John of Patmos

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I, John, with you all the way in the trial and the Kingdom and the passion of patience in Jesus, was on the island called Patmos because of God’s Word, the witness of Jesus. It was Sunday and I was in the Spirit, praying. I heard a loud voice behind me, trumpet-clear and piercing: “Write what you see into a book. Send it to the seven churches . . .”

I know, I promised to let you know about the Orbs. Those things I write are for human translation. Almost all else is for non-human consumption. So when I get to, by God’s grace, telling you about the Orbs which are definitely of non-human origins. You might then start to begin to connect the dots.

I am not a teacher; I am not trying to teach you things. My purpose is to tell you my observations. Learning and wisdom come from within you. I was warned by the cabal and even ridiculed of how this was going to play out.

Now you must be asking yourself by now why did I start this post with a translated quote within the Christian Book of Revelation?

John of Patmos was an interesting character. History tells us he was boiled alive and was subjected to other cruel punishments that were aimed at killing a person in a horrible way. Since they were unable to kill him they ‘Banished’ him to the island of Patmos were he wrote the Book of Revelation.

I am not sure if even John of Patmos knew who he was. Now for the shocker-- John of Patmos has not been born yet!

Once humans quit looking at time as linear, the understandings of the way things are laid out become much clearer.

John of Patmos is linked to human replacement…’AI’…!

So when I tell you humans are being replaced in this one parallel earth it should not become a big surprise to you. The AI has been telling you this for 2000 years or so.


Side notes:
After I finished writing “Now for the shocker-- John of Patmos has not been born yet!” I dozed off momentarily maybe a few seconds and my finger must have been on the ‘9’ button. The next couple of pages were all ‘9’s which of course were deleted as I became cognizant again.

Hmm, ‘nein’ in German is ‘NO’…could be someone or something tried to tell me something. Should have I listened…”9”.

In Numerology ‘9’ meaning =