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Thread: Guerilla Novelist, Casper Parks - Updates

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    Bristol free as e-book at select retailers through November 2015:
    Historical fiction - secret societies - action - American Civil War

    Bristol takes place in Northern California, days prior to the start of the American Civil War. It has treachery and murder on the high seas, pirates, Dragoon soldiers, undercover operatives, private militias and secret organizations.

    As the nation stumbles headlong into the abyss of Civil War back East, Lt. Crisp and his men have their hands full in the West. A deaf boy named Kern on the run from murder charges in Australia, and a dog named Bristol intended as a gift for President Lincoln from the Emperor of China.

    Where to get Bristol:

    Free e-books through November 2015 at following: Barnes & Noble / i-Tunes / Google Play /Kobo / Inktera / /

    Printed copies available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon $11.00 US plus shipping.

    Amazon e-books are set at 99 cents US - *Ask Amazon to price match free: US / UK / CA / MX / AU / DE / FR / IT / NL / BR / IN / JP / ES

    Please read, rate and review at online retailers!

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    I will be a guest on "Beyond The Strange" Sunday evening, Dec 6th 2015.

    Beyond The Strange...

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    Casper Parks interview is posted at Beyond the Strange website, click here. It was broadcasted in Speaker as well. It was off the cuff without a script for a natural flow. As of yet, I haven't listened to it. Hoping I didn't ramble, said something stupid or embarrassing. Feedback from listeners has been positive. It is roughly two hours long.

    Youtube video posting below:

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    Was one of several guests on a panel for Beyond The Strange, December 20th 2015. Discussion was primarily regarding hoaxes. Panel starts roughly 30 minutes into the video. It was fun. Creators of the podcast are considering doing "discussion panels" from time to time.

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    I was guest on Beyond The Strange for Easter Special 2016.
    We covered two recent news article, and how the Bible relates to UFOs and aliens.
    A number of theories are discussed.

    Available on Speaker audio by clicking here or watch youtube video below.

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    Free e-books of Ages Past and Coming From Darkness at select retailers through May 31st 2016.

    i-Tunes / Google Play / Kobo / Barnes & Noble

    Amazon is 99 cents, request they price match "free".

    Coming from Darkness is an epic near future science fiction novel.

    Title 14, Section 1211 Code of Federal Regulations, passed into law on July 16, 1969. Anyone in contact with an extraterrestrial and or UFO is jailed. NASA can enforce quarantine that a court order cannot break. In the early 1990s, the law was removed.

    After a UFO crashed into a motel, public outcry demanded action. A governmental agency moved a Disclosure plan ahead of schedule. In the name of public safety governments reinstate Title 14, Section 1211 Code of Federal Regulations and alien abductees are herded into special camps.

    In the years following, RFID biochip implants go from voluntary to the law of the land, and anyone refusing placed into retraining camps. Government scanners for biochips double as scanners for alien implants.

    First three years after Disclosure, young alien abductee Bryce had unintentionally dodged capture. When biochips became law, he fled into the wilds to live among survivalists. Former operatives of a shadow government whom had defected scanned him for an alien implant.

    Bryce is not simply a former abductee - He is an Unknown abductee. Like a society gone mad around them, survivalists fear former alien abductees.

    They suspect that aliens programed him to complete a secret mission. The government learned he is an Unknown, and intensified their hunt for him.

    Abandoned by aliens, pursued by the government and hated by society, Bryce must come to terms with an abusive past. He must learn to forgive others and forgive himself.

    All the while, he must evade capture and learn what it means to be an Unknown and discover whatever his mission was.

    Ages Past, the Isolation.

    Imagine a time
    When all human races had never warred between themselves.
    The only pursuits in life spiritual wisdom, creativity, a quest for knowledge.
    A Cold Blooded Coalition with a hatred for humanity.
    War death and destruction ruling the universe.
    Imagine peace and order restored at a cost.

    After Benjamin discovered a habitable planet, he negotiated opening the colony for humans from across the known universe. His home planet of Bootes had been isolated and inhabitants used for experiments by the Kohana (Greys).

    Many humans from other star system feared Kohana experiments had altered DNA of humans from Bootes. As an exchange of various human cultures is underway, those fears faded away. When Jermack fell in love with a girl from another star system, Benjamin stood proud that his son led the way for others.

    A small number of non-human races were afraid of humans intermixing and creating a new race. In doing so, humans could request another seat on the Council of All and upset the balance of power.

    Opposed to the colony, a Cold Blooded Coalition formed and contacted the Kohana for help to an end the new human colony.

    Free in e-book format at select retailers through May 31st 2016.

    i-Tunes / Google Play / Kobo / Barnes & Noble

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    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Casper Parks interview on Aquarian Radio is available for replay and download. Download option is nice. If you have long road trip, download and listen during drive. Using player at site, click on small cloud for download.

    Click here for replay and or download option at Aquarian Radio. At site is comment box at bottom of webpage. Comments are welcome.

    For the show airing I was giving away free e-books at Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes, Google Play and Kobo. Extending free e-Books through July 4th 2016. Click here for links to download books.

    Would like to thank Outpost Forum for support given to me as writer.

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