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Thread: Emerging Surveillance State?

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    Tip of the iceberg.

    This is what we are currently doing, or what Bill Gates is doing.

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    Australia Has Fallen

    Something is rotten down under.

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    Updates in the news for RFID Chips implanted into the hand:

    Vice news article 11/09/21: Inside an Online Community of People With Microchip Implants, click here to read. Within the article, a person with an RFID Chip implanted into his hand had his vaccine status stored in it. He was able enter a concert venue by having the chip in his hand scanned. It's worth noting, the security at the concert venue was not expecting a RFID Chip Implant. He was examining vaccine cards and digital proof of vaccine on people's phones. The security guard was surprised by the green light.

    Vice news article, 05/03/20: People Are Getting Microchipped in Sweden, and It's Pretty Normal, click here to read.

    Vice News: Sweden Is Ushering in a New Digital Future, 04/29/20

    CBS News: Thousands of Swedes have microchips implanted in their bodies, 05/18/18

    Implanted RFID Chip used to unlock doors

    CBS News, 60 Minutes:
    A sensor that can tell you if you're sick, 04/09/21
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    ‘Killer robots’ may be coming.

    New Zealand, an influential leader in disarmament, announced Tuesday that it would push for an international ban on autonomous weapons systems, amid increasing fears that arms outside human control could violate legal and ethical boundaries and further destabilize conflicts.

    Phil Twyford, the minister in charge of arms control, said in a statement that the “prospect of a future where the decision to take a human life is delegated to machines is abhorrent and inconsistent” with the Pacific nation’s interests and values. While fully autonomous weapons do not appear to have been deployed in large-scale combat, drones that could operate without human control were used in 2020 to “hunt down” soldiers loyal to a Libyan strongman, according to the United Nations.

    more at link:

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    This is very bad news . . . I have no doubt our future humanity is in trouble!

    Forget losing your job to robots, Scientists have created robots that can reproduce. 'Xenobots' are capable of 'self-replicating' themselves. They are made up of stem cells taken from frogs. Astounded? Watch this report by Palki Sharma for the details.

    University of Vermont

    Scientists at UVM, Tufts, and Harvard discovered a new form of biological reproduction—and created self-replicating living robots. Made from frog cells, these computer-designed organisms gather single cells inside a Pac-Man-shaped “mouth”—and release Xenobot “babies” that look and move like themselves. Then the offspring go and do the same—over and over.

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    Medical X Press article, 12/22/2021: Microchip implanted under the skin could be your COVID vaccine passport, click here to read at their website.

    From the article: A rice-sized microchip implanted under your skin could become your vaccine passport.

    A Swedish tech startup says its device could be customized to display people's COVID-19 vaccination records, according to a video the South China Post posted Friday on Twitter.

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    Date of this posting: April, 4th 2023...

    George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four: "To mark the paper was a decisive act. In small clumsy letters he wrote: April 4th, 1984."

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