Alien Contact-- #2: The ‘Jerusalem Cricket’

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“The spirit of a warrior is not geared to indulging and complaining, nor is it geared to winning or losing. The spirit of a warrior is geared only to struggle, and every struggle is a warrior’s last battle on earth. Thus the outcome matters very little to him. In his last battle on earth a warrior lets his spirit flow free and clear. And as he wages his battle, knowing that his intent is impeccable, a warrior laughs and laughs.” ~Carlos Castaneda~

These writings are in conjunction with ‘epo333, -Time Travel- thread’ in ‘Insider Revelations’.

There were some minor redaction's by the Cabal but it has not changed the essence of this writing…

The year was the early 70’s where I was travelling back and forth from Cyprus to the states to finish up my PhD at Stanford on the Governments dime. I was trying to grow some hair back then to fit in. My memories of other earths were fully in tacked.

When I finally received my academic achievements I was once more routed back to Cyprus. This time I received a handler and a mission in analysis to track the flow of narcotics traffic from Southeast Asia into the United States. One of my biggest surprises was there were almost zero oversight, hardly any at all.

I did a lot of travelling in those days and stayed for a time in Texas and the Chicago area, a few stops to Florida than finally back to California where I took up residence in Long Beach; still no oversight.

During those times I had been acquainted with this College Professor who I had met and we were both very interested in the occult and he asked me if I would help him set up a class at one of the Universities he worked at to bring in local psychics to lecture about their abilities to the students. We had a large selection of people who participated and anybody who lived in California in those times would be giggling to themselves about now knowing the inside joke about many participating. We had female witches, and females who read auras and the most interesting were the spiritualists, and we also had some UFO people who claimed they were abducted, which was chilling to say the least, we brought in Gypsy fortune tellers, and many others. In order for the class to be a credited course it was introduced as an Experimental Psychology course with college algebra prerequisites. The finals were to statistically put it to a mathematical formula as valid or null and argue the methodology used and particularly the numbers accepted at that level and why null or valid with those numbers as to their conclusions. Nevertheless, I met many very interesting people in the occult world through that class and many of those strange California folks I became friends with.

Well, that class and those psychics rubbed off on me. I was officially accepted into the underworld of America strange…I had mentally became a Californian of the seventies; still no oversight. I am waiting for those men in black to knock on my door to take me away. To my amusement they never showed.

So, while in California, if you can’t beat them; join them; I was now reading Tarot Cards. It started just passing out fliers telling people of my abilities as a Tarot reader and to see who would bite; well, this was California of the 70’s, everybody bit. I was starting to get a reputation as a known Tarot Card reader; I even had ‘Tarot Card Readings’ painted in large print on my front door in large green paint, I think purple would have been more appropriate after giving it thought but green it was… All of a sudden there was oversight! I was becoming too obvious; I was supposed to be working undercover and was told in a stern way to knock it off, I followed orders.

This now brings me to the moment of the search of the Alien life looking for me personally. I had no idea what was about to transpire. I still had Tarot Card Readings on my door to still be accepted as a Californian, you know, the ‘Far Out Man’ crowd. It was late in the evening and as I was sitting in the living room talking to my now wife; a bang on my door with a male voice yelling, “Help! Are you in there?” which made me and my wife kind of look at each other. Being startled I felt my weapon concealed in the back of my trousers as a reflex and then opened the door to see what was transpiring. There was no one there? So I shrugged my shoulders glanced over to my now wife and we just looked at each other kind of thinking to ourselves, what the heck just happened? Less than 30 second later a huge bang on the door again where you can actually see the door shaking as if someone was kicking it, yelling, “HEY! Please help me!” The words were clear as day, so I opened the door quickly after it happened to see if someone was playing a prank or actually needed help. I looked around and nobody was there. So I closed the door and then opened it again quickly to see if I could catch the prankster in the act, nobody there? For no apparent reason I looked down and saw this insect about 3 to 4 inches in length and it was the strangest looking insect I had ever seen. It had two cricket size legs in the back and it had this light colored chubby body and two front legs, four in all, not six. Its head was round and large with two red beady type eyes that were staring at me. It flapped it wings which were like a beetles tucked under its back but the bug seemed to be injured the way it tried to flap its wings. It was just so unusual looking that I started talking to it (no, I don’t usually talk to insects). I said in jest “was that you little guy banging on our door?” The insect then flapped its wings looking to me like it was trying to get away but it appeared injured and couldn’t fly. I then replied to the large strange insect, with my now wife who is looking at me thinking I had too much California sun that I had really lost my mind talking to a large bug. I then put my hand down by this strange little creature and it walked on to my hand and I showed my now wife how weird looking it was. I then started talking to it again, and said to it, “if a cat sees you he might make you his dinner and I am going to put you in these bushes here.” and then I told the bug not to be crawling on the sidewalk, “you might scare people and they will squish you, you wouldn’t want that would you?” I put the bug gently in the bushes under my kitchen window telling it to be careful. I know, it sounds crazy but if you lived in California during those times it was perfectly normal behavior.

Later that night after all the lights were out there was this extremely bright light that lit up our kitchen as if someone had shinned a spotlight through my kitchen window through the closed drapes. I checked it out and there were no sounds and nothing seemed unusual except this bright light so I put on my pants to look outside, light gone, all quiet, so I went back to bed and wondered about this really weird looking bug I saw as I dozed off to sleep.

I had always wondered about that bug over the years and it bugged me, what kind of bug was that? There were no personal computers in those days which were not more like ancient game pong machines so I couldn’t look it up without exerting much effort, but I was too lazy to hunt for pictures in the library. I was interested in this curiosity but not that interested. I thought it might be some sort of large deformed cricket.

Many years later, maybe 20 years or so, the picture of that bug was still frozen in my memory and I still haven’t found out what kind of insect that was at my front door but now I had the tools to end this curiosity of the bug, ‘Google image’ was here to the rescue! I searched under crickets and finally found a close image of this strange looking bug, though the pictures were close they were far from being an exact image but close enough to free my mind of the curiosity.

I thought for sure the puzzle of the weird looking bug was finally solved. It appeared to be a Jerusalem Cricket. It was only years later until I had contact with the Aliens that I found out exactly what this little guy actually was and why the Alien hunt for me was now on without my knowledge.

It was not a bug at all!

To be continued…