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Thread: Edgar Fouche - Career, Documents, Thoughts on Technology and Military

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    Two post have been moved to the Demise of A/S thread.
    The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but
    progress. -- Joseph Joubert
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    "Almost" fed up...

    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    Two post have been moved to the Demise of A/S thread.

    ummm...this doesn't make sense.
    The posts originated in the Demise thread, not here. Keeping on track, they were deleted so as not to incriminate the writer. (so you moved "demise" posts to "demise" thread???)pg 10 if I'm to be correct, just a dummy link. No post, nothing...
    Ban me if you want, I'm just calling it how I see it bro...

    I came here looking for freedom of's turned into nothing but he said she said. I tried to get the baseline story, but it's almost impossible due to people stepping in and making sure that "some" don't get themselves into trouble.
    If someone is blackmailing another...then a babysitter steps in to delete post as to prevent any material being used for evidence purposed, does that make you as guilty as him??? me understand were these missing posts went and why your advertising them in this thread?

    wait... my bad... (Drone voice)

    "I will never question the actions of a moderator"

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    I've seen all I need to...I can now make my own assumptions on questions that have been "sticking out". I will be moving forward with my other researching "stuff" and not be a bother to this thread again.
    Good Day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora'sParadox View Post

    I've seen all I need to...I can now make my own assumptions on questions that have been "sticking out". I will be moving forward with my other researching "stuff" and not be a bother to this thread again.
    Good Day.

    Simple technical difficulty and you flee?

    Sorry you feel that way, but as you see best.
    The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but
    progress. -- Joseph Joubert
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    Long List of Questions by Edward

    Quote Originally Posted by Edward View Post
    Ok back.
    Hi Ed. I have some questions for you since now you have your own thread/string about your Career, Documents, Thoughts on Technology and your Military experience.
    Thanks Again Ed. Looking forward to your replies. Edward
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    1 and 2: Have you ever personally worked on or with technology that would be considered exotic(*).
    Yes, for sure. Many Top Secret Black Programs. Lots of technology 15 to 30 years ahead of what's known to the public. A number of Programs I worked for the USAF or DoD in the late 80s that is still not been declassified.
    So I can't talk about it. Thought many times that it's impossible to have technology this advanced. I was NOT into UFOs or Aliens AT ALL! In fact I've NEVER claimed to know anything about Aliens or UFOs.

    3. Is or was your time while in the Air Force used as cover for your more clandestine experiences? (For example: Let's say you were an avionics tech, but while this may be true and can be documented you actually were dealing with advanced propulsion systems and design in reality)

    Yes, but never propulsion. I have had to use other identities when we were doing covert intelligence, say over North Vietnam or Russia. And on the Dive mission in the East China Sea searching for a sunken Russian (SPY SHIP) trawler. But ONLY in the military. PERIOD.

    I am a licensed PADA Deep Sea Diver. You can probably look it up. My license is in my real name Edgar Fouche. My Trainer was a Russian (White Russian - Ukraine) Defector - Scientist - Marine Biologist, Master Diver named Rostaslov Zhukov (SP? - His Russian accent made it sound like Youkoff). I haven't been diving since my 40s.
    He was in charge of FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Service) which is a totally controlled NSA sub-agency. The Information in FBIS was in actually, INTELLIGENCE. (a NSA worldwide operation) while I was stationed on Okinawa. As portrayed in the movie, 'Three Days of the Condor.' Zhukof was a son, grandson, or nephew of the most famous WWII General, also named Zhukov.

    4. 4. If true, then no record would ever reflect of said hypothetical advanced system and design background. In your case it may be that or could be something else? would that be also true?

    Yes, In my case I was in fact trained over a twenty years period. You're constantly going to school for new systems, two weeks to several months. Almost all of my training was in state-of-the-art, advanced electronics; such as satellite communications, crypto systems, avionics systems, computers, intel, and electronic's countermeasures systems, etc. After a while, my last ten years, I'd get just an introduction to a system because at that period I was representing the USAF, most major commands, and many times most of the DoD. At my personell reviews, it was never directly stated that I worked on a Top Secret black program. However it does state a number of places in my records I was an expert on say, the ALQ-119 ECM pod jammer, or say, a crypto system... which were classified TS.

