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Thread: Climate Change why are we still even debating it?

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    Video from Real Life Lore
    Why the Panama Canal is Dying?

    Real Life Lore examines the complexity of global trade.
    For one minute, the video starts by touching on military conflict.
    Then it quickly moves to climate change.
    A number of alternatives to the Panama Canal are discussed.
    Climate Change is effecting global trade.
    Video is informative.

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    Article regarding recycling of plastics:

    ‘They lied’: Plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals."
    Click here to read article at The Guardian.

    Quote from article at The Guardian: Companies knew for decades recycling was not viable but promoted it regardless, Center for Climate Integrity study finds.

    People aren't sure what can and cannot be easily recycled. As a result, many products end-up in recycling bins that don't belong. Employees at recycling centers sort through the mess, making it costly. Smaller items often jam conveyor belts, forcing employees to shut down the line and unjam the belt. Another issue, companies place that "recycling symbol" on products to make themselves look good. Not every product should have a recycling symbol on it. Governments should alter how that symbol is used. Example, a symbol that reflects was made from recycled materials. Another symbol for this product container is recyclable.

    Answers are not easy. Usable cloth grocery bags is something that helps.

    Making plastics from Hemp is another option.

    Cannabis and Hemp are related plants, however there is a difference. Cannabis has TCH that causes the "high". Hemp does not contain significant levels of THC. Cannabis and Hemp look almost alike, making it difficult for law enforcement. As Cannabis becomes legalized in more US States and other countries, perhaps products made from Hemp will become widely available. At this time, legalized Cannabis growers are regulated. If farmers placed Hemp into crop rotations it would likely include licensing, regulations and random testing to ensure it isn't Cannabis.

    EV batteries from Hemp are being developed for electric vehicles. How will Hemp batteries hold-up to cold weather? What is the lifespan of Hemp batteries?

    At this point, it is unknow if Hemp batteries are a viable option. If Hemp batteries are proven to work over the long term, will the mining industry fight-back?

    Oil and natural gas are used to create polymers for making plastics. Will the mining industry fight-back against using Hemp to make plastics?

    Attempts to allow fields of Hemp grown by farmers could face opposite from political lobbyists working for mining corporations.

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    Forever Chemicals in Groundwater

    Decades ago, environmentalists warned everyone that corporations were dumping chemicals into streams, rivers, lakes, and burying chemicals at dumpsites. Corporations and governments assured us those chemicals would dissipate it traveled through sand, rocks and pebbles. Everything was fine and not to worry...

    Oops, they were wrong!

    Groundwater did not filter those chemicals as it traveled through sand, rocks and pebbles.

    I live in a rural area. Everyone uses groundwater. Local grade school's water tested positive for Forever Chemicals. State tested our water-well. It was positive. The State assured us "levels are low, so it's not harmful." The State offered us a free filter to install under the kitchen sink.

    We're taking showers and washing clothing with groundwater that is contaminated with Forever Chemicals.

    Farmers use groundwater for irrigating crops and drinking water for livestock...

    Are those Forever Chemicals being absorbed by plants? What about meat products from livestock?

    Are those low levels of Forever Chemicals entering our food supply?

    Are low levels of Forever Chemicals really safe?

    Over time, will those low levels of Forever Chemicals build-up in our bodies?

    Basically we're being told, " Levels of Forever Chemicals in the water are low, so it's not harmful."

    More-or-less the same thing they told us decades ago, "Everything is fine and not to worry."

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    Kim Iverson interviews Jimmy Corsetti, the host of the YouTube channel Bright Insight. The full hour and a half interview is on Rumble below, but this 18 minute YouTube extract is a good summary of the global warming vs cooling issue.

    The graph which Corsetti references is this one

    Rumble link:

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    Quotes from article:

    Human-caused climate change is likely playing a role, researchers said, but is probably not the only factor. Climate models predict a steady rise in sea surface temperatures, but not this quickly, and ocean surface temperatures also fluctuate and can be affected by natural climate variability, including patterns such as El Ni?o and La Ni?a.
    ?What we see now driving high temperatures is something in addition to El Ni?o and can?t be explained by the arguments being given six months ago or 12 months ago,? Abraham said. ?Sea surface temperatures are higher elsewhere and very far from El Ni?o locations.?
    Among ocean scientists, he added: ?We?re kind of all just observing something strange happening. At some point, someone will come up with an answer, but I haven?t seen that answer yet.?

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