I've been thinking for a while now..................

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I've been thinking for a while about what is it going to take to wake others up. And how can I help do it. I've been thinking in terms of what I have seen and what has impacted me and how those things has lead to other insights and awakening on various subjects and for me this all stemmed from one focal point. From that focal point like a seed growing I have learned so much on a great deal of things. If you look at it from the uninitiated or from a far. People might say how are those things even connected, but they are. So to get back to waking people up. They, themselves have to have their own focal point. That first lifted the heavy blocks off their shoulders. To spurn them to keeping finding out more and more and realizing that there is much , much more to what is going on. To finally have that ah--ha moment in their lives and the feeling of liberation of awe and wonder of what's been going on. For me it has finally sunk yesterday, in that no matter what I do. People have to have their own genuine focal point as I say above. As I see what's going on today and this years current national political scene, this may be a giant stepping stone for a lot of people. The chit is getting beyond stupid. People are fed up with the power structure and they want change and by things continuing to be shaking up and exposing how corrupted this country has become. Perhaps, just perhaps more and more people on a massive scale will begin to realize and it might hit home about what kind of world we live in. Then when a certain truth hits them in the face and they realize what else in the world or their lives is not right then that focal point like a seed starts to germinate and grow. Before you know it one thing leads to another and as they continue to seek truth for themselves and asking questions more and more is revealed. When that focal point happens for these people. The world will start to change rapidly. We will see great changes on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. So can I still help put the information out there, can I still hold the space for love and acceptance for them? Sure, but for certain people it may not be what they are looking for right now and I can't expect everyone to accept what I have accepted in terms of what is real and possible. They have to come to that conclusion on there own.


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