I have noticed this matter, which this section on this forum is about, to be highly interesting. I have been studying esoteric material and also made my own sort of esoteric material. I believe the historical esoteric material is created from events that have been miraculous. The esoteric material I've created is gained through spirits I'd say. So it's written from channeled dictations. The topics are about anything I've been interested in at the point of writing. I wanted to share my material here, if there is anyone interested.

I've recently written some on the topic of historical esoteric material, which I'll link here.

The historical functions of Noah

The functions of the prophets

I have developed my knowledge about the historical matters connected to the information on esoteric material. I've noticed it's very likely there is truth in the subjects, which is in the historical esoteric information. Many things correspond to my spiritual experience about how the esoteric material says about spiritual matters. So I believe there is truth in the subjects of historical esoteric material.