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Thread: I had a dream?

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    I had a dream?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post, I being a member do not often log in/on. I have decided to post my expediencies of just last night while relatively fresh still in my mind. My reason for doing so is that I have something to share and maybe other members have experienced similar?

    For starters I mention recently these last few months I have again had much trouble at night sleeping. I have been experiencing what I have come to understand as a 'Succubus'. Be this entity a demon or other I do not yet know however I am putting up a big fight wishing not to be seduced although at times it's hard 'rather literary'. My method of fighting being to pray myself back to sleep, and although not a religious man just most spiritual I have been rather successful banishing after a fashion these nocturnal disturbance's.

    This brings me to yesterday night's situation, and rather odd too. My Sunday evening being rather relaxing after a slightly stressful day dealing with domestic chores. I was naughty and streamed a excellent copy of the recent film 'Noah' had a wonderful roast Lamb dinner/supper and unwound ready for Monday. At 10PM turning in for the night. Getting off to sleep did not take too long which was a blessing although about by 11PM I woke to turn over, this was my first indication that something was up. As I rolled over facing away from the bed as my wife 'her who snores' were reacting a gentle V6 at idle. I sensed something behind our clothes drying horse contraption thing 'clothes airier - drier' them collapsible annoying things. Ours sitting on my side of the bed by our small bedroom window. I got this sense a small person/being was hiding behind it. The thought crossed my mind exactly at that point that it was a small alien! Never I said to myself the cat would have alerted me to the unexpected visitor. However while drifting off again that strange sense I were not alone happened to be bugging me. This sensation is not foreign or unusual to me, however this being one of the only times I have been able to pin point exactly the location of my concern.

    However concern me it did not because I will fight any unauthorised access once it's presence has been made clear. In fact I was in a way bemused that any nocturnal intruder would be so silly to disturb my slumber. So I drift off feeling most confidant almost cocky with my own senses. This feeling was short lived... Almost with immediate effect I felt heavy as if sinking into the darkness under me, like the floor had fallen away. I were in a very dark place having the sensation of being lost and not knowing where or how I had got to this darkness. As I became aware that I am 'away' not in my place of slumber I had to except the journey of discovery.

    My recollections of the events are the darkness, a darkness I had never before encountered not a scary darkness. The sort of foggy darkness you know something is there but just can't see it... the same weird feeling I had before drifting off. It was then it became clear and I could see lights. In the pitch darkness emerged an even darker shell so black it made the surroundings pale in contrast. In this shell/ball of pitch darkness I noticed the lights coloured lights little round lights. Mainly red and blue but some few greens too, all these were small round lights like looking down at night time to a big city below. It was this point in my dream I thought no this is highly odd this is not a city scape from above what can it be?

    I now felt the effects of floating as the lights below me became smaller and smaller like zooming out rising above. Then a feeling of inertia like butterfly's in the stomach however this was a feeling in my head a pleasurable giggly feeling as I flipped over so the lights had now disappeared and I was again in/facing the darkness. I of course questioned myself and my surroundings believing I am just having a lucid dream?

    Now was the point that the scripting started really weird, all I could see before me were line of double script containing symbols. The script being in two narrow strips about 2inchs each, the top line going left to right while the bottom line going right to left across my field of vision. Both lines were joined although moving in opposite directions. The symbols were fast moving and all different colours and shapes speeding up and slowing down but only stopping to revel the exact same symbol every time. The symbol displayed once the lines had stopped moving as mentioned was the same however it was also the only symbol that took up both the rows so being double the size of all the others. It would stop for about three seconds appear then the rows of symbols would start rotating again.

    It was only when the symbol appeared I was able to determine that the rows were 'backlit' like an LED TV. There was this constant whitish gold illumination behind all the symbols. I have taken to making a representation of the repetitive symbol I am referring to which I have posted as a picture:

    photo (3).jpg

    As mentioned... I wonder has anybody else came across this symbol before? It has depth to it around the three blue rings which were raised above the centre which contained the cross.

    Now all this would be a case of lucid dreaming if it were not for what happened next. As I was concentrating on this symbol so as to remember it came the distraction. My I phone engaged 'Siri' mode where it makes that bleepy bleepy sound, no problem I thought. Disturbing my slumber I open my eyes only to discover that not only my I phone, My Nokia N96 plus my wifes Blackberry all had illuminated screens as if they were being used! Of a second I thought a power cut had resulted in the phones bleeping once the service had reinstated... Nope my wifes phone was not even plugged in to charge.

    I drifted back off again hoping to finish my observation of the symbols however it was not to be as I remained uncomfortable so I got up to use the toilet. It was at this stage I felt a pain like a big spot on my back below my right hand shoulder. That's ok I thought a nice big zit for the wife to extract 'she likes things like that' but this morning not so much as a blemish. It was however almost slightly painful last night.

    So that's my detailed explanation of some rather lucid dreaming or maybe not? Sodding odd that's for sure with that symbol I just can't get out of my mind. I do wonder if you guy's have any idea/s.

    Kind regards


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    Hi lux

    You can now do an image search on google. Can't get it to work on my phone but I've used it before put it in and see what turns up

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    Good morning Longeyes

    Thanks I am keeping my eyes open for it however have not noticed anything as yet. I have not had any problems sleeping at night just recently however over the weekend I am added with the help of many cool refreshing Peroni which sure helps a man sleep well at night.

    Kind regards


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    The symbol appears to me as the Yazidis plea for help.
    We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull.
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    Good morning atmjjc,

    Thank you kindly for bringing this to my attention I have seen a cave carving from 'Kurdistan' online if this is the one to which your referring? Rather than three circles having two with zig zags in between them. What caught my attention being that two were next two one another almost like the revolving script I saw. This is the closest contender I have come across yet and thanks again for pointing it out.

    It would seem the Yazidis have already suffered enough with locals misunderstanding them to be devil worshippers. I can only imagine those who form beliefs encompassing aspects of the East & West will continue to be persecuted. A good ol South London saying 'No one like's us we don't care', I can only wish them well on this adventure through time and hope they are able to keep their traditions alive.

    Kind regards,


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