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Thread: Crop Circles Q & A

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    i cannot respond tp the happenings in the UK... but I have seen some things that... to me... defy logic... such as seeing circles on a small hill... being bent near the ground at the top of the hill... but bent and woven 12-18 inches near the bottom. however... when exaimined through with ssurveying equipment... it is absolutely parallel to flat ground... how is that done?

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    It is done by board technique or sometimes with poles, different teams develop their own styles and methods. Like a signature of the makers.

    The only way for you to find out, for yourself and for you to make a satisfactory conclusion is to make a small circle and watch/visit over several days. Observe the effects.

    I am still learning techniques, some makers have got 20 to 30 years experience in perfecting their art. When a big circle is made, its run like an operation. The artist is in charge and everyone knows their part, there can be as many as 20 people involved. With good circles you have to be a detective and work out how it is done. Unless you have direct access to the professional artists.

    There are many youtube videos on how to make circles.

    Please remember I was in your position and was a staunch believer and would defend crop circles as not man made. It was only over time that I started to work it out and find the people that make them.

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    Do you have any info/ideas on this formation and how it was done, how long it might have taken, who might have done it?

    It's the 2002 Crabwood formation.

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    Here is a good video of a circle being made..

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    Sorry that was to Montalk

    There are only a small handful of artists that could have planned this great design. I could ask and may be able to find out, but that would be of no use as I would never divulge his name. But the artist is on a short list of I would say 5 people. Unless it was another team from outside the UK.

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    Would you comment on this report, please - this link was on the Open Minds Forum some years back & shows the interaction between a "craft" & Andrew Pyrka & Paul Jones in a crop circle.

    On a different note: Do you feel any sense of guilt in hoaxing? Is there no law that can be invoked as regards damage to property, & also destruction of trust - or am I being naive?

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    Hi Kleemkrishnaya,

    Yes the video is very interesting and there are some very odd things about it. As you can see Andrew left my position looking for the object which he could not see. Via cell phone I directed him to put his hand up so there would be something blocking the object which is obviously much further away. In this video from the same footage you can see the distance that was involved. Looking on a small screen of a video recorder it looked quite spectacular while in the heat of the moment.

    We were just driving along after looking at a formation and there was a strange black shadow that crossed a the field in front of the object. That was what first drew our attention to it. There was a glint in the distance, after looking through binoculars we went into action to get footage.

    From my own analysis on a large screen and speeding up the footage it appears to be to be tethered to the ground by the way it moves. The object could have been an advertising blimp over the M4 but that does not explain why Andrew could not see it (who was much closer) and at one point the object went down and disappeared, only to return about 2mins later.

    The object was over the Wroughton area, which is by the M4. We checked the local airfield to see if there was any blimps in the area and there was nothing reported or known of. As far as we were told at the time, a blimp of that size would have needed permission to be there that close to an airfield. So I'm really not sure what we filmed that day.

    Do I feel any guilt of hoaxing? No.

    My whole mission was to find the truth and report back on my findings. Which I have done. The only way to get to the truth is to "get your hands dirty" so to speak.

    I'm a hands on researcher and abductee and will stop at nothing to get to the truth where ever that may take me. There are many people making money from Ufology and related subjects. The one thing I have learnt from this whole experience is there are many charlatans but there are also some real researchers. There are reams of fake youtube vids and misidentified objects, but the one thing that can't be ignored is a core truth. ET's are here and doing something. My drive and purpose is to find out what tptb are not telling us.

    Hope this helps

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    This is a direct copy and paste of a pdf. that was received from a meeting of crop circle researchers, clear proof of the money making scam and how they plan to proceed with holding on to the business.

    Taken from The Official Papers as seen below:

