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Thread: 111/1111 and It's Connections to Freemasonry, The Occult, Spirituality, and Perhaps Everything

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    11.11.11 numberphile...jeez who would figure

    We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull.
    ~ George Orwell ‘1984’

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    @atmjjc, your post about 1111 when I got to this page was post number 11 and at the top of the page it said Showing results 11 to 11 of 11....Strange, of course I'm now number 12 so it won't say that anymore but still you were the eleventh post here and in it you have a six number elevens just like there was at the top of the page when I first got here! Now I don't know to much about six, but I remember reading that seven was a holy number.
    You see everyone, we're onto something!
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    Yesterday there was a funny incidence where I saw the number 11 11 and the associated word was HYPNOSIS. If there is any truth to that subtle indicator, then I thought that the number might be a post-hypnotic trigger in some instances.

    If 11 means initiation and signifies that you are on the awakening path, then certain abductors and mind influencers might put in a negative command to counter any revelatory synchs attached to 11 11 to keep your consciousness low. Like if you get some 11 11 synchs that clue you into to some positive, revelatory or inspiring ideas, the 'bad guys' in our reality might put out subliminal programs in people's minds. They might program you to think of entertainment, or hate, or sex, or food or any kind of distraction to blot out a higher message that an 11 11 synch might be revealing.

    Also, number synchs, along with deja vus, always make me think that the reality we're living in is more virtual than it appears. This is what The Man, Philip K Dick had to say:

    And of course there are philosophies and beliefs about who created this pseudo-realm:

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    The Strangest thing about the video you sent me is that it was just a couple days ago that I was talking to a brilliant friend of mine who is a writer of fiction works about the same exact things. It started out with me talking about the spirit world and then he would tell me how the characters he would write about would almost seem real to him in his minds eye. That same night which we had been talking about all this stuff and about me fearing that my present reality and even consciousness is all an illusion, we saw 1-111-110 on two clocks and a microwave right as we were ending the night and leaving his house. Both he and I have some background in drugs, but I'm pretty sure we have what fore calls HOE's (Higher Order Entities) guiding and protecting us, so that when we used the drugs in the past to open us up to certain things nothing negative came in and harmed us.

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    About '12:12' which might be related to '11:11':

    Last year I had kept in touch for a few months with this one girl who was into matters spiritual. I think her knowledge base was mostly based on Theosophy so I had much trouble getting my ideas across most of the time. It also didn't help that she wasn't too keen on this whole spirituality thing by then since she was dissatisfied with its lack of concreteness.

    Cue December 12 (in ISO-8601 notation that's 2012-12-12) when I messed up and insulted her out of the blue, only noticing that I did so when she cued me on it. Then I apologized and we clarified what just happened (quite a few ear ringings then) and dropped contact shortly thereafter. All in all, those few months taught me a couple good lessons but that's not relevant to this thread. But the number sightings I had that day? 11:11, 12:12, 14:02 (2:02 PM), 20:20:11 (8:20:11 PM), 2:12 in the morning. Also getting a reply 11 minutes after sending a message.

    I wrote down in a log somewhere that to me 11:11 signals "Someone from the invisible realm is watching you," I guess 12:12 then means "Someone from the invisible realm is actively plotting against you, take caution"? Would be nice to see some correlations.

    Also, when setting up a sound system, in English you say "Testing, one, two, three" to test the mic. In Hungarian the convention is to say "One, two, one, two." You can liberally interpret that as 12:12, funny as that.


    Quote Originally Posted by InfinityFlame View Post
    then he would tell me how the characters he would write about would almost seem real to him in his minds eye.
    A vivid imagination comes in useful if you want to learn psychic skills since imagination is the "interface" to the non-physical world or so is the general consensus I've seen among psychics (PsiPog, Psion Guild, etc., also Fore emphasized this). Just like windows and icons (and now touchscreens) on a PC are more convenient than a command line.

    You may also want to look up the term "fantasy-prone personality" (FPP), a very exciting topic although I can't expand on it since I'm not one of "them" (though they are probably over-represented in role-playing and writing communities and such).
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    It's very interesting that you say it might mean "someone from the invisible realm is watching". Because when you see what I'm about to write it might get you to start thinking that someone or something is influencing and watching us right now as we post on this thread and try to understand this number. We might all be learning something here we're not consciously aware of.

    The novelist/short- story writer Phillip K. Dick in Lycaeus post is causing me to have this theory. Aside from Amjjc's unique post being the eleventh post here and what it said at the top of the web page when I first saw it, the writer Philip K. Dick has some pretty interesting 'coincidences'.

    In the third paragraph of his Wikipedia page
    you will see two occult numbers, the first being 44 (which is seen on the back of I think it is the presidents car) and the second is 121. The first number stands for how many novels he had written and the second stands for how many short story's he had written.

