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Thread: Robert 'Bob' Lazar - Hoaxer, Liar & Fraud!

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    Robert 'Bob' Lazar - Hoaxer, Liar & Fraud!

    Robert ‘Bob’ Lazar – Hoaxer, Liar & Fraud!

    A thread for the review of Bob Lazar, the biggest hoaxer and fraud within UFOlogy.

    He only has one credential and that is a proven fabricated W-2 form.

    His ‘so-called’ badge was photo-shopped by his own admission.

    Are his stories just plain fantastic and fictionist and nothing by LIES?

    Could he be a Disinformation agent?

    Is he another person making up stories to seek attention?

    “Lazar Critique
    by Dr. David L. Morgan

    I believe that there ARE solutions in GR which do involve distortions of space-time that are not “gravitational” in nature. (In other words they would not “attract” things outside of the distortion.)

    There are currently two main theories about gravity. The "wave" theory which states that gravity is a wave, and the other is a theory which includes "gravitons", which are alleged sub-atomic particles which perform as gravity, which by the way, is total nonsense.

    These statements by Bob Lazar are "total nonsense". There is only ONE currently accepted theory of gravity: General Relativity. In GR, gravity is described as a distortion of space-time,

    Dr. David L. Morgan”

    Birds of a feather. The debunked Bob Lazar and weird and infamous John Lear.

    We are going to get deeply into the lies, frauds, convictions, fake credentials, and bad science of Lazar.Welcome and post anything related to Robert ‘Bob’ Lazar you want. Ed Fouche

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    Lazar provided two and only two documents to 'prove' his credibility. Both have been debunked over and over. The 'Badge' is a fake composite and even Lazar (ex-photo processor) admits it's NOT real.

    The W-2 has a number or changed or added information and is totally not believable. Too bad he used one from the WRONG year. It's so lame and stupid that I can't believe some still use them to prove their arguments. Really...

    They don't want the truth, the real truth to come out. The truth is that some of these posters have invested all their credibility on the 'Lazar truth' (see oxymoron), have a following of naive and gullible people and are frantically trying to keep the Lazar myth alive. It's DEAD, long dead.

    Oxymoron: A figure of speech in which incongruous or contradictory terms appear side by side; a compressed paradox.

    Also S-4 is not at Papoose Lake in Area 51 of the Nellis AFB Range.

    Below the Fake W-2

    Notice the erasures and type overs.

    On his commercial United Nuclear website, Bob Lazar writes in the 'about'-section: "Bob had previously worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory (specifically in the Meson Physics facility ), involved with experiments using the 1/2 mile long Linear Particle Accelerator."[13] Critics have argued that the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory could not back up this claim: the experimental laboratory denied ever having employed Lazar. Investigative reporter George Knapp, however, found Bob Lazar's name among that of other scientists in the 1982 Los Alamos phone book, indicating Lazar did work there as a technician.

    In August 1990, George Knapp, the reporter that first broke the story, uncovered a W2 for Robert Lazar. This slip represents payments, after deductions, for five days, (non-consecutive) working at the S4 base. Lazar started at the end of December 1988. And had only been at the base five times before the new year.

    Heres the problems:
    -Bob only allegedly worked at S4 for 5 days Total.
    The whole myth of Lazar is based on a phony altered W-2 issued for the year 1989. Yet he admits he worked 5 non consecutive days at S-4 in 1988. The W-2 year printed on the OMB Form is for the previous year you worked. End of myth.

    He claims to have worked for the Department of Naval Intelligence which hasn't existed since WWII. The document can be copied by anyone and blown up and you can see the obvious alterations.

    The so called 'employee' number is in the block for the OMB. This is never done. He also makes up an employee number with the oh so secret MAJ (MJ-12) reference in it. The most classified invisible government of the US would NEVER allow this reference on a public document. Are you kidding?

    Then later in the page they show a phony ID badge and try to explain that this reinforces the credibility of the fake W--2. Since this was posted every friend of Lazar, and Lazar himself say this badge is a composite. Composite = Fake!

