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Thread: Member with an interest in "The Aviary", FOIA documentation and other issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacKoi View Post
    Well, that is sort of the million dollar question.

    "The Aviary" is a bunch of people given bird names (e.g. "Falcon") by ufo researcher William Moore, including the infamous Richard Doty.

    "The Aviary" has been described by author Jon King as "a kind of latter-day Majestic-12 working group" (in his book "Cosmic Top Secret" (1998) at pages 72, 74 (in the chapter entitled "Document 03", "File 08") of the NEL paperback edition), but other researchers have suggested "The Aviary" was basically just a group of people (several of whom had jobs in the military/intelligence sphere) with an interest in UFO research.

    So, there is quite a wide range of opinions as to the answer to your question "What is 'the Aviary'?"...
    I am familiar with Hamilton's book "Cosmic Top Secret", but not Kings.

    On (USA) Amazon, there is only one review for Jon King's book. Do you recommend?

    I found Robert Collins "Exempt From Disclosure" extensively detailed on the complex subject of the Avery.
    I would recommend reading EFD, full of interesting info.

    I also recall a TV special hosted by Mike Farrell (of MASH fame), called: "UFO Coverup? Live" from some years back.
    That featured a few feather friends (in shadow/silhouette). Available on YouTube for anyone interested.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc View Post
    One of the reasons for the Disclosure Lite compromise, we are told, is that the power players on both the pro- and anti- sides of Disclosure recognize that a "forced disclosure" could come at any time. They reason that the only chance they may have to control the flow and the timing of Disclosure is initiate it themselves at a much reduced and filtered rate of release.
    LOL I know this is just a personal problem but I always have had a problem with anyone who wants to control the flow of information in any way.

    But as Willy the Shake umm or Bacon or well maybe Marlowe or the two long shots Oxford and Derby may have said “The truth will out…” I always find that this proses must be something akin to just about falling asleep only to have drop of cold water hitting you forehead.

    Just wondering, but has anything been disclosed yet?

    Please don’t be angry with me but I do feel I am making a valid point here.

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    Considering that the controlling agency here seems to be CIA with some other group, or groups, and likely related to the Powers That Be, that we can know anything is problematical. Remembering the parable that we are looking at a World where we only see shadows cast on the back wall of the cave, (Greek origin), it is surprising we know anything. We are totally at their mercy for knowledge, except in that we who are experiencers with any willingness to come forward with what we have experienced will share that with others. The Others, the aliens, in that they seemingly are able to be seen and there is a degree of interaction already are forcing a belief in some of us, so disclosure of sorts is happening. The Aviary's activities would seem to be an attempt to shape that belief in such a way as to limit the course that it takes.

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    I have no doubt about what you are saying as I have had several experiences that are to say the least out of this world from childhood and periodically throughout my life. I just want something to hang my experiential hat on so to speak and as of yet I have found little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    I am familiar with Hamilton's book "Cosmic Top Secret", but not Kings.

    On (USA) Amazon, there is only one review for Jon King's book. Do you recommend?

    I found Robert Collins "Exempt From Disclosure" extensively detailed on the complex subject of the Avery.
    I wouldn't really recommend Jon King's book if you've already read quite a few UFO/conspiracy books. That particular book is more of an introduction to a wide range of conspiracy theories. It's quite a fun little introduction, but not brilliantly sourced or evidenced.

    I've read Exempt from Disclosure by Collins and Doty (2nd edition) which, due to the involvement of the authors, is far more intriguing than Jon King's book - but again evidence and sources are sadly lacking.

    I haven't written up a list of the books that I can recommend in relation to "The Aviary", but towards the top of any such list would be the following two books (even though I don't agree with all the views expressed even in these ones...):

    (1) Mark Pilkington's "Mirage Men"
    (2) Greg Bishop's "Project Beta" - heavy focus on the Doty/Moore/Bennewitz saga.

    Jon Ronson's "The men who stare at goats" is a fun, light introduction to some of the relevant cast of characters. (Howard Blum's book "Out There" is also relevant, but its unreliability is probably fairly clear by now).

    Perhaps less well known even to some experienced UFO researchers, there is quite a bit of material about some (alleged) members of the Aviary in various books about remote viewing, particularly Jim Schnabel's detailed book "Remote Viewers", McRae's Mind Wars", Lyn Buchanan's "The Seventh Sense" and "Psi Spies" by Jim Marrs.

    (Also on my "Aviary bookshelf" in my bookcases are a few other books containing material which have a heavy focus on members of the Aviary (e.g. Gary Bekkum's "Spies, Lies and Polygraph Tape") and several books written by various people that allegedly were involved in the Aviary (including John Alexander's relatively recent book "UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities" and his less relevant book "Future War", plus Dale Graff's "Tracks in the Psychic Wilderness", "Mind Reach" by Targ and Hal Puthoff).

    As and when I get around to doing a long item about The Aviary (or at least about certain issues relating to CIA and NSA documents about UFOs), I'll try to include comments on these various books and other sources.

    Relatively recent (compared to some of these books) and freely available online, there is also a relevant detailed MUFON Symposium paper by Brad Sparks and Barry Greenwood on MJ-12 (with a heavy emphasis on issues arising from Robert Pratt's material) at:

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    The book I'm reading at the moment 'UFOs Area 51 and government informants" by Grant Cameron and T Scott Crain
    Has a fair bit about Aviary and a Chapter dedicated to it. I'd highly recommend it to anyone well written and brilliantly researched. Stuff about mj 12 is very good.

