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Thread: 111/1111 and It's Connections to Freemasonry, The Occult, Spirituality, and Perhaps Everything

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    111/1111 and It's Connections to Freemasonry, The Occult, Spirituality, and Perhaps Everything

    Ok So I know there are many people out there, myself included, that may brush of numerology as nonsense. However I am in a special position with the number 111 and 1111. I've been seeing it more than coincidence, to the point where it feels as if something not of this world is orchestrating things so that I see the number...Which I know of course sounds crazy.

    Aside from seeing it almost literally everyday, several times a day, in the most random places and times, I remember one event (and strangely their are many more in my life that are similar) that really shocked me.

    I was sitting in a Christian Church one Sunday morning while the priest was giving is weekly sermon. Very Early on in the sermon something motivated me to start meditating. I don't meditate often, and I usually don't get very far, but this time was different. So as he was preaching I began my meditation and got farther than I usually get. I had been meditating for about maybe 15-20 mins and my arms just began to feel the hint of what seemed to be a very bright relaxation. As time went on I relaxed my mind more and was beginning to get into a moderatly deep state. Then just as I was getting into that state I hear the pastor say in words similar but not exact to "and her medicine, by a miracle cost her $1.11".

    Now after seeing this number almost every single day, and always assigning it to coincidence and chance this literally shocked me and woke me up out of my meditation instantly. I almost couldn't believe what I heard. I turned around in my seat and signaled to my mother and a good friend what had just happened with the intention of silently saying "See I'm not crazy".

    So long story short, nothing special has happened since seeing that number. My understanding is that it might be a warning, or a message from my own personal guides to be aware of something that may either hurt or help me. But the story doesn't end there, and just when I thought I'd stop being curious I find this completely by chance.

    I was surfing the internet, and again was motivated by what seemed to be something outside of my presence to type in the words 111 and freemasonry. To my surprise I didn't find any conspiracy or new age websites but just a bunch of links leading to the wiki pages detailing the addresses of all the Masonic Temples and Lodges in the world.

    As I looked through them to my suprise I find the number 1111. It turns out that there are several masonic lodges and temples that either have the 1111 or 111 in their addresses and/or geographic coordinates, or is included in their name...These include masonic temple of citrus lodge, masonic center of san francisco, salt lake masonic temple, grand lodge of the dominican repulbic, masonic temple great falls montana, salt lake masonic temple, sterling masonic temple, and thats all I've found for now....

    Now my question I'm asking myself is this. If it isn't coincidence why are the freemasons taking notice of this number? Is there something more and of greater significance to this number than just 'my spirit guides imparting guidance to me'? I mean if the Masons are using it should have some great significance. And then there is also several videos like these that I for a long time relegated to nonsense, but now I'm not so sure.

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    If you look outside of new age circles it still seems to pop up in the strangest places. I recently learned about the 111th Congress and it's 'historic' role in Obama's first term....Here is a link for more information.
    This is an interesint quote from the article in the link " “No Congress Since ‘60s Makes as Much Law as 111th Affecting Most Americans.”

    Comparisons of the past two years to the New Deal period (which established among other things a whole network of federal jobs programs, as well as Social Security) and the Great Society programs (Medicare and Medicaid) are ludicrous. Far from introducing a new era of social reform, the measures passed under the leadership of the Democratic Party have initiated a major attack on the reforms implemented in the 1930s and 1960s."

    Also in what appears to be the very first session of the
    111th congress (which makes the number 1111) you have this
    I don't know anything about politics, but it says there that that is the very first session of the 111th congress. If I'm not misreading this, because I am ignorant of how these things work, it seems to be like this bill or writing must have had some sort of spiritual, ritualistic significance. It looks to me like they are praising someone or something over some sort of recent victory? Like "good job everyone in making this far, we're almost done, and from here our plans no longer need to fear the risk of failure"

    I find all these occurrences very strange. With all it's links to myticism and masonry, I find it very strange that Obama should come to power with the 111th congress. And it makes me wonder what was the significance of the 110th.
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    Then just as I was getting into that state I hear the pastor say in words similar but not exact to "and her medicine, by a miracle cost her $1.11".
    How do synchronicities work? What causes them? That's a big mystery.

