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    from a long time lurker (back to the omf days). I've finally decided to "come out" (so to speak) and participate.

    A bit about me, well i got into the UFO thing around 1976-7 when i was a kid (as i was into astronomy and all things space at that age). Stuck my nose into every available book and magazine i could get my hands on, watched t.v programs on the subjet and when the internet arrived WOW!! it was like all my christmas's had come at once. So in the 36 odd years i've been following the subject, the hundreds of books and the countless websites i have frequented over the years i'm still non the wiser regarding the UFO dilema. (although i am leaning towards the inter-dimensional rather than the extra-terestrial nature of UFO's in my old age).
    I find the whole UFO sbject is a one great big can of worms, the subject has so many sub catorgorys that in turn branch off into other sub catogorys it's a nightmare to digest and sort the wheat from the chaff at times.
    I have been lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time to witness several UFO's over the years (day light disk, high altitude silver orbs, highly maneuverable L.I.T.S.) probably due to my location (north wales/north west england costal border).

    I've also had some experiences/memories/irrational fears that could suggest possible abduction/visitation at some point, but to be honest i don't want to go there because the thought of it scares the crap out of me (i think it's a control thing).

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    Good to hear from you. Like you said, a can of worms. As time progress, we learn more and more but must sort through it all, figuring out what to discard and what to consider further.

    Good to hear from others across the planet.

    Living near a large body of water allows ET or whomever stealth mode on approach, or a quick place to vanish should the need arise.

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