    For the most part only the top 1 or 2 percent of the experts are in TS Black Programs. My records clearly show all my many many endorsements were from Colonels, Generals, the Secretary of the Air Force, always the highest levels. Several of my medals were signed by the Secretary of the Air Force and twice the President. My training was always the latest state-of-the-art systems or equipment. My assignments reflect the same, like Edwards AFB doing R&D and FOT&E on aerospace weapons systems and Nellis AFB. So I've definitely proven dozens of times, all the requirements for these TS black programs were met by me. I've NEVER seen anyone's non-classified documents stating they were working on a TS Black Program, ever!

    For the last eight years of my AF career, as DoD Liaison to the military and Industry, my reviews reflected only one of my fourteen Air Force Specialty Codes. I visited so many defense contractors each year, they couldn't list them all. I sent reports to my two star general, and my reports were forwarded to all the USAF MajComs and many other agencies, including the DoD.

    There ARE records of these TS Black Programs and their associated weapon's systems and aerospace systems, but they are classified. Many of these remain classified long after the actual system is declassified. Every fighter and bomber, even the 50 year old B-52 still have Top Secret equipment on them; like satellite communications, crypto, IFF Mode 4, and electronic's counter measures.

    5. Have you at any time talked about conventional technology and gave it more credence then what it actually merits to make it look like or to appear it was something more advanced or "special" then it really was?

    No, never had to. My god, that definitely makes me smile. There is nothing conventional about advanced TS Black Program systems.

    6. Have you ever been threaten or has threat ever been implied about you ever discussing anything you ever worked on , with or been associated with? (This could also include any on the record or off the record Non-disclosures that you were to sign)

    A definite YES. After I disclosed in 1998, our hotel room in Nevada was ransacked, our home in San Antonio was broken into, and my new Cadillac was broken into. This occurred in late 98 and 99, In each case there were valuables that were not stolen, and as far as we could tell, nothing was were ever stolen. However, our data, files, and disks were strewn all over. We had many phone death threats to shut up, and we had unlisted numbers.
    We had email threats, countless. And since then, for the last 16 years, our computers have been hacked and infected more times than I can count. MANY times both my PCs, my wife's, and my friend(s) PCs all go down withing the same 24 hours. Dan for one can support this.

    7. Have you been told or implied to lie or misrepresent actual facts of your life, your work history as you were coming out of, or since you have come out of all disclosed and not disclosed work associations , agencies and military's you have worked for?

    No, absolutely not. The rant that you watched, put up by Jeremy Rys, and David Hilton, when I had been drinking, was asked for. Dan and David have admitted they practically begged me to make a false confession. Little did I know a troll was recording me in order that Jeremy could edited down a 1.5 hour to less than 6 minutes, to make me out as a liar and NSA agent. And yes, as stated in the video I have had more than one Social Security number because my SSN was exposed, and in the other case Jeremy Rys made one up to post in one of his videos. This he admitted also. And yes I do get three retirement checks. SS, USAF, and VA. None of them is from a DoD agency or the NSA.

    8. Have you at any time seen or been associated with bases underground, underwater or Off-planet? If yes please specify.

    Yes and no. I've been in underground tunnels/facilities at Edwards AFB (CA) via JPL, the Nevada Test Site (NV) at DARC, and Buckley AFB (CO) a NSA facility. The no was that no off planet or underwater.

    9. Have you personally seen or been exposed to exotic(*) Life. Of any kind?

    Definition: very different, strange, or unusual, strikingly, excitingly, or mysteriously different or unusual...

    Yes, God, my incredible wife, and kids. And probably an angel or some ethereal being when I was DOA as a child from a car accident.

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    Edgar Fouche Admits to Leaking Classified Information on Abuses at SAIC to Reporter in San Antonio

    Edgar Fouche Admits to Leaking Classified Information on Abuses at SAIC to Reporter in San Antonio

    They are grasping at straws. My General, Doran, my boss, knew all about this. The Fraud, Waste, Abuse, and Corruption was rampant at Kelly AFB in San Antonio Tx where I had my Liaison office for many years.

