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Thread: Underground Base for Our UFOs

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    2341 feet below surface ?

    689 feet below sea level ?

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    reptilian..i want you to know that i enjoyed the tv series dinotopia very doubt another tale of your ancient ancestors which you had human friends do on your behalf.. to give your side of the story.. to make known your personal history

    portrayal of the species was very convincing .. at times i even felt jealous .. wished i had dinosaur genes in me, too

    i really felt a sympathy towards the creatures - particularly the centrosaurus - with their controled placency and inherent wisdom

    and who knows what other movies you inspired human beings to do .. jurassic park .. ?

    .. the flintstones ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post
    Whats this beween 4:45 and 4:55..?

    I saw a documentary once that showed an old secret Russian Submarine base cut into the side of a mountain. Boats went in one side and could come out the other. The place was U-shaped and huge...wish I could just remember it's name. It did look a lot like the photo's were were referring to though.

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    From the Intel Hub regarding Underground Bases
    Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths (Part 1)

    The Intel Hub
    By Dr. Richard Sauder
    With Commentary By Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas
    April 10, 2012

    (The following is Part 1 of an exclusive underground base series brought to you by The Intel Hub with excerpts from the book Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files, written by acclaimed underground base researcher and author, Dr. Richard Sauder.)

    Driving Inside the Soviets’ Secret Submarine Lair
    By Jeremy Hart Email Author April 4, 2012 | 6:30 am | Categories: Marine

    In 1953, Joseph Stalin signed the plans for a top-secret nuclear submarine base that would become the operational home for the fearsome Soviet Black Sea Fleet.

    Hidden inside the base of a mountain in the port town of Balaklava on Ukraine’s Crimean coast, the 153,000 square-foot facility took nine years to build and its entrance camouflaged from spy planes. It could survive a direct nuclear hit and at maximum capacity could hold 3,000 people with supplies to sustain them for a month. Best of all, the vast subs that slunk in and out of here between tours of duty could enter and leave underwater, keeping them from prying eyes at all times.

    Once the most sensitive and secretive of Soviet Cold War hotspots, today it is preserved as a museum. I manage to get special permission to drive into the base during the 8,000-mile Land Rover Journey of Discovery expedition to Beijing. We were the first to do so since the Soviet trucks and trailers that ferried in missiles, supplies and essentials over its 40 years of operation
    A fantastic journey begins with curiosity

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    Where Are All the Deep Underground Military Bases? (Part 2)

    (This is Part 2 of an ongoing and exclusive underground base series with excerpts from the book Hidden in Plain Sight provided to by the publisher, including commentary by Shepard Ambellas and Alex Thomas.)

    Read part 1,“Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths.”
    In the continental USA there are numerous underground bases. I will briefly list just some of the bases that my research has uncovered over the last 17 years. There are assuredly many more than those listed here.

    By Dr. Richard Sauder
    With Commentary By Shepard Ambellas & Alex Thomas
    April 17, 2012

    I have just completed: In Plain Sight: Beyond the X Files by Dr. Richard Sauder. It was a tremendous read indeed. Deals with all sorts of possibilities regarding underground bases and undersea bases. No positive proof but when you he starts piecing things together, sure gives you food for thought.

    Letters From the Underground Mail Bag: Subterranean Labyrinths, Underground Bases, and Hollowed Out Norwegian Mountains

    By Dr. Richard Sauder
    With Commentary By Shepard Ambellas
    April 30, 2012

    Part 3: Exclusive Underground Base Series for (The following was excerpted from Dr. Richard Sauders book entitled Hidden in Plain Sight with permission from the author and publisher).
    A fantastic journey begins with curiosity

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    I Witnessed and was in Deep Underground Basses SMSgt. Edgar Fouche

    I Witnessed and was in Deep Underground Basses SMSgt. Edgar Fouche

    I've written many times about my military service and service to the Department of Defense. Most of the 80s I was the DoD (Department of Defense) Liaison to Industry. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC)
    more or less... I had a Top Secret clearance, many SCI, SBIs, and AFSCs.

    When I was at Edwards AFB I was underground the deep underground tunnels, 30 to 40 feet wide in the early 70s (73-76) at the Jet Propulsion Labs (Goldstone - UCLA - DoD0 while stationed at Edwards AFB.

    Then when I was at Nellis Air Force Base (76-79) I heard about Deep Underground Tunnels and Facilities. One of the facilities I worked underground was called the Defense Advanced Research Center (DARC)
    and was probably SE (South East) of Groom Air Base in Area 51. For sure it is massive and has at least 10-12 levels underground. That was in the late 70s. Only God and DARPA & the DoD knows what is
    going on underground now.

    As a 'DoD Liaison to Industry' I pretty much had a 'carte Blanche' (blank check) to visit, inspect, review, and analyze their budgets, schedules, and engineering problems on these Top Secret Black Programs.
    Much about what I did for 30+ years is still classified. However two of my 30 year 'Non Disclosure Agreements - Secrets Agreements expired in 1997 and 2009.

    Oh least I forget, there was 'Buckley Field' a Air National Guard Base that is now, I think, Buckley Air Force Base (AFB) outside of Denver/Aurora Colorado.
    When I was their in the early 70s NORAD, North America Air Defense Command and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and NSA/DARPA were building these MASSIVE Geodesic Domes (Radar Facilities) with
    at least six stories of tens of thousands of square feet per floor.

    When you entered and exited the underground facilities you had a identity card and you issued key code. Back then there was no retinal or fingerprint code. Just a ID Card and your own personal code...
    At each of the two entrances to the tunnels leading to the 6 underground floors, you had Security Personnel with M-16s. I'd been through this so many times, it was just usual business.

    The floors underneath this massive NORAD/DARPA/NSA facility were only bout 9 feet tall. The floors is something I remember well. They were like ceiling tiles, but they were abut 2 or 3 feet wide and these floor tiles
    hid all the electrical wires, the coax wires, the multiple cannon cables, and in some cases the nitrogen, helium, and oxygen cables for IR and other equipment underneath these floor tiles. This was very similar to other facilities
    that were Top Secret I was involved with.

    Most of the military and Defense Department and Civilian contractors lived in Aurora, but some lived in Denver. I worked there during the day for a few months working on the latest Satellite Communications Equipment (encrypted).
    So I wasn't so perplexed at the 'Aurora' shootings as most people. I thought is was an actual Conspiracy.

    Very similar to the satellite encrypted communications equipment I experienced at Groom Air Force Base and the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARC) later in the late 70s.
    See: DOCL

    In the mid 70s I worked with a SSgt. Jim Lewis, and he was always telling me about his older brother who owned a construction company and that for years through the late 60s on, he was operating 30 and 40 feet wide boring machines drilling these tunnels at Area 51 and under other facilities going many miles in different directions. This was when I was assigned at Nellis AFB from 76-79.

    He (Jim) said the would drill many parallel tunnels with the massive boring machines, and then would use the 'clippers - shavers' that would come along and take of and level the top and bottom peaks in between the parallel tunnels.
    I was much younger than Jim and I made TSgt. and MSgt. much younger than he did. This was about 35 years ago. Yes, shockingly, I'm getting old.

    See post #19.

    Ed/Edgar Fouche

    PS: Everything about DULCE is BS. I've been there and there is nothing there except munitions storage area.

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    Thank you Mr.Fouche for sharing your testimony. I have a question: How high is Top Secret clearance? My understanding is that it's not that high and you aren't told about alien projects or work with them. I thought top secret was mainly for research scientists working to help the national military.
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