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Thread: Guerilla Novelist, Casper Parks - Updates

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    Nice work Casper hope it sells well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    Nice, nice. Congratulations. It's a great feeling to be able to hold it in your hands.
    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Nice work Casper hope it sells well

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    Congratulations, Casper! Can’t wait to read it!

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    Disgraced Drug Enforcement Agent Efren Toliver was forced to put the murder of his partner behind him. Years later his past comes knocking, asking for a favor and offering redemption. As a deadly drug Prompt hits the streets, he puts everything at risk to guide agents posing as a rock band. Complicating matters, the son of his murder partner is a member of the group. Copper recently graduated from the academy and blames his father's death on Efren...

    As character flaws collide, they press-forward. With Prompt hitting the streets in periodic waves, their investigation is slowed to a crawl. Just as the band's fan-base is growing, another surge of Prompt floods Los Angeles. As the body count increases and their investigation intensifies, they stumble into something far more dangerous than drug cartels...

    Accidental Destiny
    Cooper Reeves: Lead vocals, guitar, keyboard
    Randall O'Conner: Lead guitar, vocals
    Eva Cortez: Bass guitar, vocals
    Kyle Smithfield: Drums

    Friends of the band
    Hard-core musician Perth Collins
    Efren Toliver, manager of building for rehearsal studios
    Efren's Uncle Jonah and Lacy Watson
    Trey and company....

    Teaser: Efren stuffed a pillow beneath his head and grumbled, “He’s hoping the rabbit hole isn’t too deep? Any bunnies at the bottom of this hole are likely rabid.”

    Available in print and eBook.
    Click here to visit Casper Parks website for links.

    Click cover for larger view

    Accidental Destiny takes place prior to Coming from Darkness.
    Portions of Accidental Destiny takes place within the same time frame as Perceptional Threshold.

    Accidental Destiny is my 5th novel.
    With each new story there is improvement with my writing and style.
    I would like to thank readers for sticking with me on this venture.

    *At the time of this posting, print is only available at Amazon.
    Print copies should become available at other retailers in August, 2021.
    Paperback is 6x9.
    eBook links are updating to reflect a new release date.
    Google Play, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo eBook are currently available.
    Amazon eBook edition is June 9th, 2021.
    Apple Books is currently showing June 30th, 2021. That date should change to reflect currently available.

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    Casper Parks interview about new Rock n Roll Novel, "Accidental Destiny".
    Interview starts at roughly 23:50 on the meter...

    For more information about "Accidental Destiny", click here.

    Interview aired on 07/16/2021 Shift Happens / Fringe FM

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    Within the pages of Accidental Destiny reference is made to an A. I:

    Biological, Economic, Administrative System Terminal or BEAST for short. A system that uses RFID Bio Chip Implants, Electronic Tattoos, or something similar we haven't seen yet. A Mainframe computer system for healthcare, economic, and identification for tracking...

    A Central Main Frame Computer Hub that corporations and governments are preparing to use. The system is run by an A. I...
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    Accidental Destiny a Rock n Roll novel by Casper Parks
    Limited time free in eBook format at select retailers
    08/25/21 through 09/12/21
    Below are links for retailers:
    Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play and Kobo
    Visit Casper Parks website

    Ages Past by Casper Parks
    Limited time free as eBook at select retailers
    Month of September, 2021
    Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play and Kobo
    Visit Casper Parks website

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    Unexpected Craziness!

    I listed all five of my novels free as eBooks at select retailers Mid October through November 30th, 2021. For reasons that are unknown, four of the five books are in the top 100 as free eBooks at Google Play! Free doesn't count toward bestseller lists... Taking into account the number of free eBooks at Google Play, making into the top 100 is cool...

    With everything going-on about UAP/UFOs in the news and people talking about Disclosure, it's understandable that Coming from Darkness made it into the top 100.

    eBooks of my novels are free almost everywhere, but wasn't able to offer free at Amazon. Visit the Casper Parks website for links to retailers by clicking here.

    Paperbacks of my books are starting to show-up at several online retailers, and will post links in the near future.

    With each new book my writing improves. Order books were released:
    1) Perceptional Threshold
    2) Ages Past
    3) Coming from Darkness
    4) Bristol
    5) Accidental Destiny

    Accidental Destiny was released Summer 2021...

    I'll do free from time to time, simply to push my titles up in the algorithms. It was unexpected that four of my books made into the top 100 at Google Play as free eBooks.
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