    Some synchronicities can be telepathically induced. If I'm an alien and you're in a bookstore and you come across A Course in Miracles, I could very easily make some kid nearby say, "It's a miracle mommy, look" and if you read too much into things you could take that as some divine sign and go become an ACIM junkie.

    But what if you're getting a big cart of groceries and behind the dusty can of beans someone had dropped a coupon many months ago. The coupon is still valid and gives you 2 bucks off your pasta sauce, and your total therefore ends up being $111.11. You notice on the receipt it's store number 333 and the cashier's name is Geraldo, same name as your childhood neighbor who lived in apartment 111. And you get in your car, and the truck parked in front of you has plate # 333 JHC with a bumper sticker that says, "The Kingdom Awaits You." Then you turn on the radio and it's some telethon asking for money: "call 973, one one one one, that's 973, one one one one".

    Then how would I, as an alien, orchestrate all that? I don't think I could. It would be beyond my finesse. That's why I think some synchs are done by our own spirit, or by angels or something on that order, that has surgical control over the flippable bits of our reality.

    From what I can tell, 11 by itself indicates initiation. So let's say you were in church meditating, and you achieved a bit of spiritual activity that's relatively new for you ... hence, you reached a new level = initiation = 111. For me, 111 just means "in the flow" while 1133 more specifically represents initiation. 33 is 3 times 11, the combo of trinity and initiation, and the triangle is one of those alien-beloved symbols but is actually a more universal symbol of how creation itself creates (passive, active, neutralizing forces ... thesis, antithesis, synthesis).

    But like dream symbols, while synchronistic numbers have a general meaning, they can be customized or redefined to your subconscious preferences. I know a guy for whom 111 was a bad thing because it looks like three scratches, like claw marks on a door. If that's how his subconscious mind linked it, then cool. But for me it's like things are aligned, in the flow.


    As for the meaning of 11 and 111, it's hard to find sources on 111 that aren't either synchromysticism, conspiracy theory, schizophrenic, or New Age based. I would look toward older occult, hermetic, tarot, freemasonry, and gematria sources.

    From what I'm seeing so far, there's a reason why 11 seems to be the number of initiation. It resembles two pillars. In Freemasonry that would be the pillars named Jachin and Boaz, which feature heavily in Freemasonry. "Boaz and Jachin were two copper, brass or bronze pillars which stood in the porch of Solomon's Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem." (Wikipedia).

    Explanation of the pillars from a Canadian freemasonry lodge website:

    The significance of the legendary Antediluvian Pillars was evidently that they preserved accumulated scientific knowledge. While there does not seem to be any scriptural or other support for the theory that the Solomonic Pillars served as archives, of the Biblical books dealing with the pillars, Jeremiah 52:21 indicates that the pillars were cast hollow, their walls having been four fingers width in thickness. It must have been tempting, especially in view of the legends of the earlier pillars, to embellish masonic lore by adding the story of archival deposits.

    If Dr. Myers is correct in her conclusion that the Solomonic pillars primarily served to impart Divine legitimisation to the ruling dynasty — in this case the Davidic one — it follows that after the reign of the twenty kings of Judah there was no longer a reason for similar freestanding pillars when the Second Temple was built. This was indeed the situation and apparently the reason why little is mentioned of Jachin and Boaz in later Jewish source books.

    Early masonic initiation ceremonies were apparently linked with the pillars, very likely also to legitimise and to elevate the initiation to the highest possible level. There is evidence to show that both pillars were used for the first degree ceremony and it was only at a later stage that the ritual was split into the first and second degree so far as the two pillars are concerned. Harry Carr, Bernard E. Jones and others confirm this point.