    It wasn't SAIC, it was SA-ALC. San Antonio Air Logistics Center, a USAF Depot. Get it correct. You are grasping at straws.

    I am PROUD of my going after these people. NO Classified or Confidential documents were ever released. Even if I had, the statute of limitations would have run out well over 20 years ago. Ha, nice try David Hilton and Jeremy Rys. You guys are doing a lot of things that smack of a smear, disinformation, and trolling. You'll love it when I start my new TV and YouTube videos.

    I testified to the Congressional Base Closure committee. This is one of the many reasons Kelly AFB was shut down.

    I saw contractors exchange drugs, money, other forms of bribes, women, etc. in order to get contracts from the government!

    Edgar Fouche
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    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    Simple technical difficulty and you flee?

    Sorry you feel that way, but as you see best.
    Who's the troll now cali?
    I simple put up a vid, made my own conclusion, and u say I'm fleeing? I'm not here to make up your mind. Just got all the info I need is all... sry if it got to you bro.
    Peace out.

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    Edgar Fouche - Faked Document - Not! - Please Read My Comments - Edgar Fouche

    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    Simple technical difficulty and you flee?
    Sorry you feel that way, but as you see best.
    Edgar Fouche - Faked Document - Not!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    TO THE MODS: Don't remove this obvious lame attempt to defame and discredit me. Ha... Read on. Ed

    As you watch this, stop it at points and compare it to the version Jeremy Rys first posted. Hilton's voodoo Photoshop misdirection is impressive but a lie.

    At around 2.6 minutes he points out that the indentation of the word 'cryptological' is proof of tampering.

    At 3.20 he shows the word 'cryptological' as being lighter. Well you guys are probably too young to remember electronic typewriters. Some had automatic correction tape, a kind of white out tape, and other times you'd slice off a piece of correction tape and place it over the mistake and then retype the word. And NOT ONLY THAT? Why would I change the word cryptological? What word would fit in that space? Ed

    At 4.0 he thinks he sees something that has been removed? This document originally was copied on a 1970s style copier. The quality was crap and documents degraded over the years. I've copied it, I''ve scanned it and Jeremy has lowered the definition by his own admission. Any other adjustments he made or David made, I'm unaware of. Really, this is the best you can do?

    First of all this is the 'Supplemental' side and the 'From' block would NOT have been used. There would have been nothing to remove. Even if there had, you would see the same thing in the 'Thru' block.

    At 4.4 he shows a circular pattern. Well the fricking document is 35 years old, could be a stain, a transfer from another document facing it, many explanations. If this is proof of something I don't have a clue.

    At 5.0 he shows a block that he thinks was altered or replaced? Well the block he shows overlaps half a letter or the corner of a letter several places. I'd like him to explain that.

    At 7.3 he shows his uncle's Form 77A. It looks like an original and would not have all the artifacts from multiple generations of copying it from 1979 through the year 2010, and older copy paper degraded in different ways depending on the copy machine and the type of copy paper.
    "There are many typical problems one would expect to see in decades old copy paper, distortion, general cooking of paper, stains paper to paper image transfers, foxing, dirt, grime, and small edge tears."

    At 8.2 he shows them side by side. There is an obvious manipulation between contrast including all the other points I pointed out above. At this point I'm wondering how much he altered this document to prove his point?

    At 8.4 Jesus see what I mean. Look at these guys recording me behind my back ALL these years. What dedication... or career? Obviously I can't read well after a couple of drinks, HA... Also as I've stated and shown many times, there was the original draft, sent up my chain of command for approval, the second draft, which has date discrepancies, and the final approved document. YES, I did think there were errors on the document when I am trying to read it. I didn't realize I was NOT reading from the final version. After seeing this I can prove it is NOT the final document submitted to my records, but a draft. Nice try David Hilton and Jeremy Rys!

