Alien Contact-- #3: The Children

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“Children are the hands by which we take hold of Heaven”
~ Henry Ward Beecher~

These writings are in conjunction with ‘epo333, -Time Travel- thread’ in ‘Insider Revelations’.

Let’s jump forward to the year 2015 in which I am at work and in the process of retiring in just weeks. A knock on the door of my office and the young lady who works the front desk telling me I have a person in the lobby who wants to see me without appointment and he told her it was urgent and asked for me by name. She asks me if I want her to send the man in.

A few minutes later a man walks into my office with the receptionist who introduces the man to me and he was somewhat overweight (pudgy) older gentleman with long hair who was obviously a Native American Indian. Suddenly the man bursts out laughing pointing his finger at me and tells me I aged, and says to me, “Juan told me you were thousands of years old and fell from the sky here to earth… You don’t remember me do you? I turned you in the right direction many years ago with Juan Matus.” I was now laughing too and thanked the receptionist for bringing him back and that I actually knew this man. She left kind of confused. This man was one of the five men who rode up on horseback who was one of Juan’s Matus students along with Carlos Castaneda the day I first met Juan after my parachute landing in the desert many years ago. He was actually the teenager who asked Juan Matus the shaman what he was doing there in the desert with an Anglo. It seems I have come full circle.

After some small talk and past remembrances we shared in common he suddenly got serious. He told me something astounding. He referenced the Sky People as he called them and told me they want to see me. I was puzzled and asked him why? His response was sort of a shrug of the shoulders and explained there was talk amongst the children. He then informed me there would be danger and meeting them would be very treacherous and I could possibly die.

American Indian Shamans very seldom will mislead or lie to you and view the world quite differently than most. They view and see the world and things in it as forms of energy which guides their spirit to life paths and choices. Their patience is impeccable and they will wait for weeks if not months or even a lifetime for signs of happenings to which they relate personally as a form of meaning which lies outside the bounds of understanding to the uninitiated. It awakes their warrior spirit which fuels their life into unbending actions. This action now relates to me to tackle the world of the Star People. Needless to say I was somewhat flattered, petrified and really curious all at the same time. I contemplated this moment in time and came to a conclusion that I would jump at the chance and literally put my life in the hands of the Indian Shamans to meet the Star People.

This now brings me to meetings with the shamans as outlined in the Time Travel thread. Through the course of the meetings we came to an agreement were I would meet the star beings and the in-betweens would make the arrangements of a location in Arizona.

Well, Mother Nature failed to cooperate with us and on more than one occasion the weather conditions would get in the way of the meet and were cancelled in Arizona.

The cancellations actually became a blessing in disguise for I was being followed and monitored by people of the intelligence communities which was not unusual for me because I was labeled many years ago as hybrid specie myself. Whether this label was justified or not it would occasionally bring in the spooks to monitor what I was up to due to my past association with American Intel Operations and the other off world beings that walk among us. I am actually in plain sight and really I laugh to myself at times how inter governmental agencies do not cooperate with each other when all they had to do was knock on my door instead of playing these cryptic games with me, like asking me ‘what time is it?’ and waiting for a response to proceed in some inordinate clandestine direction.

New knowledge which enters into this world always comes with a price. The price was my head on the chopping block. The meet was now scheduled to proceed in Utah but we had to proceed in secrecy from the possible interference from the people who were tailing us.

I was excited about the meet and we had to bring in more people of knowledge from different Indian tribes which in itself is a great undertaking because of their clannish nature with each other and highly secretive behavior, but because of the history of some of the tribes with the Star People it turned out easier than I expected and the cooperation was refreshing because everyone had a stake in the operation.

In October of 2015 I got the GO for the meeting with the aliens. My Indian friends had brought up the equipment ahead of time and held it on the reservation until the time of need. On the days before the meet I was working with about 10 people who were all Indians, mostly shamans, but not all, we then used 5 different vehicles in which we switched people around inside the vehicles at different locations then drove in different directions to avoid any type of tailing. I ditched my cell phone to another vehicle and agreed that the people with my cell phone only talk in their native language at all times and those particular Indians were Apache and would eventually travel in the opposite direction towards Mexico. I was headed up towards Ute land to meet with the in-betweens.

Once in Utah we stopped in a rest stop were we met up with another vehicle to escort me close to the area of the meet. I was now introduced to three Ute Indians and the two female children who were about 8 years old. It became known to me by the conversation and some small talk that I was in Ute land and when being introduced they would say nuh Nooch meaning ‘I am Ute’. All our recording equipment was with us in this 4 wheel drive pickup truck as we headed close to the spot of the meet. I understood that I would have to walk about a mile or so with equipment close enough to the area where I would meet the aliens.

Finally we get up as far as the 4 wheel drive could take us. It was starting to get dark but still plenty of light to make it to my designated spot. I grab the gear and headed out while the rest stayed behind because if they get too close bad things happen to them. I thought I was alone until I looked behind me and the two little girls were following me! I stopped and asked them why they were following me. I was a little upset by what they told me, they were the in-betweens, the guides who spoke to the aliens.

I was furious as I went back to confront the adults I was no way going to put children in harms way as I didn’t think I would be able to protect them. They started laughing at me shaking their heads telling me the children are there to protect me. They are the Sky Peoples friends and they watch over the children in times of danger, the Sky Beings even sometimes play with them. After some time they convinced me the children would be a lot safer than I would be and they won over me on this. I was still nervous for them but we finally made it to the spot where I was to wait for the Aliens. The children helped me set up the apparatus in which I would bring back proof of the aliens. It was now dark.

Suddenly, the children started jumping up and down saying, “They’re here! They’re here!” tugging on my arm pulling me in the direction they are looking, all of a sudden I see one orange light, than another, and then a large ship seems to appear out of nowhere as if it was parked there all this time, and the children are laughing and jumping all around, they are really excited. “Come on!” the children are yelling and laughing at the same time.

I stood petrified; I see a door silently open on the ship in the distance…

To be continued…