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Thread: Memory loss when in crop circle

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    Memory loss when in crop circle

    Crop circles fascinated me for years so when I was around 12, my parents & me went to nearby village to see crop circles (less 50km away from my hometown used to be many crop circles for years).
    I can't remember anything from it and that's my big problem. My parents told me that we've been to many crop circles and I have no memory of it. Since i remember it was my dream to see crop circle. I can not believe i can't remember it. I went to conclusion that I must have some memory loss (when my parents told me about it, it reminded me only how we get there and farmer crop circle post cards but nothing else)
    Did anyone had any experience like this? I guess you guys been to some crop circles
    This year I want to go to Wiltshire, UK to make sure if I really had some sort of memory loss or i simply forgot about it

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    Memories fade with age, but linger somewhere within brain cells. Bits and pieces will surface, like the trip there and post cards.

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    What I mean is that when you do something really exciting (well... let's say your first trip to theme park) then you remember it due to your strong emotions.
    Same is with me going to crop circles. I can remember way to it, farmer and field seen from distance but my memory usually cuts after going through gate. I can even remember gate color and it's details but I can't remember entering field.

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