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Thread: Diary of Secrets: Marilyn Monroe and "Things from Outer Space."

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    Diary of Secret: Marilyn Monroe and "Things from Outer Space" - Update

    A few weeks after posting this article we received a critical analysis of the Marilyn wiretap document from a well respected and knowlegeable individual who wishes to remain private. Four key points were raised which our contact felt cast doubt on the authenticity of this document. In the spirit of openness I would like to share and address these concerns which were as follows:

    1. All CIA documents from that time frame contained a phrase on the bottom of the page which stated: "Automatically declassified by code xxxx on xx/xx/xxxx." This is noticeably absent on the Marilyn wiretap document.

    2. The classification "Top Secret - Not for publication" never appeared on documents. It is a non sequitur. The ranking of a document as "Top Secret" is and of itself the actual highest ranking, higher even than any document containing other code names or phrases along with the Top Secret stamp.

    3. The document is also missing a border color. It should have a blue stripe on it.

    4. The CIA was not using typewriters in 1963. By that time everything that was typed came from either teletype machines or by early computers and printers.

    On the face of it these are certainly legitimate concerns, which are worthy of discussion. So let's take a closer look and see if we can resolve these problems.

    First of all there is the question of document control and routing information, clearly missing in our leaked document. However, if we compare it with declassified Information reports, (and I now have several of these), we can see routing information at the very bottom of each page. On the Marilyn wiretap we can also see that several sections have been redacted, which could possibly include the declassification controls. One thing we can say for sure is that our leaked document has been cropped both top and bottom, it does not contain the words "Information Report", this may have been done accidently or on purpose by the individual that leaked the document. Therefore it is entirely possible that routing and declassification information was cropped before it was posted to Tim Cooper.

    It is also worth pointing out that some of the declassified Information Reports are also cropped at the bottom and one in particular does not contain any document dissemination or control information. -

    Another possibility is that, like many declassified documents, the routing and declassification information was contained on a seperate sheet which was not included by the 'leaker'. I have checked with Tim Copper and he confirms that he only recieved one page.

    The second concern regarding classification stamps again appears significant at first glance, but may in fact have a simple explanation. After reviewing hundreds of pages of declassified CIA documents I noticed that many pages contain multiple stamps, the following examples were observed within the CIA's 700 page "Family jewels" file:




    I was left with the impression that documents with multiple stamps had in fact been reviewed and downgraded, sometimes several times. I have yet to find an example of "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" on any declassified documents, but I did find "DO NOT RELEASE". It is my contention therefore that the Marilyn Wiretap was initially classified Top Secret but was later downgraded prior to leaking, at which time the second "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" stamp was added. It is also possible that this second stamp was added by the leaker for unknown reasons.

    Here we can see a document with no less than four seperate security stamps:

    The third concern of a missing blue border colour, could again be due to the fact that our leaked document has been cropped both top and bottom. We can see that declassified Information Reports also do not contain a blue border, obviously they are black and white photocopies, so the borders top and bottom may well be blue. It is my feeling that, again prior to leaking, Tim Cooper's source sanitized the document slightly, perhaps to protect himself and Tim or perhaps under orders. (Could the leak have been sanctioned in some way?)

    Finally, we have the question of typeface origin. In my article I wrote that the documents was probably hand typed over a printed template, however this was just speculation on my part and with hindsight seems to have been inacurate. Whether the Marilyn wiretap document was hand typed or printed is really as moot point, as either way it is 100% consistent with declassified CIA Information Reports as can be seen from the following image:

    Here are direct links to serveral variations of declassified CIA Information Reports, (referenced as CIA/DP Information Reports at the CIA's electronic reading room), all entirely consistant with our leaked document. In fact those that match most closely tend to be from the same time frame:

    The following image highlights most of the points covered in this update and also provides a visual comparison with a second authentic CIA Information Report:

    As peviously stated, I have filed a FOIA request with the CIA and will share their response here when it arrives. No doubt the CIA have previously received numerous requests relating to this document, but it is my hope that specifically asking for an Information Report might result in a more specific search.

    I am still looking for examples of James Angleton's signature, every single document I have seen so far has his signature redacted. I did find reference to the fact that Angleton always signed his documents simply "James Angleton" just as we see on the Marilyn wiretap, this in itself adds some degree of credibility in my mind.

    In closing, it is currently my personal opinion that the Marilyn wiretap document matches genuine declassified documents so closely that it could not have been faked without access to CIA archives. Clearly the Marilyn wiretap underwent some type of review prior to dissemination, hence the cropping of headers and blacked out or redacted areas. Strongly suggesting that either a semi-official declassification process occured, in the case of a sanctioned release. Or an extremely cautious and experienced archivist sanitized the documnent before it was passed to Tim Cooper in 1992, if the document was smuggled out and leaked without consent.
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    Michael Salla has very kindly wrote an article about my latest update:

    "More CIA documents confirm validity of leaked Monroe JFK UFO document

    On May 19, 2014 Lee Nicholson from the popular Outpost Forum, announced the results of a detailed analysis of more declassified documents from the CIA electronic archives that help confirm the validity of a leaked document allegedly of a CIA wiretap of Marilyn Monroe and her closest friends. Monroe had been under CIA surveillance due to her friendship with the Kennedy brothers and communist sympathizers up to the time of her mysterious death on August 5, 1962, two days after the Wiretap document. The Wiretap document is a summary of her recent phone conversations where she planned a “tell all” press conference revealing President Kennedy’s secrets and knowledge about a retrieved UFO at a USAF facility. In response to a critical analysis of his initial article about his research at the CIA electronic archives, Nicholson analyzed further CIA documents that addressed the criticisms and published the results. His conclusion is that the Wiretap document matches authentic CIA documents so closely “that it could not have been faked without access to CIA archives.” Consequently, the leaked wiretap document is either an authentic CIA document leaked to the public, or a document that was created by some with access to the CIA archives who likely had authorization to do so."

    Read more:
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    Kudos Lee. Very nice.

    Also liked the fact he said "the popular Outpost Forum".

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    Caroline Kennedy has stopped the auction.

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    Finaly received a reply to my Freedom of Information request re: The 'Marilyn Wiretap' document.

    Unfortunately, no documents were enclosed, just a letter with a "no records located" response. Disapointed but not surprised, I think vaults are regulary purged of this kind of thing and stored outside the system. I was hoping that specifically requesting an Information Report might yield some results, oh well.

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    Then there is this . . .

    Retired CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: “I Killed Marilyn Monroe”

    Norfolk, Virginia| A 78-year old retired officer of the CIA, Normand Hodges, has made a series of astonishing confessions since he was admitted at the Sentara General Hospital on Monday. He claims he committed 37 assassinations for the American government between 1959 and 1972, including the actress and model, Marilyn Monroe.

    Mr. Hodges swears he remembers vividly, each of the assassinations he committed for the CIA. He claims that all 37 of the murders he committed on the American soil, were ordered by his commanding officer, Major James “Jimmy” Hayworth.

    The elderly man claims he committed his assassinations between August 1959 and March 1972, at a time when he says “the CIA had its own agenda“. He says he was part of an operative cell of five members which carried out political assassinations across the country. Most of their victims were political activists, journalists and union leaders, but he also claims that he killed a few scientists and artists whose ideas represented a threat to the interests of the United States.

    More here:

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    Thanks Wansen, looks like I was bamboozled again!
    I can't count how many times it has happened to me too.

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