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Thread: UFO misperceptions - samples

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    No, street lamp!

    Credits RR0, Jérôme le Beau

    Thanks to "Là et demain"

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    Drone-shaped like UFO?

    No, cracked windshield!

    Thanks to Spf33!

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    No, parhelion....('Sun dog')

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    No, anti-hail rocket....

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    No, rocket launch from the Vanderberg AFB.
    The strange glowing effect is produced when unburned particles of propellant and water left in the vapor trail of a launch vehicle condenses, freezes and then expands high up in the less dense upper atmosphere....

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    No, coincidental sighting of both insect (first sinusoidal trajectory) illuminated by ambiant light and a meteor (straight trajectory at the end).

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    The Jellyfish parachute is similar to a picture I have that I know is a balloon. I have never published it because I was afraid it would be all over the internet as "real" or I'd be all over the internet as a "hoaxer".

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    No, LED Balloon Floaties!!

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    No, bird!

    Full hi-res GIFs freely avalaible here, the ones above being degraded due to automatic resizing while posting here.



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