    Later he claims he worked through 1989 off and on a day or two a month. So now we can use the FAKE ALTERED W-2 that Lazar, Lear, Huff, and Knapp claim was proof for his work in 1988 to show the most he could have worked in 1989 was five days. You can't have it both ways. It is FAKE, it is for the wrong year, and the DNI (Dept. of Naval Intelligence)didn't even exist then.

    Yet when he files bankruptcy and pleads guilty to pandering (Pimp and ***** House Owner) he does not claim any work of any kind related to Government, Military, Naval, or DoD work. If he worked where he said he did, then he perjured himself twice in court. The story is a ever evolving myth which uneducated parents read to their children.

    So Bob works a total of 5 days at S-4 and he told Lear that he Quit S4 because the last 2 days he was at S4 he could only remember the Flight to and from Las Vegas to Area-51 and nothing at S4. So that leaves us with 3 days Bob could remember being at S4. In those 3 days he accomplished an incredible amount of work.

    He discovered the propulsion system of the Sport model Element 115. Also discovered how the Gravity Amplifiers worked and saw a test flight right at S4 Papoose Lake. I still would love to know who flew it because they brought Bob in to figure out how it operated. Lazar said a person half the size of a human could walk around in the craft.


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    I’ve noticed a lot of people call Stanton Friedman Dr. Friedman.

    Lazar was first debunked by Stanton Friedman! and then by a host of experts.

    I know and have great respect for Stanton Friedman. We have had lunch, talked in person and on the phone occasionally. He is the father of modern UFOlogy for sure and has written a number of really good books on the subject. My favorites are ‘Crash at Corona’ and ‘Top Secret Majic.’ His research, writings, and interviews on Roswell are unmatched by any other author in my mind. All over the internet you will see that he is called Dr. and that he has a PhD. Neither of these are true and I’ve had PhDs work for me in the Defense Industry who weren’t half as smart as Stanton.

    The facts are that Stanton is a dual citizen of the US and Canada and has scientific credentials that are impressive. He spent two years at Rutgers University and then received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in physics from the University of Chicago in the mid-50s. He was employed for fourteen years as a nuclear physicist by such companies as GE, GM, Westinghouse, TRW Systems, Aerojet General Nucleonics, and McDonnell-Douglas, working in such highly advanced, classified, eventually cancelled programs as nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets, and various compact nuclear power plants for space and terrestrial applications.

    When I first became a whistle-blower and informer about the Secret Space Program and the TR-3B Astra (Flying Triangles) Stanton and others did a FOIA on me just to find out I was who I said I was and had the extensive Military training and positions that I said I had. It is relevant to know that Stanton or the UFO Hall of Shame have never debunked me, Edgar Fouche.


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    Subject: Extremely radioactive!

    This should end the debate on whether element 115 is radioactive.
    It has the highest radiation levels.
    See free Periodic Table SW at bottom.
    Could not be shielded by a lead pipe.
    So much for this Lazar BS.

    Lazar statement:
    Bob said the fuel material was in a stable form that could be held in his hands. Element 115, he said, had the unusual ability to produce antimatter in a special container that powered the craft. Antimatter combined with matter would cause mutual annihilation of protons, neutrons and electrons and the release of enormous quantities of energy.

    According to Bob Lazar, only half a pound of the Element 115 at S-4 could power a spaceship for about 30 Earth years. More amazing than that, he said, Top Secret scientific research had concluded that the huge energy Element 115 could produce was used to distort space and time with strong gravitational fields, also generated by technology on the spacecraft. The result was that the disk could quickly "jump around in the cosmos from point to point," rather than the impossibly long travel in light years that current human technology would face.

    “It's especially interesting that the scientists deliberately went looking for Element 115 because it is supposed to be theoretically in a more stable region of radioactive elements as the numbers of neutrons and protons increase in the Periodic Table of Elements. But the scientists found Element 115 by slamming atoms of calcium against larger americium atoms at almost the speed of light. The result is so fleeting, so unstable, that the Element 115 isotope produced hung around for less than 100 milliseconds before decaying into Element 113 and lower elements on the Periodic Table. It took us a month to produce 4 atoms.”

