I recently found this document. Very cool. I'm halfway through it now. Talks about our reality being a false reflection of the real world. How our world has been quarantined and kept in lockdown as a false holographic reality matrix. Mentions how intruder races mixed their DNA with natives to create us, thereby karmically or energetically bonding them with us. Our fate and destiny affects theirs at some higher level of energetic connection. So that might explain the various ET's interest in us. There are lots of interesting things in it and it's an inspiring read.

I thought it was interesting that the authors mentioned how carbon has 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons. Therefore one of the main building blocks of our reality is coded with the number '6-6-6'.

The ELF Transmissions

A Story of Creation from a Different Perspective


Emerald Liberation Front

Emerald Life Force

Emerald Light Frequency

Elves everywhere!!

The Only Way Out is In!!!


This book is a synthesis of two lifetimes of inquiry into the nature of reality on Planet
Earth…two lifetimes, two beings who came together fifteen years ago and set out to
finish their individual life paths together in order to explore the fundamental question that
they both began to ask at very early ages. That question, simply stated, is:

Why is this planet so screwed up, what is really going on
here, why don’t all the people walking around know that
there is something really wrong here…and what can I do
about it?

What follows are the fruits of the last fifteen years inquiry into seeking the answers to
that question. This is our answer, not anyone else’s and certainty not “the answer.” It is
only one piece, our contribution, our individual signature and insights, our perspective to
add to yours, the reader, and to anyone else who has asked this same fundamental
question. We offer it simply as a contribution to the dialog. Nothing more, nothing less.

Somewhere along the line the pieces started crystallizing into a coherent picture. We also
noticed that many other people, in their explorations, are coming forward now with their
own crystallization, and that collectively, the totality of our collective consciousness is
aggregating the bigger picture. We are waking up from a long and very deep slumber
and what we are beginning to see and understand is nothing short of astounding.

The essence of the wake up process is about realizing we live in a false reality, just as the
characters in the movie The Matrix understood exactly the same thing. But many think
that the movie was only a metaphor, not realizing that in fact we literally live in a false
hologram and that this hologram is very much controlled by outside forces for their own
purposes and their own agenda. That agenda is to create a prison planet in which the
population slumbers forward in an endless repetition of superficial and meaningless
exercises accepted as real life, while their true life force and energies are systematically
entrained and channeled into a harvesting process that saps all but the basic levels of
awareness and creativity away from themselves. And of course, as in the movie, the
energy thus taken goes first and foremost into maintaining the prison itself.