#4: Alien Contact –chapter 1 ‘The Soldiers’

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For thus has the Lord said to me, Go, set a watchman: let him declare what he sees:
~Isaiah 21:6

“We are men and our lot in life is to learn and to be hurled into inconceivable new worlds.”
~ Carlos Castaneda, “A Separate Reality”

I am not a teacher or a priest or any type of master for that matter what I am telling you in these writings are my perceptions of extraordinary events. What I can tell you is it is the truth as seen and experienced by my sight, sound, emotions and my being. I was not alone; I was with two children who I had to focus on to keep my mind together. They were other adults who I mentioned in my last blog#3 but they were not in any physical contact with the alien beings but were in eyesight distance of the craft.

As the ship was appearing and started to light up and be seen, the children started jumping up and down all exited pulling me and laughing to “come on, they’re here!” as they were pulling my hand. I stood there at that moment trying to capture the reality of what was transpiring. When the ship opened from underneath, the ship just seemed to be floating above ground and steps were sliding down in a slanted fashion touching earth my jaw dropped in wonderment and I became hesitant to approach the craft even though the children were laughing and all excited to see their unearthly friends. I was uncertain of what to expect. It was actually the children who had a calming effect on me and what played through my mind for a brief moment was remembering the Indian adults laughing at me of my earlier concern for the children’s safety telling me the children were there to protect me. That aside, I still had great concern for their safety.

I was now standing there with children on each side of me. I was holding their hands. The children were looking at me telling me “Don’t be afraid, they’re really nice, you will like them. They’re fun, they won’t hurt you.” Thinking back now if it wasn’t for those children I most likely would have behaved much differently. I was scared at the time. I mean really scared. It seemed I was the child and the children were the adults trying to calm me down. It is hard for me to even comprehend what my behavior would have been like if not for the children holding my hand telling me not to be afraid.

As my eyes were concentrated on the steps another circular opening appeared underneath the ship with bright light emanating through the opening and approximately six Orbs of white light floated out of the opening and were just floating around the ship, a guess they were about 6 to 10 ft in circumference each orb. Following them what appeared to look like a chariot floated out of the opening. They were what looked like 5 beings and they were floating slowly towards me and the children. They were standing upright in the chariot. At that point they were too far away to make out any appearance. The Orbs lined up underneath but a little distance from the ship and sort of elongated themselves which made them look sort of like standing on the ground.

If you look at one of our members avatar who goes by the member name of ‘Arsara Light’ You will see exactly what I seen looking at the Orbs by the ship. This is exactly, and I mean exactly what I was viewing at that moment looking at those ‘Orb’ beings.

The life forms which were approaching in the floating chariot were not the Orbs, and from my vantage point, appeared to be humanoid from what I could see. It was dark with only the moon shedding off its glow and the ship in the background which gave an eerie background sight of their outlines of their shape as they approached.

When the chariot approached to around 100’ from us it lit up and had a spotlight pointed at us which was not overly bright as to blind us. The children started jumping up and down again like their friends have just arrived. I could see them plainly now. At first glance they looked like versions of the old movie ‘Planet of the Apes’. They were of average height and build to that of a human, stood straight; arms proportioned to their bodies and had 4 fingers with an opposing thumb exactly as a human hand. They had two legs again proportioned to their body as in human legs. All were wearing grey khaki type pants with black boots no laces. They were also wearing what appeared to be lightly polished copper breast plates with etchings in the front. The breast plate extended down to their waist which went around to their backs. The back of the breast plate was smooth with no etchings.

Their face looked pretty much as a human face with normal looking eyes like a humans. Their eye colors and pupils were similar to humans and proportioned the same as human eyes look on the face. Their nose, lips, and they had teeth, all looked as a humans look. They had facial hair but were not hairy (i.e. like a shorthaired dog) and the rest of the face was free of hair similar to a humans head and face except the neck also had short hair.

What stood out mostly were the beings ears. They were on both sides of the head and they were large and drooped down similar looking as bloodhounds’ ears look on a dog. On their breast plates all of them carried what at first looked like a foot long stick. It appeared as a stick because it was not smooth but on further examination was of a dull shinning brownish type metal. In our discussions later in the meet they explained this rod as a weapon like how we would carry a gun on a holster, if adjusted it can also be used as a healing instrument for it had many uses other than for self defense.

When they approached in their chariot type vehicle at about 12’ away the chariot gently landed to the ground and it gave off a gentle white light which lit up the surrounding area like it was daylight. They exited their vehicle through an opening in the back and were now walking toward us.

Approaching was somewhat surreal, they were waving their hands at us as a friendly gesture and the children were waving back while they were jumping all around with a huge happy face on yelling at me “See, they like you, I told you so!”. The beings approached as humans would approach one foot after the other and the children’s excitement gave me the spirit of encouragement and put a smile on my face. I was cautious and smiled without showing my teeth knowing in some animal species this would be a gesture of a defensive fight behavior type mechanism. They came up and actually shook my hand, 5 of them came up to me one at a time smiling and gave sort of a nod of friendliness and they shook my hand. Their body temperature appeared neither cold nor hot but very human like. The palms of their hands were smooth but the back of them were hairy and the arms were hairy up to the breast plate giving me the impression that the rest of their bodies were hairy underneath their clothing. The children now ran up to two of them and jumped on them and the beings gave them a hug and were now holding them as adults hold child. At this point my caution seemed to dissipate and my human defense apparatus gave way to friendliness. I felt I had nothing to fear. Their actions and behavior were very human like and they gave an aura of goodwill and friendliness.

I tried talking to the beings but they all smiled and looked at one another than this voice broke into my head telling me this is how they communicate with each other. Like telepathy through their minds. They can only understand people and communicate in this fashion. They can speak but lost interest due to the complexity of using sound from mouth to ear. Learning a language for them would be hard enough to articulate sound but we have too many languages with such an assortment of meaning they view it as primitive and a waste of time. When they communicate to us we are using our language internally to create a dialog of understanding and vice versa. It is impossible to lie or deceive in this fashion. So when they communicate telepathically with us it appears like talking but there is no sound or the sound that comes from us is ignored by them.

After virtually what seemed to be hours of exchanging communications with each other they stated their purpose of the meet with me. They are what they consider ‘soldiers’ of the Orbs. They told me it is the Orbs who wished the meeting with me and they were looking for me for quite some time. They tell me there is one major problem with communicating with the Orbs. Our physiological makeup is not in agreement with direct contact and humans have gone mentally insane but most have died trying to communicate. They are too close to the source of the maker for communication. They have though detected something different in me which they think communication may be possible. They asked me if I was a visitor to this earth. I then had to give them my back story and they were ecstatic. Communication would be possible but still very dangerous. I agreed and still wanted to meet these beings. To me this was a chance of many lives and I was not going to pass it up. No hesitation on my part.

I was told I needed to go back to their ship with them there had to be preliminary adjustments to my body before I can come into contact with the Orbs. I jumped on their chariot and we headed towards the ship with the children still being held by the soldiers in a loving fashion. The Orbs were still standing or floating; however a light given off by the chariot signaled the Orbs that I was aboard the chariot heading for the ship. The Orbs then dispersed from where they were as balls of light to a further location from the ship. I arrived to the ship’s stairs.

To be continued with Chapter 2 – The ORBS



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