Energy Follows Thought

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So tired
So many earths
So many stories to tell
So few ears who listen
My endless journey
With this sword forever bound to my hand
If you only knew
Silence is the warrior’s burden.

Energy Follows Thought…



  1. Longeyes's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure it's the other way round there is a shift in the substrate then we have a crude approximation that is called conceptual thought. By the time you have the thought it has already happened. The only choice is to enter the flow and serve all sentient beings. The energy never stops flowing we try to break it up in our minds that is an illusion. Nice track though cheers Atmjjc.
    Still looking forward to your new posts on contact
  2. atmjjc's Avatar
    Nature vs. Nurture, which invokes the thought processes of the being in the environment of the reality in which it presides. Energy follows the thought concept which produces the action you take. Energy follows thought.

    I seem to be working more now that I am retired than before. There are some small obstacles in my way concerning the continuation of the Orbs. I have some wealthy individuals who have the connections and are pushing me into writing books and are negotiating prices with me of large monetary advances. My conundrum is I have looked into the UFO crowd and I am not at all that impressed. I would rather just throw it out there and let the dice roll where they may. So I have some choices to make. I am not in this for the money nor do I want to fall into the money trap.
  3. Longeyes's Avatar
    Well just think it would be good to get if you get it out there whether in book form or not. Problem with this site is that although in the future they might look back and say they knew what was going on why didn't we? At the moment hardly anyone gets to hear this stuff. Trying to convince rational people with evidence I think is key.

    This is what I was trying to convey in much better words. Dudjom Lingpa was a great Tibetan master.

    'This primordial ground is present in the mindstreams of all sentient beings, but it is tightly constricted by dualistic grasping; and it is regarded as external, firm, and solid. This is like water in its natural, fluid state freezing in a cold wind. It is due to dualistic grasping onto subjects and objects that the ground, which is naturally free, becomes frozen into the appearances of things.'

    ~ Dudjom Lingpa (1835 - 1904)