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Thread: Edgar Fouche - Author - Discloser - Flying Triangle Expert - And Friend

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    Edgar Fouche - Author - Discloser - Flying Triangle Expert - And Friend

    Edgar Fouche - Author - Discloser - Flying Triangle Expert - And Friend
    Hello, everyone here already knows me and much about me. My name is Edgar Fouche, I'm the author of 'Alien Rapture - The Chosen' where I broke the story how the Top Secret Black Government works and the story of the TR-3B. I'm an avid researcher, journalist, writer, artist, woodworker and published poet.

    My Disclosure to the International UFO Congress in 1998:
    Included are my personal pictures (in order) which owns.
    In the video presentation, the staff of the IUFOC got my slides out of order and there were a couple of minor glitches.

    My Full Video Presentation on YouTube
    1-Former Area 51 Employee Ed Fouche (Part 1 of 7)

    My first 6 hour interview cut down to 4 minutes for the ‘Riddle of the Skies’ documentary by BBC Channel 4.

    My Biography:

    I'm famous for my gourmet cooking and renowned for my Grand Mariner Orange cheese cakes, Pate Maison, Pate de foie gras (Duck liver), and my home made fruit pies with cognac.

    I have a wife, five kids (three daughters and two sons), and nine grankids. I've been blessed with an extraordinary life both in the USAF/DoD and as a civilian. I've also been blessed by God with a wonderful family and son-in-laws and daughter-in-law. Most of my family lives in Texas.

    After I retired from the USAF, I was hired as a Senior Program Manager for SAIC, later Director of Engineering for CEA, and then other DoD contractors. I've had as many as 500 people working for me and controlled budgets for DoD TS Black programs that ran in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

    A Few Of My Military and DoD Documents:

    My video excerpts about Quasi crystals and materials science when nobody knew of them outside of the government and the physicist who discovered them was discredited and fired. Yet this year he WON the NOBEL PRIZE. For years everyone, especially scientists said I was full of ****. Now metamaterials and quasicrystals are HOT Top Secret DARPA and industry research.
    Part 2 or 4 I believe. The only mistake I made was saying DARC was at S-4.

    All video credits go to and his incredible videos and research;
    For his acquiring these videos and posting them.

    When I retired from DoD contracting, my wife Rebecca and I started Fouche Media Associates and we wrote and edited fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. We also consulted on government proposals.

    I also designed and wrote the specifications, the manual, and database for a Behavioral Modification Software called Neurosync MIME. If we get any good SW programmers who know how to program in Windows, Delphi, and C+, let me know. We have further ideas for a follow-on to Neurosync. Yeah! I get to make a plug. Ha...

    I have lived in more than a dozen states and was born in Americus Georgia, and raised in Texas mostly. I retired in San Antonio Texas and now live in the middle of nowhere Texas on a ranch.

    The only reason I’ve restated this information above is to let you new members who don’t know me or my background is so that I don’t have to go over this again. I’ve established my credibility with Chris, Alienscientist, Bigpappy (Danny) and dozens of others showing over 200 of my military documents.

    I'm very excited about being here with my trusted friend Chris Iverson on his new Forum. This is going to be a lot of fun. Ed Fouche.


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    Welcome, Ed. It is very good to see you here!

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    Welcome Ed, I have enjoyed reading about your interesting life and experiences. I look forward to following your post here at TOP. The best to you and your Family.
    American by birth, Cherokee by blood and Southern by the Grace of God!

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    Nice to see you here Ed.
    Thank you for making the time in your busy schedule to stop in.
    Appreciate you sharing your story and answering questions.
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    It is great to see you posting Ed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
    It is great to see you posting Ed!
    It's great to see both Ed and you posting!

    Welcome aboard.
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    - Jef Mallett

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    Facilty SW of Area 51

    Hi Ed:

    Glad to see you are still active.

    I'm intrigued by the facility at the third dry lake bed southwest of Area 51.

    located on this video here (

    If its not S4 or DARC, what might it be?

    the Kingfish

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    Very good to see you here Ed.

    There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

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    Hi Ed, good to hear from you again my friend!
    A fantastic journey begins with curiosity

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingfish View Post
    Hi Ed:

    Glad to see you are still active.

    I'm intrigued by the facility at the third dry lake bed southwest of Area 51.

    located on this video here (

    If its not S4 or DARC, what might it be?

    the Kingfish
    Not to get sidetracked here but that facility was just built in the last 4 years or so. Its Northrops new Facility. Notice how the The Runway is pointed directly at Area51? What people mistaken as a saucer sticking out of this facility was the concrete pad under the halfway built hanger. What lives and operates out of that hanger is unknown.

    It may be just a runway for the work Northrop is doing at Yucca flats they got a contract to clean up The Nevada Test Site worth 2billion dollars. Now whether or not that's what they are really doing I don't have a clue. But cleaning up Nuclear waste is an excellent cover for doing something totally different wouldn't you say?

    The guy who made the video had No clue what he was talking about. Even if Lazars story were true it happened in 1988-1989. This facility in question was just built. I actually found the contract from Northrops site. If I had to take a guess I would think maybe they are testing UAVs there.

    By the way Eds a buddy of mine and asked me to answer this because he knows Im very familiar with this facility. I did as much research as I could being that its new you cant find too much about the facility.

    By the way Hey Ed isnt this site fantastic I love it!!! Thanks for having us on here Cris.

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