    Dear All,
    Hope you are doing well. I am looking forward to the new crop circle season to start, a crop circle season that hopefully will benefit all of us. I am writing to inform you about some recent developments and to invite you attend a meeting with local authorities and farmers to discuss ways of bringing together the sometimes different interests of farmers, crop circle researchers, tour- and conference organizers and the many visitors attracted to the area by crop circles. The background is that there is a huge interest in crop circles, from a number of different perspectives. They attract a huge number of overseas visitors to Wiltshire. However, this interest can only be sustained and developed if farmers are not adversely affected by visitors. Until now the farming community is badly affected by what is happening in their fields. As a result of this and to avoid further problems, farmers are encouraged to cut formations straight away out of their fields. A development which hopefully can be turned around. Last year Derek Viner and I have been working on new ways and possibilities to reduce the friction between the farming community and those who like to visit formations. In august we consulted Mrs Claire Perry - member of parliament for Wiltshire Constituency - and asked her for help/leadership in this matter, which resulted in a meeting earlier this month with local authorities and farmers to discuss the potential for a new sustainable approach to crop circles, with an aim of finding a way of compensating farmers in return for them allowing access to their land. This meeting took place in the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes on March 8th, was chaired by Claire Perry and attended by many farmers and others associated with them, a representative of the National Farmers Union, the director of the Devizes Museum, the CEO of Visit Wiltshire and a Director from Wiltshire Council and myself. This meeting made an encouraging start and the farmers themselves expressed a desire to meet soon with crop circle researchers, tour- and conference organizers. We do hope you feel the same. I am looking forward to hear from you if you are able to attend the meeting which will take place on Friday 12th April at 11am in the Wiltshire Museum, Devizes. Very best wishes, Monique Klinkenbergh Derek Viner

    Notes: The meeting will be by invitation only. Invited: Steve and Karen Alexander, Francine Blake, Eva-Marie Brekkesto, Glen and Cameron Broughton, Paul Jacobs, Bert Janssen and Heather Clewett, Mark Fussel, Michael Glickman, Frank Laumen, Charles Malllett, Andreas Muller, Janet Ossebaard, Lucy Pringle, Guenther Schermann, Busty Taylor, Maria Wheatly


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    Crop Circle Access Pass & Crop Circle access control Why:

    Enabling affected farmers to gain a real benefit (not some coins in a donation box) and minimizing the disruption and damage done to farming. Allowing for the reasonable needs of tourists and the associated economics benefits of the Wiltshire community. Allowing serious researchers/scientists into formations. Crop Circle Coordination and Information Centre Wiltshire Why: A central coordination & information mechanism is essential to structure the situation. A new Crop Circle Coordination and Information Centre will evolve out of the existing Crop Circle Information Centre The Silent Circle and will be directed by Monique Klinkenbergh, Charles Mallet and Derek Viner. The Centre will be operational on the ground (and through the internet) from early June 2013. Location: to be announced in the coming weeks (we are looking at several options) Some preliminary ideas.

    Crop Circle Access Pass (CAP) Crop Circle Coordination Information Centre (CCIC) Protocol Acces Control

    1. When a new formation is found, the CCIC will first inform the farmer and ask if they􀳦ll allow visitors. 2. If so, the farmer need to decide on an acceptable access point and route and advise the CCIC of this. 3. If not, the CCIC makes it clear (through the Centre and its website) that access is not allowed and does not publish any detailed information as to its location. 4. CCIC marks approved access points on display maps, on the website and an App. 5. CCIC sends a volunteer off to set up a sign at this access point. Sign needs to be designed and probably approved if it is likely to be mounted near a public road. Need to check the requirements. 6. Farmer and/or CCIC arrange for volunteers to man the access point daily between agreed times (eg. 8am to 8pm 7 days a week). Access only on presentation of a CAP. Volunteers 1. Volunteers to be organized by the CCIC.

    2. Sources of volunteers - regular visitors, locals, farmers􀳦 families, retired people, local service clubs and church groups. Retired people could well be the back bone of it, given the numbers needed - see item 6. 3. Volunteers would need to be authorized and to carry with them a document proving this and probably some distinctive item of clothing, eg. a high visibility vest (which may be needed anyway if they are deemed to be working near a public road). Alternatively, volunteers may be encouraged by being given a shirt with the CCIC logo (and year of issue on it). 4. Volunteers would need to be given some training in how to behave, especially if people try to get past them without a CAP. 5. Volunteers could issue a temporary pass on payment of, say 3 Pounds per person and this pass could be then used by the visitor to obtain a discount when they purchase a properpass. This temporary pass would only be valid for the crop circle at which it was issued and for a defined period, say three days. Each volunteer would need to account for the money taken and the temporary passes given out so a system is needed for this. 6. If there are 40 crop circles at the height of the season, and there are 12 hours control per day at 4 hours per volunteer then we would need 120 volunteers per day. Lots of logistical problems. A volunteer organizer will be needed.

    Legal and liability

    Legal advice will be needed about the obligations the CCIC will have regarding volunteers and the need for insurance. Perhaps it is possible to cover this under Wiltshire Council existing volunteer insurances? In this case, the CCIC would need to be set up with some form of recognition by the Council.


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