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Thread: Robert 'Bob' Lazar - Hoaxer, Liar & Fraud!

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    Years back, I knew one guy who was/is a scientist who worked at NASA and was considered to be a near genius but never went the trad. educational route. He didn't even have an undergrad degree. He somehow just worked his way up to post grad physics courses and beyond. Lazar sort of reminds me of him. They only attend class when the topic that's being lectured on interests them.
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    Here's the official IUPAC announcement on the 4 elements.

    If Lazar was seeking to become rich from his going public, I don't think he succeeded. Of course for many people, notoriety is a reward in itself. Perhaps only time will settle the debate, but for now, I'm on the fence still.

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    I'd like to believe Lazar was genuine but there's so little documentation. What happened to Ed Fouche? Not seen anything new from him in a while online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bug1982 View Post
    I'd like to believe Lazar was genuine but there's so little documentation. What happened to Ed Fouche? Not seen anything new from him in a while online?
    Hello bug1982,
    To answer your question,
    EdF had a good run of posts.
    Unfortunately his time here also included some bickering, that followed him from a former site he was active on.

    EdF left the TOP forum back in July 2014.
    If I recall correctly, he was with us approx a year.
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    I have rather loosely followed Bob Lazar's tale over the years. It's fascinating to me that his story seems somewhat plausible, and rather improbable at the same time. I'm leaning toward saying he's a fraud, but if he is, he's a darn good one. He tells the story very convincingly. However, there has been so little to corroborate his story, but just enough to make people think it could be legitimate.

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    Hi Nero
    I'd err on the true side myself
    Despite the wiping of his records after some dedicated research jeremy Corbell manage to find someone who studied with lazar.

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    This is well worth a watch
    Rogue TV did an interview with Jeremy about his film about Bob Lazar and other projects but mostly Bob released date later this year probably December.
    Sounds very interesting...

    Also available here

    'AMA event with filmmaker Jeremy Corbell Rogue Planet presents a special AMA with investigative filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell specifically focused on his upcoming film about Area 51 whistleblower Bob Lazar.'

    There is also a few bits about the Tic Tac UFO Skinwalker Ranch a film he's making with George Knapp.
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    Jeremy Corbell and Bob Lazar are going to be on Coast to Coast with George knapp this week.

    Jeremy’s film with Bob premieres on the 3rd Dec.


    Still no sign of Tom De Longe promised biography though

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    Hopefully this will embed Richard Dolan interviews Jeremy Corbell about the new Lazar film

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    Now part of history

    Bob Lazar & Area 51

    Looks like the film is going to be great.

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