    An echo of this practice is found in lodges in Scandinavia where normally both wardens are seated in the West, and the two pillars are placed near them, forming a kind of portal through which the initiate passes on his admission. (H, Carr, AQC, 75, p. 206) The French exposure Trahi also shows an Apprentice Plan with both 'J' and 'B' pillars. (source)

    As you know, secret societies tend to claim alien, supernatural, or antediluvian ancestry. They see themselves as holders of privileged knowledge or instructions. For instance, the world went through a cataclysm and was destroyed, and a group of elites who survived entrusted their knowledge and mission onto their secret society descendants while the rest of humanity degenerated. They then became the architects of the new civilization, shaping things toward some eventual goal which may be resurrection of the glory they felt the world had prior to the cataclysm.

    The symbolism in their rituals and mythology would encode what that mission may be. Things get more complicated when they see themselves as part of some grand chessboard, with other secret societies having opposing agendas. Now if it was aliens that set all this into motion, you can see it's really about competing alien agendas playing out among their elite human proxies.

    Anyway, more on the number 11, from a tarot forum:

    11 La Force: Swan
    "In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Hall mentions that the swan is a symbol of initiation. This agrees with the Curtisses, who refer to the number 11 as 'the initiate'."

    See, same theme of initiate. What's the 11th card in the Tarot? Depending on the deck, it's either Strength or Justice. Tarot is one of those "secret society instruction books hidden in public domain" kind of things. By the way, the 11th sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is coming up next, and that's the one these secret societies have been planning/fighting for.

    Here's Justice: -- notice the two pillars behind her.

    Here's Strength: -- notice the two cards: one shows a woman handling a lion, the other a woman breaking a pillar. Pillar symbolism again.

    In the Bible, it was Samson who slayed a lion and pushed apart the pillars to collapse the temple of Dagon: ... so that connects Samson to the number 11 and secret societies. Samson symbolizes strength, virility / vital energy, and non-conformity (since he never cut his hair).

    In the book Hamlet's Mill it's shown how Samson in the Bible is actually based on an even earlier non-Judaic figure that comes from Indo European / Aryan / Iranian mythology. That figure's name was Amlodhi in the Scandinavian tradition. (Recall the freemasonry quote above about the pillars tradition being echoed in Scandinavia). His uncle killed his father and married his mother, so Amlodhi pretended to be an idiot (noncomformist) while using his cunning to plot revenge against his evil uncle. In the end, he made a hanging net fall down on his enemies and trapped them inside a burning building which collapsed onto them, like Samson collapsing the temple.

    Point being that there's a lot of mythology stuff you could dig into, to try and figure out why freemasons and other secret societies like them are so obsessed with this pillar, and hence why they're into the number 11 or 111. It goes back to events of the Bronze Age and earlier, to feuds and agendas that were spawned back then.

    One book on that is The Triumph of the Sea Gods -- I haven't read it yet, but there was an article by the same author in the latest issue of Atlantis Rising magazine. In a nutshell, the stories of Homer (Odysseus and Illiad) didn't take place in the Mediterranean, but in the Atlantic. There was a relatively advanced civilization out there during the Bronze Age that worshipped Poseidon. Probably the red haired mummy people. They got involved in a really big war and then a cataclysm finished them off. Some of their survivors may have gone East and set up shop in Caanan -- modern day Lebanon, which is where Solomon's Temple once stood and they could have helped build... which brings things back to those two pillars. They may have started secret societies back then that still exist today, working toward whatever goal they were tasked with. Hence their symbols would trace back to that Atlantic civilization more than anything.
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    On the Obama connection, you may want to look into:

    1) Obama's connection with Akhenaten: Freeman Perspective- Obama Clone of Akhnaten? (Youtube)

    2) What Akhenaten did in Egypt: Rebellious Son (Smithsonian Article)

    3) What Akhenaten's REALLY did in Egypt, and his relation to the Israelites: Osarseph and Exodus

    4) Freemasonry's connection with Akhenaten. Example of how secret societies view Akhenaten: R .·. LODGE .·. AKHENATON

    5) Akhenaten's elongated skull: Akhenaten the Alien Pharaoh

    6) Elongated skulls of Paracas: Cone Head Hybrid Human Skull

    7) Akhenaten's connection with Western Europeans: King Tut DNA 99.6% Western European

    8) R1b1 haplogroup distribution: map showing heaviest concentration in Celtic areas

    9) History of the Red Haired Race

    10) DNA analysis of hair strands from a humanoid alien (note Peter Khoury is Lebanese).

