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    Remote Viewing - PRACTICE ONLY

    Since it seems that people posting on the RV Practice thread want to discuss how Remote Viewing works, I've decided to split it up into two threads. The other thread is for discussions about remote viewing. This thread is for practice only. Any discussions that take place here must be about a practice session posted here. All other discussions will be moved to the Discussion thread.

    Here is Scott Davis's RV Practice site As I mentioned before, on the Discussion thread, he is now using javascript instead of Flash and it might not work with Explorer.

    To do a practice, you first click on "Reload Page", then create your drawing, then click on "Next Target" and it will show the current target. If there are any more updates, I will post them in this opening post so they will be easy to find.

    If you know of any links to practice sites, post them in the thread. I will then post it in this opening post.
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    Thanks Lily!

    The following are the results of some practice sessions that I've done so far where I've gotten at least a near 'hit' in terms of what the target was for that run:
    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    Tried it again just a few minutes ago and sorta got a hit on first try. Ok, not great but better than when I first tried out that test yesterday. I'm using photoshop to draw out the target because I don't like that thin pen used on that page. The thing that came to my mind was something with a tail.
    This is fun! It's a great way to get comfortable drawing something out even though no images are popping into my mind as to what the target could be.... at least not for this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post

    Here’s a screen capture video of a RV session that I did this morning and then loaded onto You Tube.
    What’s seen in the video: (using only mouse to draw out my target's in these sessions)
    :03 -- First I clicked on “Click on Arrow for the Next Target”, brought up Fireworks to draw in it then started the session.

    Then for about 41 seconds, I focused on what kind of textures are in the target so in the video, nothing is going on at that time.

    :44 -- I then start drawing out the target where I first draw out a slope-y line followed by slanted vertical lines under it because I was sensing something spiky. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, I sensed that whatever it is, it’s got eye’s.

    Then I bring my cursor above the rendering and decide if I should add anything else to the drawing. I decide to keep it as it is where I then run my cursor over the grey box to bring up the target.

    The Results were so so. It appears that I ended up drawing out part of the wreath on the woman’s head where her eye’s, of course, are beneath the wreath.

    The slope-y line that I first drew out corresponds to the top leafy silhouette of that wreath.

    Those slanted vertical lines beneath it (was sensing something spiky) corresponds to the stems and pistils of the flowers in the wreath that are sticking out here and there throughout that construction. There are also yellowish lines too that run the length of the blossoms of those flowers in the wreath.

    The target/photo shows a woman’s face … this matches up to the eye’s I added to that rendering. The angle of those eyes that I drew out are different than what’s in the photo though.
    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    Here's a screenshot of my results in that last session:

    In my next session, I'm going to take the time to first type out my impressions of texture's, color's, mood etc of what might be in the target before I draw anything out.
    Will continue in next post
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    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post

    Just did a short RV session a few minutes ago that I recorded and loaded onto You Tube.

    First I clicked on the "Click on Arrow for new target" and then brought back up the image editor to draw the gestalt sketch in.

    Then I drew it out and then ran my mouse over the grey box to view the target.

    Note: When I was almost done with the sketch I thought it might be flower of some sort so I'm pretty sure that towards the end of that sketch I was adding
    more lines to make it look more like that.

    Lol, target turned out to be something entirely different but my gestalt drawing of this target came close enough to call it "close enough".

    I'm still working on taking the time to focus on what the texture, color etc on the target after I do the gestalt sketch of it. Did have an AOL on this one, as I mentioned before and I think I stopped short wrt to thinking about the targets' details due to that AOL 'thought' interference. Need to work on this. Doing the gestalt sketch for these targets is the easy part but taking it any further than that is harder than I thought it would be.
    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post

    Here's a screenshot of the results I got in my last RV session that I recorded and uploaded to You Tube earlier today and posted in my last post.

    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post

    The video above is a screen capture recording from my morning RV session today.

    note: clicked on that “Click on arrow to view next target” button after I drew out the sketch/sketches for this session.

    What’s seen in the video:

    First I make a wavy line on the ‘canvas’.

    Then I put an “E” for ELECTRIC, which was a sensory perception of the target that I had, in the left top corner of the canvass

    Then I drew out a triangle.

    Then I’m sensing that the target includes a CREATURE of some sort.

    So I begin to sketch out a creature where an AOL of a dog pops into my mind. So that’s what it ended up looking like (or rather an ideogram of it). Then I put a “d” over it to indicate dog.

    But after I sketched that out, I thought I should make the dog/animal have a long snout because that’s what I was sensing it looked like but I didn’t bother to make that adjustment and now I wish I did because if I had done that I may have wondered if the creature was in fact a horse and not a dog.

    Note to self: at least add additional thoughts in writing to canvass side-line on anything about the sketch.

    Then I sensed that the dog was on a leash. So I drew out a stick man holding the dog’s leash.

    Then after I’m done making sketches for this session, I clicked on “Click Arrow for Next Target” to view the target for this session.

    Results: The target is a Carousel Horse
    I was correct about the target being ELECTRIC because it’s a Carousel Horse on a Merry-Go-Round which is run by electricity.

    Even though I drew out a dog, I was correct that the target was a creature; an animal and as it turns out it’s an artificial creature, in this case, a Carousel Horse, that’s put into motion via electricity.

    I was correct about the dog/creature/animal having a leash because the Carousal horse, the target, has a leash on it too which is part of its harness which is seen in the target’s photo.

    Also, it turns out that the negative space of the Carousel Horses’ harness forms a triangle in that photo which corresponds to the triangle that I drew out on the canvass during that session.

    In addition to this, it turns out that the Carousel horses’ harness has a wavy border to it and this corresponds to that wavy line I drew at the beginning of the session.

    Anyway, at this point in time I’m starting to ask more questions having to do with what kinds of sensory perceptions I’m having about the target. For this most recent RV exercise, I started to consciously put more effort into that.

    Note: When the “Click Arrow for Next Target” button is clicked, the image editor application that I have on top of part of that RV page when I’m working in it for these sessions pops off the screen. When that happens, I click on that applications’ icon that’s in the task bar that’s at the bottom of my computer monitor to bring that application back up on the screen again.
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    In this one I correctly sensed waves washing over a beach "B". No sailboat though the shape of the sail on that boat correlates somewhat with that rock formation in the background in terms of its shape. Did this a few minutes ago. One more coming up from this morning run.
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    Interestingly enough, the circle not only represents the pie but it ended up looking like the shape of a lemon too. I also drew out what looked the crust around the pie. Those 2 separate curved lines located top left corner and the lower right corner of the sketch could be interpreted as lemon slices. Ha! Too bad I didn't put one of those 'slices' on top of the pie though. Oh well. Target: lemon meringue pie

    Also, for each one of these results I'm posting here this morning, I reloaded the page (clicked on "Reload Page") just before I started each RV run, then I drew out the sketch and then I clicked on "Next Target" where the photo of the target popped up on the screen for me to view.

    PS -- in my video in the post before this one, I actually drew out a right triangle in the middle of that sketch that matched that largest jutting rock formation in the background of that beach scene but then decided to erase it.
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    Still prefer my own telepathic, mind's eye views or electronic transmissions when it comes to getting super-sensible information. But for immediate Confirmation Feedback, as Ingo Swann called it, that online Remote Viewing test served its purpose.
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    definitely some interesting hits there A99... are you able to sense material... for example the boat scene, were you sensing water, or just letting the drawing shape itself in whatever direction it would go in?
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