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Thread: The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic

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    The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic

    Barbala Bartholic is the godmother of hardcore abduction research. Among her protégés are Karla Turner, Eve Lorgen, and James Bartley. She was also a research assistant to Jacques Vallee for a while. She passed away in 2010:

    On November 10, 2010 Barbara Bartholic died as a result of a stroke. She was 71. Few may have known that in November of 2009 Barbara and her husband Bob were severely injured when a hit and run driver rammed their car from behind at high speed. The impact flipped their vehicle several times, ejecting both of them through the windshield, and slamming them on the pavement below. Barbara miraculously survived the crash even after having the car land on top of her unconscious body, but left her and Bob in a coma for days afterwards. Barbara recovered with some brain injury, but Bob remained in a coma and died on December 25, 2009. She and Bob were married for 50 years.

    (from Eve Lorgen's Tribute to Barbara Bartholic)
    James Bartley just posted an article summarizing a few key areas of her work, and some of his experiences working with her:

    The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic. It's definitely worth reading.

    Some excerpts:

    Barbara quickly realized energetic harvesting was a key component of the alien abduction syndrome. Barbara was an empath and highly intuitive and laboured endlessly to document every facet of a person’s alien abduction experiences. She knew the negative aliens manipulated the energy centres and emotions of alien abductees in order to nourish and empower themselves at the expense of the abductees. This process is being played out on a macro society-wide scale. Alien abduction is an all out assault on the abducted humans: Physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.
    Barbara pioneered research into the Crystal Meth Connection. “Crank” is a derivative of crystal meth and is quite common in many parts of America. Through my own research, I’ve found that Ecstasy is a key component of the reptilian behaviour modification program. Crystal meth and Ecstasy use can eventually lead to the process known as “hosting” wherein a human abductee is partially or completely taken up as a host by one or more negative entities.
    I attended a lecture by Dr. Karla Turner. During this lecture “Kandy” discussed a number of findings developed by herself and Barbara Bartholic. The most unsettling information concerned the testimony of numerous abductees who described being in an underground facility controlled by ETs, usually Greys and Reptilians. Abductees would be forced to dismember human body parts with meat cleavers from corpses that were coming down a conveyor belt.
    A number of the abductees Barbara worked with described being shown by the reptilians’ holographic and or downloaded mental imagery which showed huge space ships landing, reptilian warriors alighting from the craft and thousands of humans in a trance state being herded onboard the craft. Once all the people were loaded onboard the craft, the craft lifted up off the ground and flew away. These craft were described euphemistically as “cattle cars” by some of the abductees who went through the virtual reality experience.
    It is still an open question whether the Heaven’s Gate members committed suicide en masse or were “suicided.” The news programs that interviewed the mostly mainstream UFO researchers and celebrity abductees should have interviewed Barbara Bartholic because Barbara had spent two months with the Heaven’s Gate group before they were called by that name. “Bo” and “Peep” (Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles) allowed Barbara unrestricted access to themselves and the Heaven’s Gate group for two months.
    Barbara Bartholic was a true spiritual warrior. Barbara had few equals and no superiors in the field of alien abduction research. Space prevents me from going into detail about all of the spiritual warfare Barbara and her family had endured as a result of her work. Barbara always felt she endangered her family by delving into these matters. Barbara was often quoted as saying she has spent the last thirty years “warring with the reptilian aliens.” Despite it all, Barbara never lost her sense of humour or her deep and abiding love for humanity and especially the abductees she worked with.

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    I like that woman. Her book Story of a Ufo Investigator was cool. Will check out the link asap.

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