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Thread: UFOs and Nuclear Sites

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    Those artifacts from Roswell that Corso was ordered to distribute for reverse engineering were not 'gifts', at least in the normal usage of that word. But were they accidental 'gifts'? I believe so. Therefore the word 'gift' would suffice wrt what we can say those artifacts turned out to be.

    I personally do not believe that ETs are going to give us any intentional 'gifts', at least from their technology dept., until we give up the nukes.
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    They were 'gifts' if the crashes were perhaps 'Trojan Horses' as has been suggested, a way of seeding technology on a planet for a motive we don't understand. Extrapolating from the effects the transistor, microchips, glass fibres have had in the last 70 yrs, perhaps to create AI? or a global control network where everyone is microchipped? We just carry ours around for them in the form of mobile phones. Who knows? I always find it quite unlikely that Et craft weren't equipped to deal with radar!?! Who knows
    Someone out there has a much better idea than us that's for sure.

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    That's kind of creepy isn't it? Could very well be true. Who knows? It certainly does make sense on a few different levels.
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    Wonder what the aliens think of the molten salt reactors that use thorium?
    My inner Mulder wants to believe, but my inner Scully remains skeptical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Wonder what the aliens think of the molten salt reactors that use thorium?
    Googled the following info....
    It uses
    lithium fluoride/beryllium fluoride (FLiBe) salt as its primary coolant in bothcircuits. This is based on earlier US work on the molten salt reactor program. Fuel isuranium-233 bred from thorium in FLiBe blanket salt.

    Why sodium is used as a coolant in nuclear reactors?

    The high thermal conductivity properties effectively create a reservoir of heat capacity which provides thermal inertia against overheating. Water is difficult to use as a coolant for a fast reactor because water acts as a neutron moderator that slows the fast neutrons into thermal neutrons.

    Is thorium better than uranium?

    Thorium. Thorium is more abundant in nature than uranium. It is fertile rather thanfissile, and can only be used as a fuel in conjunction with a fissile material such as recycled plutonium. Thorium fuels can breed fissile uranium-233 to be used in various kinds of nuclear reactors.

    Is thorium dangerous?

    When thorium is irradiated, or exposed to radiation to prepare it for use as a fuel in nuclear reactions, the process forms small amounts of uranium-232. That highly radioactive isotope makes any handling of the fuel outside of a large reactor or reprocessing facility incredibly dangerous.

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    $100 Million E.T. Hunt Spots 15 Mysterious Light Flashes

    So the gov't dishes out $100 mill to fund a university based ET Hunt project like this regardless that they already have vaults full of photographic material of UFO sightings and incursions at nuclear missile bases that they have confiscated from their own military that gives hard-core proof that ETs are already here.

    What a colossal waste of tax-payer money!
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    Five Reasons Why The Signals From Stephen Hawking's Breakthrough Initiative Aren't Aliens

    On Saturday, August 26th, astronomers reinvestigated a source that emitted a little-understood event: a fast radio burst (FRB).
    In 2012, a series of nine bursts were observed by both the Very Large Array and Arecibo, four of which were seen simultaneously.
    For the first time, this allowed us to pinpoint the location of a FRB's source: a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light years away.
    Last month's reinvestigation discovered a series of 15 repeating FRBs from the same source, each lasting under 300 microseconds.

    Is it advanced, powerful aliens? There are five reasons why that's likely untrue.

    1.) They're too common
    . Based on the bursts we've seen, there are over 10,000 unique FRBs, every day, over the entire sky.
    2.) The FRB signal is variable. The energy density, signal strength, and time intervals are all irregular, evidence of a natural phenomenon.
    3.) Active galaxies have produced similar radio signals. Flickering, feeding, supermassive black holes can cause them. The galaxy housing these FRBs possesses exactly this.
    4.) FRBs are 1019 times stronger than humanity's strongest transmissions. They're all at least that powerful, with no micro-FRBs.
    5.) Many astrophysical explanations exist for FRBs. AGNs and magnetars are common; no aliens are necessary.
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    Possible sighting at Scottish Nuclear submarine base.

    A BIZARRE white light was captured shining into the sky above a Scots nuclear sub base.
    The mystery UFO was spotted eerily floating above Gare Loch at Faslane naval base in Helensburgh.
    The bizarre glow was captured by a punter on Saturday night
    The bewildered man was over three miles away across the water in Greenock when he spotted the unidentified glow at around 10.30pm on Saturday.
    He told The Scottish Sun: “It was Saturday at around half ten when I saw it.
    “I thought it was strange when I saw two bright white lights in the sky then they kind of merged into one.
    “The footage was taken about three miles away, it just appeared above Faslane....

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    Not to be missed Robert Salas live streaming UFO and Nukes event live tomorrow

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    New interview with Robert Hasting on the Good Trouble Show
    The link is not embedding yet will post later

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