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Thread: Oz X-Files - The second batch

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    Oz X-Files - The second batch

    In my items a few weeks ago about my upload of 10,000 pages of Australian UFO documents, I pointed out that there were additional files that remained to be digitised at a fairly modest cost.

    Since I posted that item, veteran Australian ufologist Keith Basterfield has found a sponsor (Melbourne researcher Paul Dean) willing to pay for 16 further UFO files to be digitised.

    The National Archives of Australia has again kindly given permission for these further files to be made available as searchable PDFs upon them being digitised.

    The first 8 of those further files have now been digitized by the National Archives of Australia and I've converted them to searchable PDFs. These files contain a little over 1,000 pages.

    Keith Basterfield has kindly indicated that he is happy for me to post a link to these further files:

    Keith Basterfield has recently posted about some of these further files on his informative blog:





    (The other files being digitised due to the efforts of Keith Basterfield and Paul Dean should be available within a month).

    All the best,


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