something, I don’t remember exactly for what, but there was this stage in the desert set up with a lot of portable chairs facing the stage, a guess would be around 100 or so chairs and people. Don Juan was already at the stage sitting on a fold out chair with one leg on another chair with a cast on his leg. When I walked onto the stage to greet him I looked at him he was holding back laughter and pointed to his leg and called me over closer and as we were staring at his leg, he whispered with a finger over his lips as if telling me a secret to keep to myself and said, “my donkey got mad at me and bucked me, I feel so stupid.” We both started laughing so hard he fell off the chair. That was the last time I had seen him.

You must be wondering by now as to why I have brought the Indians into this opening episode is because the many times I have talked to Don Juan in which he knew my long history of alien attachment and the other earths I have been part of; he thought I knew more than I was saying about the Star People. Don Juan was always in heavy thought about as to why the ‘Star People’ would only talk to the children. Many of his kind have tried communicating with the Star People but most have died trying, and the others became mentally demented when they got too close. The men, I was told, never can get close enough to the ‘star people’ because of this but certain young children (pre-adolescence) have no problem communicating and even playing children’s games with the aliens and are considered special children. It is the shamans who acted with the children on behalf of the aliens.

The meeting with the aliens was 40 some plus years in the making. The meeting was a real meeting which lasted close to 12 hours and had nothing to with hallucinogenic drugs or ceremony. I had the privilege of meeting 2 type species in the flesh. There are many species out there and the ones I had met were solid. The aliens I will introduce you to are not of the Grey or Blue specie but the aliens did mention them…More to come…

To clarify I was never a shaman student of Don Juan Matus or Carlos Castaneda for that matter. Don Juan Matus was a Nagual and Carlos Castaneda was his student who wrote about his training with the shaman Don Juan Matus. I was friends with Don Juan Matus, nothing more mysterious than that.

As to Carlos Castaneda I was more of an acquaintance than anything else. For those of you who are readers of Castaneda’s writings I would concentrate mostly on his early works when he had actual involvement with the Native Indian culture. His later works after he met the females and started writing about them, who turned out not to be Native Indians at all but very much Anglo, and I doubt very much that they ever participated in the Indian ways, but more or less students of Carlos Castaneda in which some he lived with in California. I always referred to them as the Karate Girls.

Remember, I am just reporting about the meeting with the aliens and my report is not about the ways or methods and the pro’s and cons of Carlos Castaneda.

To be continued…



  1. Nickkeynew's Avatar
    If you have 12 hours to spend with 2 different alien speices what do you talk about or do? I'd have a million questions I wouldn't know where to start.
  2. atmjjc's Avatar
    Welcome Nickkeynew, I will most likely be writing about this in 3 or 4+ sections. I will usually wait until around 250 views before I add another verse. It is important I get the background and what actually led up to my encounter. I understand the Alien process and a lot of the whys. I was just blown away by what I have learned. Trust me; I have been around for quite some time.

    I see I have surpassed the 250 view mark and I will be posting part 2 shortly within the next couple of days.