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Thread: UFO misperceptions - samples

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    No, Lens Flare!

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    No, birds, bugs, flies, etc.... with various camera settings!

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    No, 9 Tornados in formation! .... (and very bad Google streetview resolution, I have to say....)

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    No, miniature jellyfish parachute! That was a fake that included a modification of the EXIF datas of the original photo to make it appears legit. It was the only case with a full indetectable EXIF manipulation I've seen so far.

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    No, lights reflections on windows glass....

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    No, camera artefact after zooming on a fixed point! Venus here.

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    No, Lights reflection on windows glass, photo taken through the windows.

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    No, photo taken through windows with ceiling lamps reflection!

    PS: The place is Dinard, France.

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    I've noticed that the resolution of my phone camera would be unlikely to ever produce a usable picture of the "real thing" if I was so lucky as to see one.

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    Huge UFO over Swirtzerland detected by radar?

    No, radar dysfunction...

    The center is were is located the malfunctioning radar:

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