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Sergeant Robert Dean is one of the biggest liars, besides Lazar, Lear, Burisch, and Sherman I've ever known! The title 'Command Sergeant' means nothing in the military. It only means you were in command of your own department. Secondly, he was in NATO, in the European Union. I respect his service to the US for sure. But he got the 'UFO Disease.' He loved the attention but he lied when he said that the COSMIC Clearance was 32 levels above Top Secret! BS!

As I've stated BEFORE... A Top Secret Clearance in NATO is called a 'Cosmic' clearance. It's not higher than a US 'Top Secret' clearance. It's the SAME.

Find me ONE military, active or retired, officer who says he had a clearance dozens higher than a 'Top Secret' clearance (Above Top Secret). There are NONE. Special Access Programs (SAPs) are lateral clearances for specific Top Secret Programs. We have about 800,000 US citizens with a Top Secret Clearance. During my 20 years in the service I had a Top Secret clearance most of the time. My first clearance was a Secret, and after the first year a Top Secret.

Congressmen and other people running for office like the President and Vice President are vetted once the run for a public office. They usually get the fast track and have a 'Secret' clearance after a few months. Once elected to these high offices the clearance process continues. Most high level officials have a minimum of a Secret Clearances. If you are on any Committee that deals with secrets, National Security, Homeland Security, CIA, DoD, FBI, etc., you will have to get a Top Secret Clearance. Ed Fouche - Author of 'Alien Rapture'

First time I've read this and while I know Mr. Fouche is not currently active here. I must take issue with some of his comments. First, I'm a veteran and I held a "Top Secret and above" clearance. I know for an absolute fact that there were (at least) several levels above that. I know because I was upgraded to a level (or maybe two levels) above TS without being told; on rare occasions senior clearance holders had to be brought in when "TS&Above" wasn't high enough. I was informed of my clearance upgrade only when my superiors chose to do so when such an occasion occurred never even knowing I had it!

Second, his definition of the word "Command Sergeant" used towards Robert Dean could not be more incorrect. "Command Sergeant Major" - which Dean was - is the most senior enlisted personnel on base.
It's an enormously powerful position, in my experience second only to the base Commanding Officer. Ours had full access to everything in all of our Communications centers. Carte' Blanche.

Third, the "Cosmic" clearance. It may or may not be a NATO clearance but I do know it's considered rare. I personally heard a high-level Crypto Custodian boast of his knowledge of it in a way that left little doubt as to its exclusively.