    “I think in our current experiments, even if you added more neutrons, you are still only going to produce a certain number of atoms ¬ 10, 15, 20 or whatever. You need millions and millions and millions of these before you'd have something that ¬ let alone could see or put in your hand to hold.”

    Joshua Patin, Ph.D., Nuclear Chemist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California:

    Periodic table with elements colored according to the half-life of their most stable isotope.

    Stable elements

    Radioactive elements with very long-lived isotopes (Light Green). Their half-live of over four million years confers them very small, if not negligible radio-activities;

    Radioactive elements that may present low health hazards (Yellow) . Their most stable isotopes have half-lives between 800 and 34.000 years. Because of this, they usually have some commercial applications;

    ]Radioactive elements that are known to pose high safety risks (Orange). Their most stable isotopes have half-lifes between one day and 103 years. Their radioactivities confers them little potential for commercial uses;

    Highly radioactive elements (Red). Their most stable isotopes have half-lives between one day and several minutes. They pose severe health risks. Few of them receive uses outside basic research;

    Extremely radioactive elements (Purple). Very little is known about these elements due to their extreme instability and radioactivity. See Element 115

    See other tables:

    Radioactive decay (or radioactivity) is the property of some atoms that causes them to spontaneously give off energy as particles or rays. Radioactive atoms emit ionizing radiation when they decay, meaning they have enough energy to break chemical bonds in molecules or remove tightly bound electrons from atoms, thus creating charged molecules or atoms (ions).

    The following free SW is incredible.
    Go to Downloads: Download Installer

    (PTE_Installer_Full.exe = 20.8 Meg)


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    Hey AlienScientist members and guests. I am posting an excerpt from an email from Jeremy aka

    We were talking about all the FRAUDS on the internet in the field of UFOlogy or as I like to call them UFoologists.

    Jeremy is wrong in one sense, I’m NOT too nice to go after these liars and frauds like BigPappy and I did with the biggest fraud ever, Bob Lazar.
    Ed Fouche


    "In reference to John Lear; even though he’s gone from Open Minds Forum, I doubt it will do much to reverse the level of damage he has already caused the movement/field."

    "Stan Deyo is another idiot, my friend had one of the books he wrote with his wife, they are both into some really weird crap, nothing resembling real science."

    "Lots of esoteric garbage and attempts to woo the uneducated with math equations which often don’t mean anything physical [Physics]. Physicist? Not in his wildest dreams!"

    "Remember his video on antigravity, a 6 or 7 part series from YouTube. In one of the videos he flashes up some math formulas which he claims how antigravity works and says something like, “This is for you those of you of the mathematical persuasion,” (Obviously no one in that audience went beyond High School math) since the complex – trigonometric functions he provides have nothing to do with anything physical [Physics], let alone what he was talking about… i.e. Electro-magnetic fields, etc."

    "I guess I will have to spend more time debunking when I get back from my hiatus."

    "Problem is I’m much too nice, like you, to rip on people and be the one to burst people’s bubble or beliefs. From now on I’m going to call it as I see it. I’m so tired of seeing people being misled by the likes of John Lear, Stan Deyo, Bob Lazar, etc., let alone the mainstream media."


    I added the word [Physics] twice to clarify what he meant.

    Check out his amazing videos on

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    It doesn't matter that Lazar predicted 115. Thousands of scientiss have predicted unknown heavy elements. Many believe we will go over 150 with CERN.

    So now I predict that we have new alien vehicles, with aliens from a parallel universe that use element 150 for power to create a hole in space to jump through. Absurd? You bet, most scientists were predicting more and more elements.

    What is important, when 115 was discovered it was not stable. That tells you he made it up, because had he been right, then 115 would be stable.
    Not only that it's highly radioactive. Guess the element 115 he stole was hidden in his radiation proof lunch box. Geez - Gimme a break.

