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Thread: Hello from Colin Hall - author of 'Fact or Fiction - the M6 and Paris Crashes'

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    No problem. Here's some more that I think you will find interesting:

    " by Steve
    I felt annoyed. Kallyuke had promised me the time to see for myself what was left after the conflicts, but instead I was being railroaded to return early and deal with yet another situation.

    My shuttle landed in the same skyscraper as before and I was then escorted by two security guards to meet Kallyuke in the other building.

    I was shown into a bright, cavernous room on the top floor. The white walls and the tall windows combined to create a bright, open space, even though this was partially taken up by a huge rectangular table that stretched from one end of the room to the other.

    Kallyuke was stood at the opposite end to me, looking out over the city.

    'I am sorry that you feel annoyed by me cutting short your journey, but this is important', Kallyuke's voice boomed across the room.

    I was ushered towards Kallyuke by the security guards. The view across the city was impressive, the sky was clear and sun shone.

    'That is the problem', Kallyuke must have sensed my gazing into the sky,'we have very little by way of natural defense against that', he said pointing at the sun.

    'Then close the time portal and prevent any more of these little 'accidents' happening so we can all return to some semblance of normality and try to create a solution to this', I replied also pointing to the sun.

    'It's not as easy as that. There is still so much to document, so much to learn before we sign off and we can't afford to leave anyone behind who could be endangering the future', he paused, '....our future'

    'What you mean to say is that you've opened a can of worms and you don't know how to cope with it, let alone close it. What started out as something with commendable goals has ended up being a nightmare because people are people, no matter when they are from, and it is now perpetuating the sort of corrupting influences you never thought could occur in this time', I looked out over the landscape. It was surreal to see small shuttles flying around, transporting people, this was the stuff of sci-fi and I was momentarily lost in it.

    'Partly Steve, partly. But you cannot deny knowledge is power, after all you live in an environment where knowledge has empowered millions'

    'But this is different. You're trying to re-educate a society based on values from over six hundred years ago; you can't live in the past Kallyuke, sometimes you have to let go and create a new history, a history that will belong to this time'

    'Maybe, but for now we need to focus on what has happened in Paris and how this must be contained', I sensed in his reply, that Kallyuke was uneasy about what was happening with his project, his vision, or was it his obsession.

    Kallyuke turned to one end of the table, pulled out a chair and sat down, in turn looking to me to do the same. He pressed a button on the table and a screen appeared in front of us both.

    'My plan for Paris was firstly don't get caught, aside from that I knew the risks you would encounter when you undertook the mission. But we have complications, something, I didn't think would happen that was caused by the unusual nature of your exit'

    Kallyuke pointed at the screen which was now showing CCTV footage from the road where we chased down the traders.

    'This is the adjusted footage, after the event and will prove to you why I don't like messing with the timelines', Kallyuke said.

    'What event?', I asked.

    'Just watch, you will have questions afterward'

    We watched as the camera clearly showed Anton and I in the van on one side of the road and the traders in the car, just slightly ahead of us. As the sequence rolled I could see the other cars either trying to get out of the way or being hit by either vehicle.

    Kallyuke slowed the speed of the footage to a frame by frame advance. Firstly we saw the faces of the two traders, the driver was grappling with the car as he fought to get ahead of us.

    'Hours of being in a simulator cannot replicate the real thing can it? He has no idea of the traffic laws does he and he's struggling with that car', I said.

    'Just keep watching',Kallyuke was disinterested in my comment.

    As the frames advanced Kallyuke stopped the footage at one particular point.

    'Now, look at the faces on this frame', he said.

    He then clicked the footage onto the next frame.

    'Now look at the faces on this frame'

    They were different. The people who were in the vehicle had changed from one frame to the next, the traders had switched.

    'Who are they?', I asked.

    'We're trying to find out now, the anomalies that Anton spoke of originally suggested that traders arrived in Paris to perform an extraction and that the two you tried to kill were the same people, but this evidence suggests they also traveled out of Paris through time'

    The frames started to advance again but there was no movement in the car, the two people who were now in it were obviously dead.

    'They were also sent back having died in this time?', I asked.

    'Well, they were either dead or unconscious. The main problem here is that we now have four corpses in Parisian mortuaries from this time, and that's not good'

    'Four? You said you were sending back one to replace us', I said.

