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Thread: Sorcha Faal - Disinformation Agent

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    Sorcha Faal - Disinformation Agent

    Over the years Sorcha Faal has constantly tried to spread bulls**t stories to undermine good research and real whistle blowers by mixing fact and fiction.
    For the record - if you don't know of him be forewarned. It is very easy with a little lie to undermine great people and rubbish there reputations, same is true with our field.

    This was in an email from Steve Bassett...

    Sorcha Faal ( is a highly sophisticated disinformation site. Its ownership and funding source is unknown, and the site constantly publishes elaborate articles mixing fact and fiction with recent events to create elaborate conspiracy threads. Often these articles will appear only hours after an event has taken place. This may well be a serious cointelpro propaganda operation.

    Three years ago I received an email from a colleague with information excerpted here:

    Before I go into this subject in any great depth, I would first like to deal with Sorcha Faal, otherwise known as David Booth of the CIA. David Booth works within the Central Intelligence Agency in COINTELPRO. Other western intelligence agencies known for using COINTELPRO methods include MI5, MI6, GCHQ, and the thinktank, DEMOS. To be quite blunt, all intelligence agencies have their own COINTELPRO departments.

    Sorcha Faal does not exist. There is no "spokesperson" within the GRU named Sorcha Faal. Intelligence agencies rarely make public statements, and when they do, it is always through either someone in the highest echelons of the organisation or a government minister with the correct clearances, and never a mere "spokesperson".

    Do leaks ever happen through lesser agents? Yes, but those agents if caught are dealt with very strictly, usually with "Holy Orders" to keep their traps shut. By rights, if "Sorcha Faal" was really working within the GRU, she/he would have been silenced by now. Permanently.

    It appears that David Booth is a major thorn in the side of the Alternative Intelligence Community, as well as the Patriot and Truth Movements. This is a gross understatement. Over the past week or two I have had to take aside many people and let them in on the whole Sorcha Faal thing.

    Known sites run by Sorcha Faal / David Booth:

    Known sites that Sorcha Faal / David Booth writes for:

    I have not been able to fully corroborate this assessment, but the website's disinformation basis is self-evident. I encourage any researchers reading this to consider digging into the the Faal website, its ownership and financing. It is time to bring the hammer down on this corner of the truth embargo.

    Why am I bringing this up at this time?

    On January 11 Sorcha Faal published the following article: Snowden Documents Proving US-Alien-Hitler" Link Stuns Russia

    This article ties ETs, Edward Snowden, NAZI Germany with Paul Hellyer in a typical manner designed to diminish the credibility of the target, which I believe to be Hellyer. The article is about 10% fact and 90% crap.

    As sometimes happens, perhaps when it suits a government's agenda, this article was picked up by a more mainstream venue. The Fars News Agency news service in Iran just happened to republish an article based on the Faal material. From there the story went mainstream and the disinformation from Sorcha Faal was republished by: Forbes, The Washington Post, The Examiner, The Blaze, The Jerusalem Post, UPI, Huffington Post with more likely to follow. The most egregious instance of this outrageous journalism was a piece by Max Fisher in the Washington Post - Iranian news agency says the U.S. is secretly run by Nazi space aliens. Really.

    Let's be clear. The Post's coverage of ET/Disclosure issues has been mostly dismal for decades and will ultimately be a huge black mark on its legacy. But the above article is beyond the pale. Apparently Fisher does not know how to use Google. He has presented information to Post readers that is from a known disinformation site. He has served up sewerage and should be fired or reprimanded.

    Given the timing just one month before PRG is set to launch its Congressional Hearing Initiative, this may be the first indication elements within the government are going to try to undermine the Initiative by injecting disinfo designed to elevate the ridicule factor.

    So let the disinformation begin. PRG is going back to Capitol Hill to get congressional hearings for the scores of military/agency/political witnesses of rank and station ready to testify under oath. Any member of Congress stupid enough to drink the government's Kool-Aid will be ignored, and those who can think for themselves will be engaged.

    Stephen Bassett
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    Thanks for the information. We can take nothing at face-value, every corner gazed around, every rock overturned and so-on.

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    Here is some of Paul Hellyer's statements in an interview.

    What are the facts, and what is disinformation...?

    note: Charles Hall is mentioned after the 19:00 mark.

    Some comments on the YouTube page, site him as a crackpot. So how does that gel with the title of former Canadian minister of Defense? (1960s)

    I admit there are some very muddy waters here. JMO

    edit to fix spelling...
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    Quote Originally Posted by epo333 View Post
    Here is some of Paul Hellyer's statements in an interview.

    What are the facts, and what is disinformation...?

    note: Charles Haul is mentioned after the 19:00 mark.

    Some comments on the YouTube page, site him as a crackpot. So how does that gel with the title of former Canadian minister of Defense? (1960s)

    I admit there are some very muddy waters here. JMO Note: Spelling of last name is "Hall".

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    Quote Originally Posted by majicbar View Post Note: Spelling of last name is "Hall".
    Thanks majicbar, I won't make that mistake again...!

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    I think the problem with Hellyer is that some of the stuff he is claiming he has had direct confirmation of via his contacts in the military - and it would be really interesting to know exactly what and who.
    Because of that he has then thought it all must be true, read Corso, and about Charles Hall and compiled a core story of his own. I wouldn't be quoting Charles Hall, there is no one who can back up his story, it may be true, but without confirmation it's too flakey.

    That's very different to deliberately making stuff up like sorcha faal and last years us navy ships battling aliens out to sea.
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    Robert Morningstar streamed this announcement to his email list a few hours ago. Charles Hall lecture:

    “Out of This World” ...
    The Grey Disaster at Roswell – July 2nd, 1947
    A Brief Synopsis of the Roswell UFO Crash & Causes

    According to Charles J. Hall’s “Millennial Hospitality”

    By James Cray Pike
    (Copyright 2014, JCP-RDM* - All Rights Reserved
    <Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>
    After reading all 5 volumes of Charles J. Hall's, "Millennial Hospitality" series, I’ve found that they have given me greater insight on ET life (on Earth) than ever before. The 5 volumes of “Millennial Hospitality” are wonderful and informative books.
    Below I present a brief synopsis of Hall's account regarding the Roswell UFO Incident, the crash(es) and details of the causes and the recoveries.

    P-80 “Shooting Star” Intercepts and Tracks 3 Grey Alien UFOs
    Photo facsimile illustration above composed by Robert D. Morningstar, based on recent Australian UFO photo
    (Photo Credit: Vangie Esterbauer/The Armidale Express - with 3rd UFO & P-80 Shooting Star by RDM*)

    Charles J. Hall Announces Lecture Series
    & Coast-To-Coast AM Radio Interview
    C2C Interview - Monday, January 20th, 2014
    "Millennial Hospiatlaity" Lecture Series
    Begins February 1st, 2014
    In Florida at:
    The Jean Rhein Library
    Casselberry, Florida
    Seating is limited (80), so it's best to get in early
    To Register, click the link below:
    Or to request reservations, send email to:

    UFO Digest readers can purchase Charles J. Hall's "Millennial Hospitality" series
    on Amazon.Com

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    This is particularly annoying one of Sorcha Faal's stories has been copied and just re-posted in one of the British red tops, it comes via another source.
    Do these people do even the vaguest of checks before telling millions of readers? The obvious answer is no.
    Good on them ,the UK press has been putting up one UFO story a week but they don't seem to check them why - they must generate thousands of internet hits. Surely journalism should have standards the truth is vitally important.

    The real source of the story

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