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Thread: Graham Hancock: Magicians of the Gods

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    Graham Hancock: Magicians of the Gods

    Graham Hancock is writing a sequel to his best-selling 'Fingerprints of the Gods,' which will be called 'Magicians of the Gods.'

    This is a presentation of approx. one and a half hours he recently did on the research involved.
    The presentation was done in South Africa.

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    Excellent! Thanks for posting. He really puts a lot into his research.

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    Really interesting makes a pretty convincing argument. A good way of confirming it would be by mapping the spread mutations the human genome as mankind spread across the globe if these ancients did carry their technology around the globe they would have brought their DNA as well.
    Glad he thinks they could move rocks around by floating them into the air, I'm sure the ancients had some way of levitating rocks we have lost.

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    Really interesting development has occurred regarding Graham Hancock's theory of a mass extinction event over 10,000yrs ago. A group of scientists from the university of Edinburgh studying Gȍbekli Tepe have published a paper about it see below there were also article in the telegraph and daily mail in the U.K.

    Dr Sweatman's original paper is here near the bottom of the page... ( see link below)
    Well worth reading - the carvings on some of the columns are almost certainly referring to constellations and and because of the precession of them behind equinoxes ( a 12,600 period) Dr Swearman reckons there is a 1 in a few million chance that they don't point to 10,950BC.
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