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Thread: "Subterranean Tunnels, Bases, Cities and the Global Frequency Web

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    "Subterranean Tunnels, Bases, Cities and the Global Frequency Web

    Here is a link to a great article by White Wolf Von Atzingen.

    I recently finished his 400 page book Shadow Scorpion. It is an amazing and inspiring book about many related topics centering on his experiences with mind-control assassin training. It's an awesome book I guarantee anyone on this site will love if they haven't checked it out already. The trials he went through are so inspiring I'm almost speechless. There is a lot of good information in there. It takes you right into the reality of what these kinds of projects are really like.

    Is it believable and trustworthy? In my opinion yes. Other speakers on the topic of mind-control and so-called 'super'soldier experiences like by James Casbolt, James Rink and 2 hour video interviewees seem less credible simply because they don't contain as much coherent detail.

    White Wolf has very clear memories and is lucky to be alive. One of my favourite books ever now. It's not 'sensational' or contain much of I think anything that isn't already verified by other sources. It is very violent though, not for the faint of heart. Another plus is the knowledgeable, spiritual side of the author that is woven throughout it all. Definitely worth buying!

    "Subterranean Tunnels, Bases, Cities and the Global Frequency Web

    I recently was on Wolf Spirit Radio talking a little bit about underground tunnel systems and military bases. Those of you who have read my book Shadow Scorpion will have some kind of an understanding as to how I know some of the information that I do. Since I had such an amazing amount of interference while trying to speak on the radio interview I could only present a certain amount of information. Almost every time I began to speak about certain topics I was disconnected from the call. This occurred probably two dozen times at least! It seemed that information that I was trying to present each time I was disconnected was about these underground tunnels and military bases.

    With that said I decided to write a direct blog on the topic to help clarify a few more details that I was talking about on the interview.

    It is well known that our atmosphere is literally webbed with an energy network comprised of many different forms of frequency. Some of these of course are microwaves, radio waves, cell transmissions, satellite transmissions and a slew of other highly non-beneficial energies. These frequencies completely encase the earth’s atmosphere with an energetic web. This web is used for a number of clandestine purposes. Some of the more important ones are mind control, population control, mass surveillance projects and military communications. In my opinion the biggest reason and use of this atmospheric web is for the stabilization of the global illusion of a mind prison reality. It assists in controlling the light that reaches the earth. Light deems our physical reality and thus controls out 5 senses perception of life. This energy web controls the mass population upon earth by manipulating the light frequency as well as other lesser sensory perception frequencies. However, this web cannot control it all…

    This is where the underground tunnel systems that span and lace the entire globe come into play. These tunnels began with the formation of the earth itself through volcanic activity, erosion, earthquakes and other natural earth activities. When ancient civilizations began to explore the underground they came upon these natural tunnels systems and began to put them into use. Through the course of their civilization time frames the greatly expanded these tunnels. Time passed and these civilizations moved on. Eventually the more modern civilizations found these ancient tunnels."
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