Hiya, BigPappy, thanks for the info on the Nevada Test Site, which has always been of interest to me. We went up there five or six times in 1991-93 exploring all around the government owned property from Las Vegas to Rachel, around to Mercury and back. We tried to confirm maps and took every side road up to the fences that we could. We met Glenn Campbell before his library got raided and stayed at the Little Ale'Inn a couple of times. We also had a few long distance encounters with the "Cammo Dudes" in the white Jeep Cherokees who would track us when we drove along utility roads by the fences or when we drove up near a gate. We still have boxes of photos we took back in that pre-digital era!

I really appreciate anyone, like yourself, who has real information about the facilities and the geography out there as I am absolutely sure that there is very much that has never been seen or told.