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    Previously Posted by Alienscientist on another Forum.

    Question by Poster?
    “How did Lazar know when the saucers were going to fly on Wednesday nights?

    For an element (115) that has not even been made yet bar a few atoms whizzing around is it not premature to KNOW just how many isotopes of 115 there are?”

    Answer from Alienscientist:
    Access to that type of information (flight operation schedule) doesn't confirm that Bob Lazar worked there, he could have just camped outside for a week straight, or knew someone else who did... After all Lazar wife's relative worked at Tonopah where the real S-4 Radar Site is.

    As for Element 115:
    Look under “Chornology of isotope discovery”; for a list of all the known discovered isotopes to date alongside the date of discovery.

    Also check the “Theoretical Calculations” and check those two source links:

    Now also check out and compare with the technical specs I recently posted on Element 115 on my webpage on Bob Lazar:
    I copied these from
    They deal with the various known isotopes and compare them with Bob's “Theoretical” isotope (and I put theoretical in quotes because I have not seen any theory for it yet, only conjecture)

    Now it seems to me, that if Bob Lazar had a Masters in Physics from Caltech and a Bachelors in physics from MIT, and if he was really hired by the Government to back engineer a propulsion system based on Element 115, then logically he must have been one of the top guys out there on superheavy element research or something in his physics background that would distinguish him in order to work on such a specialized classified project.

    So has Bob published any similar physics papers? And if so, why can't he reproduce them or at least the science behind it?
    I would love to have him do an interview with me on AlienScientist, deliver a prepared script explaining this to me, or at least offer my website to help get the science out there.

    My biggest question for Bob Lazar is...

    Does he have a theory on the stability and behavior of this particular isotope?, or was he given any technical briefing which he could elaborate more on the physics of the entire Element 115 thing? I'm willing to debate Lazar anywhere and anytime to expose his lack of physics education.


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    Humor courtesy of Ed Fouche.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    To each....their own.
    project-maji forum

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    Bob Lazar was mentioned on a History Channel show from 2004 and they mentioned his W-2 and I got to thinking that Lazar seems like the kind of person that could be used to spread disinformation. They mentioned the zip code of the issuer of the W-2 as being 20038, in the District of Columbia. Doing a bit of digging I found a webpage that had some interesting detail for this zip code. No one is listed as living in 20038, it appears to be only 375 Post Office boxes or mail drops, most holders of these boxes are government.

