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Thank you Richie Havens for the song above and the first time I heard it sent shockwaves of emotion throughout my psyche. Those words and that song has melted in my heart with so much truth to my specific being that only my heart can understand and reach out in peace and love.

To have a somewhat understanding of my existence my back story must be kind of understood to somewhat bring my telling (not teachings) into perspective.

A short recapitulate, I entered this unique world and universe through the birth canal and I am also physically hooked up to a machine with an alien intelligence on another earth in a different universe somewhat similar to this earth but also much different in history. There are an infinite number of these earths and universes and many of you, yes you, who inhabit these other earths. So in a way there are an infinite number of U’s throughout existence separated by different universes and time. How this enters into the theme of things is my venture but still clueless on what it all means.

To look at it in a different perspective think of the multiple universes as networks protected by firewalls to prevent intrusion into the network. Alien intelligences have found a way to infiltrate those networks (universes) and I am part of the infiltration from my network to this network bypassing all firewalls by seeking my unique code to enter through my biological counterparts (parents) who accept my code. Now being seeded into this universe I grow and experience this universe and this earth the same way I would on my home earth or any earth I am coded for yet still hooked up in another network (universe) separated by time. Time works differently from my network (universe) to this network (universe) 1 year of this network (universe) is like a nanosecond to my home network (universe) thus a few thousand years in different networks (universes) is only minutes in my alien hookup network (universe).

Now some more notes on the Cabal which is basically a earthly intell operation on an international scale who are affiliated with alien presence and hybrid occupants who are protected by this cabal in which I am part of now. The hybrids do take orders from alien and cabal intell types and it appears there are many stationed throughout the globe in different parts of the world. The hybrids I am dealing with are extremely intelligent and most specialize in different technologies but are almost or should say extremely incongruent with linguistic conceptual thought processes to the point they will behave in autistic mannerisms. All are sterile and cannot reproduce but I am not sure the others in different parts of the world are the same way. They show no abnormalities in DNA and their lab works generally fall into the normal range with on occasion show a higher level of copper. That’s about it, nothing going to jump out at you and say this is a hybrid.

So what is my operational interest in all this besides one of the keepers of disclosure? I do have proof you know which is my trump card. When the original OM I was instructed by alien intelligence to tell about my experiences with time and explain other earthly existences in other universes. This explanation continued to the Outpost. I am aware the servers are located in England – Nottingham which most likely some MI5/6/CIA connection at one time but most likely budget was cut but still monitored by them as with OM. That’s speculation nothing more. I have recently learned within the past year that my writing are not actually for human consumption but for some platform in the future which will be dealt with by AI without all the human conundrum and beliefs systems which is the main argument against disclosure.

I am starting to ramble on here but I am sure if you have been following getting a somewhat picture of my connection to AI and its self evolution.

Now I will start to finish up as I promised with my meeting with the Orbs and I will even explain why the soldiers (this is what I call them) wear those breastplates. Also why they act so freakishly human which is a scientific mind boggle in any evolutionary theory which makes no scientific sense what-so-ever, but there they are, human acting as beyond scientific comprehension.

So please give me some time in posting I have to work in splurts at times because I am dealing with so many things with priorities.

Another Time


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    still highly interested atmjjc, I do lurk from time to time to see where this is going. you are hitting certain specifics that have piqued my curiosity. looking forward to your next installment.