    'It wasn't possible was it? I reviewed the footage at this frame rate and anyone could see there were four occupants in the vehicles. My other concern is that facially all of you are slightly different to those on the final frames of footage and if the Parisian authorities review the footage like us, they will find this out'

    Kallyuke once again pointed at the footage and as we progressed we then saw the bright light emanate from the van, this was the triggering of the CCS. The next frame showed two bodies in the van as it them collided with the car and both then burst into flames. The footage was frozen on this frame.

    'I can only hope that the remains of the bodies we sent back are burnt beyond recognition and that footage is kept away from harmful eyes', Kallyuke said.

    'So what do you want me to do?', I asked.

    'The footage will be backed up on hard drives so trying find the original copy and deleting it will not achieve anything. The minute something of this magnitude is spotted the only people allowed to access it will be the one of the French special investigation units, and they don't tend to work with anyone apart from themselves. We've got to try and get to those bodies before they perform a full autopsy'

    'You don't want me to try and steal them do you? Surely you can't ask that of me?', I looked at Kallyuke as he pondered his reply.

    'No, not at all. This is our fault, we were too rushed to create a solution and didn't think of the possible consequences', Kallyuke called up a new screen and pointed to a syringe like implement,'I need you to inject each of the bodies with the contents of this gas syringe'

    'This just gets better and better'

    'Look, the footage is gone, someone will have that safely stored away, but on it's own it is just footage, proving nothing other than it was tampered with. But when you combine it with the evidence from the autopsies....'

    '....that is different, you have tangible physical evidence', I said.

    'Exactly, whilst it may remain classified for a while it will only take one officer who wants to clear his debts or go on a nice holiday to find a reporter, say like Mark Collins, and this will blow out of all proportions. At the moment, what we have here is a conspiracy theorists dream ticket, but soon it could become a far bigger story if they start to join the dots'

    Kallyuke returned to the contents of the syringe, explaining they were effectively a mixture of pollutants that would be consistent with those found in a blood test during an autopsy from a body from that time.

    'The trouble is, the bodies we sent back probably won't have anything like the level of pollutants expected to be found in any normal person who lived and breathed the air in the that time'

    'So why not simply try and switch them again, this time making sure they have the correct level of pollutants?', I thought this was a sensible suggestion, obviously I was wrong.

    'Every time we switch, the constant is the CCTV footage, it will record yet another set of faces in these vehicles. And also we have no link to the traders and therefore can't pull them out. You have to understand even if we set the pollutants correctly we have no way of checking what bodies the others sent back', Kallyuke was begrudgingly doing the rebel scientific group a favour. But he knew the implications of us being unmasked and how it could effect all that would have followed thereafter.

    'This is why Sayssac is so against what we are doing isn't it? It's the risk that we are constantly looking over our shoulder to see what damage we are doing to the timeline and what evidence we are leaving behind of our presence', I said.

    'We don't have time to debate this at the moment, we need to try and stop this one in it's tracks before your friend Mark Collins grasps yet another exclusive at our expense'

    I took that as notice to end the conversation and prepare to go back and sort out the mess we had left six hundred years behind us. I think I was getting a headache"
    This is great, thanks for posting this, it is incredibly useful - I'm working putting together info about the background to all of this on my blog - would you mind posting stuff on there as well so others can read it? This is my blog

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    Welcome aboard Colin!

    Driving up the M6 you could almost wish for such an encounter to break up the boredom. I have looked at the provided links but if I may add one of my own, a small you-tube clip. It could of course be a complete nut job having a giraffe yet the local accents are present and the road as unremarkable as the M6? I find the clip to be rather poor quality however I notice about the right amount of cars with possibly some number plates discernible. A lack of persons in around the vehicles except for one rather strange looking individual hanging around the side of a vehicle, he/she/it seemed almost too unfazed by the passing car filming the incident almost as if wanting not to be noticed which having a major pile up seems odd.

    After the car filming this clip passes by the strange individual you noticed the oddity the reason for my posting... as below.

    Search you tube: 'M6 Paranormal Car Crash, UFO Aliens Time Travel involved?' uploaded by 'MuseumOfTheWeird'

    I will look forward to reading more about this incident, thanks for taking the time to join this forum.

    Kind regards,


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