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    I appreciate all of the information that you have shared with be it is very helpful to understanding my situation.

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    On the Obama connection, you may want to look into:

    1) Obama's connection with Akhenaten: Freeman Perspective- Obama Clone of Akhnaten?

    Sarcastic humor - Could this explain Obama’s birth certificate issue?

    I did not see a close enough resemblance to call it cloning. Not saying it was impossible.

    It is possible that cloning was around longer than governments care to admit.

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    My intuition thus far has been saying that this number is associated with trying to control or utilize divine power...These secret societies are very strange cause they seem to actually be in the know of it all....They're definitely outside of the box which should account of how they've managed to exist for so long. Right now it is my theory that they are managed and influenced by non-physical entities with strange agendas like seeking to control god or something weird like that, but that's all massive speculation.

    Speaking of Obama, I really wouldn't be surprised if there was something very occult about his birth like where his mother killed a baby or something while a virgin was having sex with an animal while a bunch of men in masks chanted to Lucifer in order to call in some strange spirit... I always felt something like that probably happened surrounding his birth. There's just to many strange things.

    I remember seeing some photo of when he was a kid and he had some strange giant occult looking necklace around his neck. It might just be some random necklace but here it is, it looks very strange.
    Not to often to you see little kids running around with something like that on.
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    Ah, the combination of 1’s…the 111 or 1111 use to drive me crazy because for whatever reason when I would glance at a digital clock the combination would appear or should I say that moment I would pay particular attention to when the numbers would pop up at such a synchronistic time when I glanced and the numbers would be there usually meant ‘pay attention’.

    Most people of knowledge of the mystical vantage point of expression view this number as an angelic message or moment when the unseen beings are trying to relay a message.

    You referred you need help in your situation if I may venture into the nature of your situation?
    We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull.
    ~ George Orwell ‘1984’

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasperParks View Post
    I did not see a close enough resemblance to call it cloning. Not saying it was impossible.

    It is possible that cloning was around longer than governments care to admit.
    It doesn't have to be cloning. I think reincarnation is more plausible in the case of Obama and his family. That's a whole debate in itself, whether reincarnation exists, and what it entails exactly. If reincarnation is real, then it would make more sense for the same soul to manifest in this case, versus merely the same body reappearing via cloning.

    Or it could just be some kind of synchronistic "rhyming" across time -- similar roles, similar looks. Not necessarily the same soul, but another manifestation of the same archetype.

    The similar roles, similar looks concept is nonetheless invoked by reincarnation proponents to support their case. One example is Halle Barry and Dorothy Dandridge. Andrew Jackson and John Kerry. Steve Jobs and Charles Babbage.

    Btw, Akhenaten became a tyrant in his 5th year. He changed his name from Amenhotep to Akhenaten, completed his personal religious conversion, shut down opposing temples across Egypt, and moved his seat of power to a new capital built in worship of the winged sun disc Aten. Whether it's reincarnation or rhyming, I wonder if some kind of messianic tyranny is in the cards for the current administration. If aliens show up in the next four years, I can see that happening. There's a nice big obelisk in Washington to welcome the winged sun discs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfinityFlame View Post
    Right now it is my theory that they are managed and influenced by non-physical entities with strange agendas like seeking to control god or something weird like that, but that's all massive speculation.
    I agree they're in it for control and power. And what bigger power than the power of god, and what bigger control than control of god.

    I remember seeing some photo of when he was a kid and he had some strange giant occult looking necklace around his neck. It might just be some random necklace but here it is, it looks very strange.
    Oh, I took a closer look and it appears to be a tribal symbol of a man, sort of like the kokopelli you see in southwestern Native American art, and probably carved and painted onto wood. He lived in Hawaii around that time, so it could have been a gift sourced locally. Did you notice the 666 inscribed on his forehead though? Ok just kidding

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