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Thread: Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions

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    Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions

    I would just say just watch it but there are going to be people asking. "Well what is it about?". Now if I tell you what its about or give a little description of what it contains it may turn you off. If so then I guess it wasn't meant for you to see right now but regardless of that. No matter what you believe or have come to believe. The gathering of any/all information and the dissemination of said information, helps in the raising of your consciousness and understanding of your world. Regardless of what you may think of what you have just taken in (the various information you may come into contact with) , it can help further clarify, what you know and also what you don't know. With that said. Enjoy!


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    an entry level course of physics and the dark agenda affecting current human activity.

    pleiadians must share data and image of earth like worlds known to them in the celestial archives.

    serpo mission is a failed attempt to inform the public about an earth like world occupied by nomadic e.t. specie.

    serpo mission data was nonetheless important as a case study in planetary geophysics.

    and a stepping stone for examining the motivation for exploration.

    incomplete or conflicting data prevented a full appraisal of circumstances.
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