    ...and OH MY GOD, I say BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, obviously I'm making huge mistakes or lying as there were NO BLAHs on the document. And then I say, "I'M SKIPPING through some of this!
    and then at 10 minutes I say Blah, Blah, and Blah, AGAIN!

    LISTEN to 11.1

    This document was created by Typewriter or Electronic Typewriter, no admin had ANY type of computers in 1979! Didn't see Admin PCs until the LATE 1980s! Also Jeremy Rys altered the contrast and definition as he told us. I have the original draft, the corrected second version, and the final version written by my boss and typed by his secretary.

    ". Instead we concentrate on the quality of the original. This can be a problem for the following reasons:

    1. the original is old, and has suffered physical degradation.

    2. the original was produced on a manual typewriter, so the individual characters can show variations in pressure and position.

    3. the original is a carbon copy produced on a typewriter.

    4. the original is a low quality photocopy, and shows variations in toner density and character spread, as well as general copier
    "grunge" caused by a dirty glass or background.

    Any of these factors can contribute to less than acceptable copies. The question is, how low can accuracy be allowed to go before the process
    becomes unable to produce usable online documents?

    >>> This weekend I had several of my long time friends and supporters fly in. They've seen my documents over ten years ago. They went back through them again. My documents, over two hundred of them which I showed to the BBC, TLC, IUFOC, MUFON, and on and on since 1998. More than a few of those who have seen the originals were ex-military or retired military. Over a hundred non biased people who were not friends have seen them.

    After he says, "ALL THESE ANOMALIES," I laughed again. He's obviously a photo shop expert. I wonder after watching his lame analysis, what all he's faked in his job with the government?
    I'll happily send MY FRIENDS the FINAL copy where I can prove the Form 77A is analyzing is a DRAFT.

    "Get a copy of this document yourselves... and decide for youself, David says. Ha... And where would they get the ORIGINAL, except from me. You've NEVER posted what happened when you filed a FOIA on me David!
    Afraid it will ADD to my Credibility???

    BEFORE THEY ATTACKED ME - They posted this! Many places... THIS IS A QUOTE. I did NOT alter any words. There names appear this way on the Internet Link below.

    Jeremy Rys
    Yes Dan, the AFFTC DET-3 Nellis Air Force Range document is KEY! It says "Nellis AFB Nevada" right on the document! Nellis Detatchment 3 = Area 51 !!! for those of you who don't know...
    1 · December 7, 2012 at 10:27pm
    David Hilton Not that anyone needs to vouch for Ed, but I have been working on an unrelated project that includes him. I have talked to him for hours, and I've researched facts that he told me of. They all checked out, including his personal documentation that he offered to me.
    MOD EDIT: Dan B All one has to do is look at Edgars Documents. Under Military and US Law of Military Documents can not be faked or modified its a felony you go to prison!! Now I want direct your attention to the most important document Mr Fouche has ever posted.
    December 7, 2012 at 10:22pm
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    A quick question, How far and how fast can our manned space ships travel, and how far have we actually gone in terms of distance? Can they get us to Mars, or Neptune? How about the nearest star?

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    Travel of Our Space Fleet

    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    A quick question, How far and how fast can our manned space ships travel, and how far have we actually gone in terms of distance? Can they get us to Mars, or Neptune? How about the nearest star?
    Wally, I don't know. I've never been in space, I've been in dozens of countries and 2/3 of the states with Defense Contractors. I can only speculate. Ben Rich and Clarence Kelly Johnson (Lockheed Skunk Wurks) both stated we have the 'technology to take ET home. I never worked on the Black Flying Triangles (TR-3B types) or any other 'One Stage To Orbit aerospace planes.

    I saw the TR-3B three times. Once at Edwards AFB (CA) HIGH up in the sky, with SSgt. Jeremy Elerick. Once in the high desert North of Nellis AFB (NV) with Brian, Jerry, and two other motorcycle buddies, and once at Groom Lake right before I boarded a bus going back to Nellis AFB.

    I had a few very trusted friends, now over 30 to 40 years, who leaked or shared information with me on the Triangle. I reported that second hand information, along with what I knew, and the far advanced technology at Groom AB. Edgar Fouche

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