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Thread: my interview with Jordan Maxwell about End Times, The Bible and Aliens

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    my interview with Jordan Maxwell about End Times, The Bible and Aliens

    Hey Outposters,

    I just wanted to share this interview we just did with the legendary Jordan Maxwell a little less than a week ago. The quality is a bit spotty at first. Mr. Maxwell was coming in from an undisclosed location so he is hard to hear. We did the best we could with what we had to work with.

    I am really excited to have been able to speak with a brilliant person like Mr. Maxwell. The knowledge this man has in his head just blows me away. I learned a lot of stuff I did not know about such as his connection with Zecharia Sitchin who I am also a big fan of.

    Unfortunately we ran out of time so I wasn't able to ask a few certain questions I had such as Mr. Maxwells opinions on possession and demons. We did however get to talk about Egypt which was super cool in my book.

    Anyways, I am still new to this podcasting thing and would love to hear any feedback, even if it is negative.

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    I wanted to share another of my recent shows that I am particularly proud of. Figured I should probably use the same thread. This is the interview I did with David Sereda who I wanted to meet and talk to for many years. He is probably most well known for the documentary/interview he did with Dan Akroyd years ago.

    Doing the show has allowed me to speak with people like him which is really cool. He actually regularly speaks with entities and has a lot to say about Matrix theory and complex mathamatics which were way over my head but I "sorta" get it.

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    Thanks for these!
    An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it.
    - Jef Mallett

    Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.
    - Charles Darwin

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    Here is every appearance of Robert Bruce that he has done on our show in sequential order. Figured it may be of interest to the people who frequent this forum.

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    Here are some more interviews we have done related to Astral travel. I hope these come in handy for you!

    Albert Taylor

    Graham Nicholls

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    Hey guys, I wanted to share this here because it is one of my better interviews.

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    here is another good one imo,

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    here is one with Eve Lorgen, this one is so good its hard to stop listening lol!

    Eve Lorgen is a UFO abduction researcher and author who has spent her life investigating cases of Alien manipulation through romantic and extremely toxic relationships.

    Eve outlines the basic premise of these interactions. Daniel asks her what alien group is the most responsible and if its the Reptilians. Eve talks quite a bit about Reptilians and mentions that many shapeshifting cases we witness are actually cases of parasite invasion.

    She talks about Milabs and the links between black ops government programs and these fourth dimensional alien experiences. Daniel asks about the Royal family and Eve explains that these aliens stick very closely to power and not only that but they created the actual power structures themselves.

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    Here is another great one

    Marshall Masters has worked for CNN, is an author, television analyst and researcher into Planet X/Nibiru/Nemesis. Marshall has been looking into destructive earth events caused by this celestial body as well as future technologies and survival.

    Daniel begins by asking Marshall how he became interested in Planet X. Marshall explains his roots as well as the fact that Planet X actually isn't a planet but actually a Brown Dwarf star residing just past the Ort Cloud. Marshall goes on to explain cataclysm that have happened in many ancient texts including the bible. He says that we are very close to another pole shift which means the magnetic reversal of the planets poles and subsequent great destruction..

    Daniel asks Marshall about who is behind the coverup and if it is dangerous to look into Planet X. This prompts Marshall to begin to explain the Illuminati power structure and their possible allies but also adds that most of his otherworldly contacts have actually been positive in nature and that there is a whole community out there that wants to help us overcome the evil. They finish by having an in depth discussion about the upcoming return of the Illuminati.

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