    Action Adm Office Us Court , Adv Comm Inter Govt Relation ,Amer Assc Retired Persons , Armed Forces Inaugural Com ,Armed Forces Inst Pathology , Arms Control And Disarm Agy ,Army Criminal Invest , Joint Staff , Bank Of America , Blue Cross Group Hosp , Bolling Afb , Bolling Air Force Bas ,Wash , Washing , Washingtn , Brm , Broadcasting Bd Of Governors , Bur Medicine Surgery , Bureau Engav And Printing , Bureau Labor Statistics , Bureau Narc And Dngr Drugs , Bureau Narc Dngr Drugs Lab , Bureau Of Census ,Bureau Of Indian Affairs , Bureau Of Mines , Bureau Of Prisons , Bureau Of Public Debt , Business Reply , Catholic Univ , Central Intelligence Agency , Chief Naval Operation ,Civil Aeronautics Board , Comm Equal Oppor Armed Forc ,Comm On Civil Rights , Comm Tech Uses Copyrights ,Commodity Futures Trade , Comptroller Of Currency ,Consumer Product Safety Comm , Court Of Military Appeals ,Criterion Ins Co , Defense Intelligence , Department Of State ,Department State Intrntl Div , Dept Agric Off Outside Hq ,Dept Air Force Pentagon , Dept Labor Payroll Audit Div , Dept Navy Hq Marines Arl , Dept Navy Other Offices , Marine Barrks , Us Marine Corps Barracks , Dept Of Agriculture ,Dept Of Army Pentagon , Dept Of Commerce , Dept Of Commerce Outside Hq , Dept Of Energy , Dept Of Homeland Security , Dept Of Interior , Dept Of Justice , Dept Of Labor ,Dept Of Labor Manpower Admn , Dept Of Transportation ,Dept Treas Check Claims Div , Dept Treas Other Offices , Dir National Intelligence , District Director Irs , Dulles International Airp , Envir Protect Agency , Equal Emp Opportunity Comm ,Exec Office Other Organ , Export Import Bank , Family Support Administratio , Farm Credit Admin , Fbi , Fbi Identification Unit , Fed Communications Comm , Fed Emer Mngt Agency , Fed Labor Relations Auth , Fed Mediation And Concil Ser , Fed Records Center , Federal Aviation Agency ,Federal Deposit Ins Corp , Federal Election Comm , Federal Energy Reg Comm , Federal Maritime Commission , Federal Reserve Board , Federal Trade Comm , Fha Comptroller ,Food And Drug Admin , Foreign Claims Settlement , Fort Lesley J Mcnair , Fort Mcnair , Ft L J Mcnair , Friendship Heights , G E I C O , G W Univ , Gen Services Admin ,General Accounting Office , General Delivery , Geological Survey , Georgetown Univ , Govt Printing Office , Gpo Field Serv Div , Gpo Procurement Div , Gpo Supt Of Documents ,Gsa Consumer Products Info , Gsa Crystal City , Gsa Region 3 , Gsa Surplus Sales , Gsa-tcs , Hew Food And Drug Admin, Housing And Urban Dev , Housing Assistance Adm ,Howard Univ , Howard University Hospital , Hud Fed Housing Adm , Hud Fed Natl Mortgage , Immig And Natural Records ,Immig And Naturalization Ser , Int Group Plans Inc , Inter Amer Defense Board , Inter American Dev Bank , Internal Revenue Service , International Joint Comm , International Monetary Fund , International Trade Comm , John F Kennedy Center , Labor Management Admin , Law Enforce Assist Adm, Lib Of Congress Licensing 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Division , Pnc Financial , Postal Rate Comm , Pre Inaugural Committee ,Presidential Transition Team , Readasorus , Resolution Trust Corporation , Resolutn Trust Oversight Brd , Securities And Exchange Comm , Shared Brm , Small Business Admin ,Smithsonian Institute , Soc Sec Bureau Hearing App , Social Security , Soldiers Airmens Home , State Department , Sun Trust Bank Inc , Surface Transportation Board , Tennessee Valley Auth , U S Chamber Of Com , U S Trade Representative , United States Senate , Universal Postal Union Congr , Us Army Corp Of Engineers , Us Bureau Of Customs , Us Citizenship Immigration , Us Coast Guard , Us Copyright Office , Us Court Appeal Fed Circuit , Us Department Of Treasury , Us Dept Of Education , Us Dept Of Hlth Human Serv , Us Dept Of Labor Stats , Us Holocaust Memorial Museum , Us House Of Representatives , Us Information Agency , Us Secret Service , Us Social Securtiy Admin , Us Supreme Court , Us Synthetic Fuel Corp , Us Tax Court , Us Treasurer , Usps Consumer Affairs , Usps Headquarters , Verizon , Veterans Admin , Veterans Benefits Office , Veterans Hospital , Vietnam Vet Mem Fund ,Wacdhovia , Walter Reed Army Med Center , Wash Gas ,Wash Intell Bureau Inc , Washington Dc Post Office ,Washington Gas , Washington Intel Bur , Washington Post ,White House Ofc Of Vice Pres , White House Ofc Staff ,Woodward And Lothrop , World Bank - See more at:
    - See more at:

    Of particular interest were these:

    Naval Intelligence Com , Naval Intelligence Support C , Naval Research Laboratory , Naval Telecommunications Com , Navy Annex , Navy Observatory , Navy Security Group ,

    Any number of these might have some part in a disinformation campaign where they might have used Bob Lazar. Note that the Naval Observatory would have been the home of the Vice President, George H.W. Bush, past director of the CIA and implicated in the control group over the UFO issue.

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