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    While I'm currently trying to finish off a long item on Steven Greer's Sirius documentary, I've spent a little bit of time starting to pull together material on some of the issues relating to CIA documents and allegations of government disinformation regarding UFOs (including some of the allegations regarding members of the Aviary, e.g. Moore and Doty).

    In the last part of a recent episode of Radiomisterioso, there was a discussion of Richard Doty’s Air Force record (sent in by researcher Alejandro Rojas) and the implications of this legally released material. For those (like me) that want to find the relevant bit of that show, it begins at 1 hour 19 minutes (and lasts for about 10 minutes) in the episode listed on 6 May 2013 at:

    The released documents are fairly limited (but then verified facts in relation to Doty's background are pretty limited...). The military records on living people released in the USA under the USA's Freedom Of Information Act are very limited unless you get the relevant person to sign a privacy waiver. It doesn't sound like one was obtained from Doty.

    I've been in touch with Alejandro Rojas. He promptly emailed me those documents and has now kindly made them available at the link below:

    One item that I'd like to see (whenever I get around to focusing on the Aviary...) is a recording of Bill Moore's presentation to a MUFON Symposium in 1989. (That's the Symposium at which Moore claimed (or admitted, depending on your point of view...) participating in a disinformation campaign against Paul Bennewtiz). Detailed articles (including an apparent transcript) in relation to that presentation are relatively easy to find. The first part of Moore's presentation is in:

    “UFOs and the US Government : Part I” by William L Moore in MUFON Journal November 1989 at pages 8-16, 18 - online at:

    The second part is in:
    “UFOs and the US Government : Part II” by William L Moore in MUFON December 1989 at pages 8-14 - online at:

    I'll embed below image of the first two pages of the first part of that presentation:

    There was (at least) a third item in this series, in Bill Moore's own newsletter "Focus". I have a copy of that third item and will embed the article here if others are interested.

    Mmm. I don't have a more general collection of the "Focus" newsletters. I may need to do something about that...

    The AFU in Sweden has a set of those newsletters and have been very helpful with some research projects in the past. I may trouble some friends there. It would be interesting to read Moore's last newsletter.

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    Incidentally, I've spend a bit of time today pulling together some material in relation to Dan Smith (whose name I presume is familiar to anyone that has been interested enough in the Aviary to read this far in this thread...). I thought it worth posting some references here for anyone else looking into this territory in the future.

    A useful starting point (although it's only a starting point) is the factual material in the Paranoia Magazine interview at:

    I've dug out the relevant issue of Paranoia Magazine (Issue 25, Winter 2001) and uploaded a scanned copy of that article to the link below (simply because I like to have a copy of an article as it appeared in print, since the print references tend to have more permanence than website links):

    In terms of books that contain information about Dan, I've pulled these books off my bookshelf for a start:

    (1) Nick Redfern's relatively recent book, "Final Events" (2010)- which has a couple of pages on Dan (at pages 211-212). Details of that book, by the way, are on Amazon at:

    (2) Gary Bekkum's book "Spies, Lies and Polygraph Tape", which refers to Dan on a number of pages. Details of this book are at:

    (3) Ed Komarek's ebook "Exopolitics: A Comprehensive Briefing" which refers to Dan on pages 95-97, 133 and 168.

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    As most people reading this far in this thread probably know, Dan Smith has had quite a bit of contact with various members of the Aviary over the years.

    To enable more efficient and effective searching of the material on Dan Smith's Best Possible World website, I've created PDF copies of that website as at 2001 and 2013.

    With Dan Smith's permission, I've uploaded the 2013 version to the link below:

    It is then possible to run EXTREMELY fast searches of the material on Dan's website (and, if you like, also at the same time search PDF copies of specified other websites, forums and official documents) for, say, Ron/Pandolfi/P/Catfish/CF/Mr P or Kit/Green/BJ.

    Using various pieces of software (including the free PDF-XChange Viewer software I discussed in my post at the link below) it is then possible to see the context of each search hit and click on each hit to see the relevant text. *Using that free PDF, it is possible to run through a hundred relevant results in a couple of minutes.

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    Hello again.

    Since I've been looking into some Aviary related issues again recently, I thought I'd stop by and post a few more relevant resources:

    just to get the ball rolling:

    (1) FBI file on Bill Moore, provided to me by Lee Graham (not previously available online):

    (2) Richard Doty's service records, just shared by Alejandro Rojas on a public forum so I think I can post it now (previously discussed in some of the books on the Bennewitz affair, but not previously online):

    I'm currently reading the "Bennewitz papers" by Christa Tilton (an abductee and editor of Crux magazine), as republished in a book entitled "Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce : The Bennewitz UFO" edited by Timothy Beckley, with a cover so garish I can't resist embedding an image of it below:

    Christa Tilton's "Bennewitz papers" includes various points that would be worth following up, or at least checking what others have found when looking into these points. For example that publication includes :

    (1) extracts from a book apparently written by Paul Bennewitz himself. It looks like Christa Tilton was sent a copy of the manuscript or at least substantial extracts from it.

    (2) Material from correspondence with Richard Doty (providing a written record of some of what he was saying a couple of decades ago).

    (3) Names of various people that interacted with Paul Bennewitz at various times that could provide a relatively independent view of what was going on.

    I don't know if Christa Tilton is still alive and/or whether her archives are accessible.

    I've also found (on the back cover of a couple of issues of Bill Moore's UFO magazine "Focus") an advertisement for a "20 minute long, unedited, uncut" VHS video interview of Doty done for "UFO Cover-Up? ... Live", shot in August 1988 "with the permission of the government".

    Oh, and I've found the beginning of a report on the Bennewitz affair apparently co-authored by Richard Doty...

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