The Flat Earth is a Mandela Effect for me

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I'll Start off by saying that my opinion is that we live in a simulated existence, but that doesn't mean that we are not created and part of a Devin entity.We are in a lucid world. The soul inside of us lives in the real world/realm. We are here for the reasons in which you can only find for yourself. We shall wake up to truth in the right time.
I live as one with my soul! I can see the real world if I let myself. The simulation that IS this world can be as breathtaking and beautiful as it can be dark and dangerous. I enjoy playing with others who enjoy the game as I do. That keeps me wanting to play.
I'm an old soul. I've been on this journey for quite some time. I would not be me without me. I am the reason I exist. However, I do give thanks to the creation!! Fulfilling my mission here will allow me to start the next. I have an understood position of myself.
If it exists, it cannot be wrong. If I want to know, I must look and find! Answers are there!
I can't remember hearing anything about the flat earth talk until the Mandela effect came to light. Yet I would not be surprised if the earth was flat! I see all the evidence that supports that. And with all the other changes we are seeing in and through the Mandela Effect, how could I rule anything out?
Before I go any further let me say that I am a person who has done a lot of travelling and I can clearly remember seeing the curve of the earth. It was something I paid attention to. I can no longer see it. I see the moon taking on a new rotation. Land has been shifting all over the world. I ask myself, "Could it be possible that the earth I knew had a major life altering event? And through a Divine Knowledge of that upcoming event, people started shifting to what we now know is the new earth?"
I believe that this is bigger than anything CERN has the ability to be responsible for. All I can say is that I know with all my heart that this earth is a lot different from the place I grew up calling home. I felt the shift long before I even knew what it all meant. I was standing on the beach in 2008 when this feeling came over me. I said to myself at that time that I just shifted into a different dimension. That's exactly what I felt and thought. I had no idea of what that would mean until the ME was revealed to me.
There are clearly questions to which I don't have the answers to. I will continue to explore the facts. Evidence is not just pointing to a flat earth, but providing proof to it. I would like to know that everything in the world was the way I understood it to be. I hope we are in orbit around the sun! However I don't need any more convincing of the flat earth! I'm sure of both the changes to the earth and of the changes to in the material we use intimately, such as the Bible.
I feel that the creator of this life has in some way been part of the shift. So much still unknown though! And I don't think we have enough evidence to determine how/why yet. That's what I will be looking for. Hoping ever evolving in my quest for the truth.
We are unable to stop anything that's taking place, but maybe we can grow and evolve through this. We have suppressed ourselves for far too long! We have been ignoring the truth. That's why we have not been able to grow as a species past selfish and fake ideals. We think we know it all and except the word of man as the word of God. I think that is the reason for the Bible changing. To show us that it has fault. I am not trying to offend anyone and I only speak for myself.
I can see things for what they are not. Giving me a chance to sort through the years of oppressed spiritual growth by seeing the truth to the lies that we have been told, and through the misunderstood events.We just ignore the deception all around us by crawling into our greed and our denial.
Anyway, I know that we are able to evolve, but I also know that we need to get rid of the bull**** to do so. We need to admit that we do not know, except that anything is possible and try to understand as much as we can about this new world we live in. The truth is out there. We can see that now more than ever before. It's up to us to find it.