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David Flynn.....A Tribute

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David Flynn passed away on January 22, 2012 and there is just no way to express in words how much I will miss him. I came across his Watcher Web Site many years ago and was blown away with what I was reading. David and I shared on so many of the same ideas I couldn't believe it. He took me on a long journey though the years with his material and helped me to understand what I came to believe were mysteries now beginning to open. A lot of his work was and still is far above my understanding at this point in time.

Thank you David and God Bless You and your family.

Here is a link to his web site.

A link to his Watcher Forum where a lot of his work is located.

This is a link to a broadcast tribute for David Flynn from the radio show Opposing The Matrix on 1/27/2012.

And a tribute from Red Ice Creations with some of David's videos and radio broadcast.

David Flynn Books

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