    Now what's so interesting is that both 44 and 121 have a very occult, mysterious, and spiritual backgrounds. If you multiply 11 times 11 you get the number 121....So what is the significance? The significance is that we, in this case Lycaeus, unknowingly posted this man in this thread that clearly had some strange connection with the meaning behind this number. His whole life work might be deeply connected to it because of the two numbers right there. The fact that it is in this thread could be a sign for us to take notice of something. It looks to me like several people here as well might be spiritually oriented.

    I honestly don't really enjoy making theories like this, just like most of you, because it has no grounded basis in our physical, mundane, reality. But more and more a part of me is choosing to take notice of it and not be afraid to come up with or say something outside of the box. It doesn't mean it's true or not, but it's worth thinking about.

    However even before I heard him talking of parallel realities and a matrix it was something that I was thinking about on a semi-conscious level several days before I even learned about it. Seeing that video on this thread and then reading those numbers on his Wikipedia page was almost (not completely) like a confirmation of what I at first believed might be complete nonsense.
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    Also if you look at the date on the thread "What we think we know so far"-By Pontificator it's date of creation is 01-11-2012. Pretty interesting when you think about all the spiritual topics being talked about in that thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neuru View Post
    Also, when setting up a sound system, in English you say "Testing, one, two, three" to test the mic. In Hungarian the convention is to say "One, two, one, two." You can liberally interpret that as 12:12, funny as that.
    I was able to decode my number synchs after tracking the circumstances, events, and mindsets surrounding them. Some went on for a couple years before I figured it out.

    As it turned out, they all symbolically encoded their meanings in a clever way. But if a particular number carried a different meaning for someone else, then the symbolism would match as well. That doesn't mean it's all a trick of the mind, it just means that an archetype can express itself in different ways within a certain range centered around the most common meaning.

    For example, 1212 for me means "small steps, put one foot in front of the other." 1234 means "you're wasting time." 314 means "coming full circle, or going in circles". 137 means "disillusionment in attempts of material concern." And 666 means "beware of demonic presence."

    I didn't assign these meanings consciously. They are like dream symbols, in that some other part of my being makes the link, then flips the bits in my reality to induce such numbers to pop up at their respective times. You can have a dream and not know its meaning, then look it up and everything fits together like a well-designed riddle.

    If anyone thinks my subconscious is just making me look at a clock when it has calculated a high probability for the corresponding event, then let me point out that these synchs can happen independently of my actions, where I'm looking, or when I'm looking.

    Example: I'm taking a nap, then a gust of wind from outside blows a piece of paper that knocks over a desk clock, batteries pop out, and the face is stuck at 1:37 PM. Within minutes, mailman knocks and delivers a package, and upon opening it I find that the thing I ordered is not at all what I had hoped it would be or do, thus I feel disillusioned. Same number, same result, over and over again for years and years. I can go weeks or even months without seeing that number, and during those weeks not a single instance of disillusionment happens.

    The correlation is 90-95%. Enough so that I can use numbers as a dashboard gauge to diagnose and predict circumstances and events. Repeated testing of a prediction with positive results has convinced me that number synchs are real, meaningful, and created by some intelligence that can surgically alter reality in subtle ways. I'd rather believe it's my own higher mind doing it, rather than angels micromanaging my receipts and clocks because they have nothing better to do.

    But I wouldn't rule out beings outside spacetime sending such signals when necessary. Number synchs may just be a modern equivalent of the Native American omens. I think such signs are used only because I don't have a more direct conscious connection with that higher part of my being. If I did, then synchs would be redundant and probably not happen.

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    You might be a budding numerologist montalk. I do think your onto something, because feelings and states of mind are energy and that is probably what this is about in the most part (the energies underlying our world and reality) It's pretty amazing that you were able to do what you did and then logically pinpoint the messages for your own personal situation. But this doesn't explain the fascination that mysticism has with the number 11, 111, and 1111. It also looks like some people are actively using the numbers for their own rituals. Things like that make me wonder what it is they know.
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    The problem isnt in those who are different from you but your problem with those who are different

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    I posted a question about this a while back. I found that I was looking at clocks when it was 11.11 with a frequency far too high for chance. Thought it was maybe a premonition something was going to occur at 11.11 someday but then found recently something written about it and that it is hopefully the universes way of saying to you yes you are on track, the right spiritual path. That is true for me I've started following a Buddhist teacher in the nyingma tradition if Tibetan tradition and been meditating an hour a day for the last 5 years. And yes we aren't experiencing reality as it is. All we experience and feel is in fact a display. Connections between things often lie at a deeper level of reality than the purely physical world. That's the reason for often quite incredible coincidences obviously not all.

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